Sunday, July 31

#Cre8time Explorations... Radiating Copper by Kristie Taylor

Greetings! We welcome back our Guest Creative, Kristie Taylor who has joined us this month on the Amazing Casting Products blog... and today she's created a masterpiece radiating with movement and dimension. That's right folks – all this luscious color is resin! Follow along as she shows you how to paint with Amazing Clear Cast Resin

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I am so in love with the way the Amazing Clear Cast Resin looks. I wanted to use it to decorate a canvas and highlight the way the resin moves and flows. This resin is perfect for mixed media type of applications and can be used in so many ways!

So I used Alumilite Copper Metallic Powder and Alumilite Dyes to color the clear cast resin – and used as I would with paint to create dimensional layers.

For this project I used a square wooden block as my canvas. I placed the block on something so that the resin can drip over the edges.

Mix equal parts of Amazing Clear Cast Resin
add Violet Dye and stir until mixed.

Add Copper Metallic Powder to mixture, stir and pour over canvas. Use a popsicle stick to "stir" in circular pattern and move color around. 

Just look at all that awesome color! Tilt the block to allow Amazing Clear Cast Resin to move and flow over the sides. Let this sit until it gels slightly {about 30 minutes}.

Mix another batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Red Dye with Copper Metallic Powder {I used three drops of dye and a popsicle stick scoop of metallic powder}, and stir until mixed. 

Pour mixture over canvas in a circular pattern. Allow this red layer to move around for a few minutes, then allow this layer to gel slightly.

Mix another batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin with only Copper Metallic Powder and pour over slightly gelled blue layer allowing resin to run off edges. 

Move color around and use a stick to draw in spirals.

Allow resin to cure overnight.

I rubbed Vintage Photo Distress Stain 
on the edges to finish off the raw wood.

Mix a batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Yellow Dye and Copper Metallic Powder. Pour yellow mixture in a spiral pattern over dried red layer. 

Use tweezers to place bugle beads into the wet resin,
forming a sun shape in the center. 

I used the popsicle stick to draw "rays" into
the yellow layer. Allow resin to cure over night.

To finish off I added a metal finding to the center,
and filigree corners layered with copper wire.

"Radiating Copper"

How would you paint with resin?

I hope you have enjoyed this project and that I have
given you some inspiration to try something new!

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Thanks so much for dropping by! We would like to give a huge thank you to Kristie for sharing her amazing talents with us this month. Please take time to visit her blog, "The Scrapinaterand also follow Kristie over on her YouTube Channel and on Instagram.

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Friday, July 29

#Cre8time TAG-a-long with When Creativity Knocks All-Star Designers Summer Series

Hello Amazing Crafters! Ready to head out on that summer vacation?! Today we are sharing some Cre8time inspiration from the When Creativity Knocks All-Star Designers Summer Series – as we TAG-a-long with Cindi McGee and see how she dresses up her luggage with stamping, die-cuts, Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin.

From July 5 thru August 23 you can find Amazing Casting Products {a.k.a. Alumilite} and more when you watch the When Creativity Knocks All-Star Designers Summer Series. A new episode airs every week that is available for viewing 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

Here's a sneak peek of Cindi McGee and her AMAZINGly embellished luggage tag using items from her papercrafting stash and Amazing Casting Products!

CLICK HERE to view
this week's episode.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep a lookout for Amazing Casting Products on When Creativity Knocks this summer and be sure to pop over to their website to enter to win the All-Star Designers Summer Series prize package giveaway.

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Thursday, July 28

#Cre8time Transformations... From This to That by Aimée Wheaton

I LOVE playing with resin when I have the time!! I look for random things to mold in the oddest places. One day I finally got into an antique store I had been trying to get to (odd hours) and I found some old looking curtain ties. These are HUGE, they probably came out of a super fancy home with lots of long curtains. Well the owner gave me the one in the photo on the left because it was chipped, 

I thought it was perfect to mold but didn't know what to turn it into because it's so large. The flower in the middle was fab and I thought it would make a great hair clip. So that is what it turned into. 

I molded the inside flower part by mixing equal parts of Amazing Mold Putty and forming it around the flower. The mold hardens in about 15 minutes and I'm ready to go! Follow my process below.

