Monday, April 30

A #Cre8time Angel in Disguise... AMAZING Inspiration by Michele Kosciolek

Hello friends! Michele back again with another way I've used casts of my butterfly – but this time just the wings...

For the project I am sharing today, I poured Amazing Casting Resin into just in the wings so they would be two separate pieces.

Here is a little reminder of the original mold.
CLICK HERE in case you missed it.

The wings bring my angel to life combined with some Tim Holtz Ideology bits, an Um Wow Studio chipboard word, Art Alchemy wax and Dina Wakley paint. The Art Alchemy wax and Distress glitter on the wings show the detail of the resin cast wings so well!

A little cheese cloth and thread make my angel in disguise pop! There are so many ways to use your molds, just a little thinking outside the box and viola!

What are you molding/casting
for use in mixed media?

Thanks for coming back to see what I have been up too!!
Until next time... Michele

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Tuesday, April 24

#Cre8time Explorations... DIY Butterflies with Michele Kosciolek

Hello friends! Michele here... I am in spring cleaning mode in my craft room and came across a butterfly knob that I stashed away to mold on a rainy day. Well since I found it and it happened to be raining, I got busy molding and casting.

I used Amazing Mold Putty to mold the knob.

I sized my mold putty just a tad smaller than the knob.

Because when you push item into
the Amazing Mold Putty it will spread.

Just look at all the detail! This mold can be used a couple of ways, to mold the entire butterfly or just the wings.

Next I cast with Amazing Clear Cast Resin, but first I painted some Alumilite Pearlescent Powder in the mold.

First the pearlescent on the wings, and then
a little bronze metallic powder on the body.

I mixed the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and poured into the mold – right over the powder.

I had a bit of the resin left so I grabbed a dictionary page that I want to use as a page in a book I will be making at a workshop this month... never waste leftovers!!

For the next casting, I used Amazing Casting Resin mixed with brown Alumilite DyeI wanted it to look like Bronze so first I used the Bronze Metallic Powder in the mold.

These two casts from the same mold turned out so different!!

The Amazing Clear Cast Resin with powder...

and the Amazing Casting Resin with the metallic powder and dye.

I am really looking forward to seeing how using
 just the wings works out too. What a versatile mold!

Be on the look out for these on future projects!!

What found objects would
you mold for Cre8time play?

Thanks for sharing part of you day with us!!!
Until next time... Michele

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Friday, April 20

Take a #Cre8time Spring Break... Make it Artsy Series 300 Bingewatch

Hello Amazing Makers!! Are you looking for some Cre8time inspiration over Spring Break?! We have a treat for you – we have compiled a list of links to view all episodes of Series 300 of Make It Artsy for your bingewatching pleasure. While watching you will see features by TWO AMAZING Creatives, Cat Kerr and Lynne Suprock who share ideas on using Amazing Casting Products in your jewelry and mixed media creations.

Make It Artsy is a show dedicated to the crafter, maker and artist! A series celebrates that maker spirit and enthusiasm that extends to every part of life. It’s more than crafting, more than art or scrapbooking; this is an all-encompassing show for any one that loves to make “things”. From mixed-media to metalsmithing, using tools from saws to sewing machines, and materials from paper to wood; today’s most creative “makers” join host Julie Fei Fan Balzer and unleash a new look for crafting with a touch of industrial style.

Episode 301 - Blueprints

Before you build, make a plan or blueprint. Julie Fei Fan Balzer creates a scheduling journal with lots of color and style. Lynn Suprock sculpts tiny books to use as journals and jewelry. Joe Rotella builds a planner from an ordinary calendar. Jane Dunnewold talks about personal alignment.

Episode 302 - Building Blocks

From basic blocks, great new art is built. Lynn Suprock uses a blender to turn recycled materials into paper. Rebekah Meier cuts, sews and paints a multi-media collage. Mary Hettsmansperger makes cold connection jewelry and Jane Dunnewald shares more ideas on alignment.

Episode 303 -Nuts and Bolts

Let’s get down to nuts and bolts. Candie Cooper weaves leather through washers to make a cool bracelet. Joe Rotella and Julie McGuffee join forces and power up their tools to create a musical wind chime from a wine bottle. Jane Dunnewold concludes her thoughts on alignment.

Episode 304 - Bricks Need Mortar

Combine materials with inspiration to make contemporary art. Julie Fei Fan Balzer sews and stamps fabric embellishments for book covers and more. Debbi Simon combines clay with uncommon materials to create unique 3-D pieces. Julie Fei Fan Balzer screen prints with stencils and Mary Hettsmansperger adds shine to metalwork with mica.

Episode 305 - A Good Foundation

Great art is built on a good foundation. Rebekah Meier cuts, paints and assembles layers of felt. Mystele Kirkeeng uses paints and pastels to craft a folk art house. Mary Hettsmansperger fabricates jewelry and art objects from copper. Jane Dunnewold discusses content.

