Monday, July 3

Reach for the #Cre8time Stars...

Hello AMAZING makers! Grab some stars, shells and your favorite found objects and join us as we celebrate our creative freedom with mold-making and casting. With Independence Day upon us many of us love to use our Cre8time showing our patriotic colors. 

What are you molding and
shaping this summer using

Come join us in some Cre8time moldmaking fun as we are over halfway through 100 Days of Molds on Instagram!! Follow us over at @AmazingCasting on Instagram {} to see what amazing things we are molding... and of course, you are invited to play along too!!!

What amazing finds will you mold?

We WANT to FEATURE YOU... our AMAZING Fans! Share your molds using Amazing Mold PuttyAmazing Mold Rubber or Amazing Remelt and tag us using #100DaysOfMolds.

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