Next I grabbed some Q-tips and my favorite Alumidust
colors to paint the mold when it was ready.


I used 2 colors. I made sure all the nooks and crannies were covered
 in dust – when the resin cures this will adhere to the resin.

Now time for the resin. I mixed equal parts of Amazing Casting Resin and mixed together {to view mixing/preparation CLICK HERE}. This resin cures very fast so it makes crafting quick and easy with a fabulous turnout! I colored the mold with the powders because if I didn't, the resin would be only white.

I poured the resin in, then let it cure.
I think this took about 7 minutes to complete.

I took it out of the mold and trimmed or sanded the edges
a bit that had extra resin – look how pretty!!

Next I embellished with StazOn ink just to bring out some details.

Then I painted on a bit of gold acrylic to make it even more dreamy.

I knew I wanted to embellish it even more and found this super cool trim at the store. I didn't end up using my E6000® glue it was dried up :(  so I used my hot glue gun.


I added a hair clip and felt discs to finish it off.
The back is not so pretty but it works.

I glued on some AB finish rhinestones
on the flower part for even more bling!


Look how pretty it turned out!

What's the craziest thing
you've ever molded?

Feel free to stop by my FB page to see the latest with me.

To see more of my work please visit my new blog "Life Glitter Makeup"
and also at the Aimée Wheaton Art and Design website.

Till next time! Xoxo Aimée

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Tuesday, July 26

#Cre8time Solutions... How to FIX a Broken DONUT by Maria Soto

My kids love going to Chemshaw 13 DonutZ and Comics shop in Crown Point, Indiana. They have some amazing donuts and lots of comics – not to mention their coffee is really good too. Well a couple of weeks ago, we went to get some donuts and my daughter purchased this really cute key chain. It had this really nice donut, I guess even their toy donuts are fun to have. 

The other day my daughter came to me all sad as she showed me her key chain and how her little donut was falling apart. She asked me if I could fix it for her... I said "sure, I'll use some clear resin." She responded, "but can it stay soft as it is now?" I looked at her puzzled, "what do you mean soft?"

I had no idea, but it turns out the little donut is made of a sponge like material – I thought it was made of plastic.

This is the cute little chocolate with sprinkles
donut key chain she purchased.

And now it was falling apart from where
the plastic ring holds the key chain part.

Look how soft this little donut is... honestly, it really does look like it's made of bread. The texture is pretty awesome. I decided the best way to use the Amazing Clear Cast Resin was to apply in small amounts with the mixing wood stick. 

When I thought it was made of plastic, I was going to just add the resin all over it on the outside to give it a covering of resin to keep it from breaking apart again later on. Now I had to take a different approach since my daughter wanted me to make sure it would stay nice as soft once fixed. 

I gathered these supplies to make the repair: parchment paper, wipes, measuring cups, a mixing stick, and Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

Using Amazing Clear Cast Resin is pretty easy – you mix equal amounts of parts "A" and "B" {you can CLICK HERE to view mixing instructions}. 


Add part "A" to part "B" and mix the resin slowly, 
then let it sit for a few minutes for the bubbles to go away.

Once the resin was mixed, I began to add a few drops at a time into the donut, starting where the donut was falling apart. Since this is a sponge like material, I figured it would absorb the resin, so I kept adding more resin inside. 

The inside material looked wet once the resin was added.

I waited a few minutes and then began to apply some of the resin onto the back of the donut using the stir stick – concentrating mostly on the area where the tear took place. Then I added a layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin over the entire back.

I left this alone for 24 hours to cure. I was a bit worried the resin might take away the softness of this little donut...


But twenty-four hours later, I checked and YES!! The donut was fixed... and it was still as soft as it was before getting repaired with resin – even the back was still soft!


You can still see where the repair was made, but that is OK. I just hope that when my daughter adds this to her keys, it will last her a long time.

This fun donut key ring is as good as new, and my daughter is so happy that I was able to fix it! I seriously love this product... it's "amazing" no matter how I use it.

What creative ways do you repair things?

Have you tried this Amazing Clear Cast Resin in any other way besides making molds? If so, please share with us your projects. We love to see what others do with this awesome product.

Thanks for visiting! I invite you to stop over to my blog, "What is Creativity"
 at to see more of my creations. ~ Maria Soto

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