Episode 306 -Tools of the Trade

Making art is easy with the right tools. Joe Rotella drills fine china to make a charming bird feeder. Cheryl Boglioli crafts a charming bisque face pendant. Candie Cooper makes metallic leather tassels to embellish jewelry, accessories and home dec and Mary Hettsmansperger fires up her torch and shares some tips.


Episode 307 - On The Surface

The surface reflects your artistic flair. Lynne Suprock transforms shot gun shells into trendy jewelry. Debbi Simon adds heat to encaustic wax to create special effects. Cat Kerr creates a beautiful pendant with cool resin techniques and Mary Hettsmansperger adds color to copper.

Episode 308 - Hard Hats Required

Grab your hard hat to make heavy-duty art. Julie Fei Fan Balzer cuts, embosses and paints metal to create home décor CLICK HERE. Make a lamp with interchangeable panels with Joe Rotella CLICK HERE. Cheryl Boglioli mixes media and crackles it on canvas for special effects CLICK HERE, and Jane Dunnewold has more ideas about the inner artist.

Episode 309 - Signage

It's all about signage and announcing your event. Julie Fei Fan Balzer makes a festive partyscape for any occasion. Julie McGuffee and Joe Rotella team up to make a shiny party banner and Julie Fei Fan Balzer makes paper tiles that look like clay tiles. Jane Dunnewold talks about collections.

Episode 310 - Finishing Touches

Add that perfect finishing touch. Joe Rotella molds and casts a one-of-a-kind gaming set. Sandra Evertson upcycles vintage bottles to make trendy Boho decor. Candie Cooper finishes off a leather cuff with colorful embroidery and Mary Hettsmansperger smooth-finishes metal edges.

Episode 311 - Below The Surface

Explore below the surface. Cheryl Boglioli adds a variety of materials to a crafted form to make a gallery-ready figurine. Rae Missigman creates a trendy artistic cuff bracelet. Rebekah Meier makes a mixed media circle abstract on canvas. Jane Dunnewold talks about planning your art.

Episode 312 - Under & Over

Look over, under and all around for creative ideas. Debbi Simon sculpts artful household hardware from clay. Candie Cooper embosses on leather and Sandra Evertson transforms candlesticks into art with clay and found objects. Jane Dunnewold talks about setting goals.

Episode 313 - Grand Opening - Proper Attire

Once it's built, it's time for the grand opening! Dress up with wood and clay jewelry holder from Candie Cooper. Jen Cushman stamps an on-trend metal bracelet. Rae Missigman makes a cute purse from recycled products. Mary Hettsmansperger has safety tips for working in your studio.

Make It Artsy launched September 29, 2016 on Public Television stations across the country! Look for it on your local PBS channel and all new episodes from the upcoming Series 400. If you can't find it on your local programming, stay tuned to the Make it Artsy website to catch weekly episodes online. Bookmark or PIN the Make It Artsy Website

What have you created with 
Amazing Casting Products?

Amazing Casting Products by Alumilite Corp. is proud to be one of these fabulous group of companies partnering with Make it Artsy. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes with projects featuring more of our amazing friends using Alumilite's AMAZING products

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Sunday, April 1

#Cre8time Transformations... DIY Easter Gift by Brenda Burfeind

Good day and Happy Easter everyone! Brenda here and today I want to share a project I made for my Mom for Easter. I received this cross awhile back and I love it dearly, but it's a bit heavy. Of course, since the Amazing Casting Resin is so lightweight, I decided to use it to make a lighter version of the cross to use as an embellishment.


I started with my Amazing Mold Putty and making a mold for my cross. Since the cross is a bit larger I had to mold it in chunks. You don't want to try to mold something bigger all at once since the mold putty sets up rather quickly {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. I started with the top half and let it set up; then mixed up another batch and pressed it onto the started portion and formed around to complete the bottom half.

After I mixed up a batch of Amazing Casting Resin colored with a little bit of Bubblegum Alumidust. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation. I poured the resin into my mold and it sets up within 10-15 minutes. I can't wait to pull it out of the mold!

The cross has so much detail, but it's hard to see like this!

For Christmas I received some Art-C products that I have been dying to try out. They are similar to rub and buff and I knew these would bring out the beauty and detail of this cross.

The gold and silver combination is stunning!

Now here you can see how "thick" the original cross is – and I can control how "thick" or "skinny" I want to make my resin duplicate within the mold by how much or how little resin I pour into my mold.

Because the resin piece is so lightweight I was able to attach it to my paper flower heart with just some hot glue without "smashing" the roses. I put a hanger on the back and its ready for gifting!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. I would love to see some of your creations using Amazing Casting Products. Please leave me a comment with a link to your project and I will be sure to check it out.

Until next time... Happy Crafting!
Brenda with Creativity is a State of Mind 

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