Tuesday, December 31

Goodbye 2013... Hello 2014 by Candle Light!!! AMAZING Inspiration by Maria Soto

We are celebrating New Years at my sisters and she loves candles, so I thought why not make some floating candle holders. Since it will be night time, she will get to use them right away – floating on water with some pretty glass beads sitting at the bottom of the glass bowl.

I took the Amazing Mold Putty and mixed as instructed on the box (click here to view how-to), using equal amounts of parts of "A" & "B". I hand shaped the Amazing Mold Putty to resemble a sun. I also took a tea light candle and made a mold to be used for the opening on the candle holder that will hold the tea light. I added a little bit of resin to the bottom, let it set a bit and then place the candle mold and pour the rest of the resin as you can see on the above photo. 

I made a few different floating candle holders; using the Alumilite Pearlescent Metallic Powder along with the Violet, White and Blue Alumilite Dyes in both the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and the Amazing Casting Resin – creating different looks for a fun variety.

Now I hope my sister likes these, and can't wait to light them up!
I got some battery operated lights too, just in case we rather go that route.

There is something cool about molding the Amazing Mold Putty with your own hands, to make your own design, pattern, or idea. I hope this post has inspired to use your imagination with these Amazing Crafting Products – it can be addictive, fun and creative.

Now to all I wish you a great
and Happy New Year in 2014!


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Monday, December 30

Custom TUNES Anyone??? Amazing USB Key Custom Transformation by Lonnie Sexton

When I started this project I wasn’t exactly sure how it would be done. The main goal was to figure out a way to make a custom USB housing. The actual size of the circuit in most thumb drives is less than ½ the actual size they are sold in. I started with a Kinston 16gig.

Putty Insert

Removed the circuit from the original housing and set aside. Cut the extra length off the end of the shell. The custom housing would need a cavity just like the original so I started with an Amazing Mold Putty Insert.

Using modeling clay and an Optimus-Prime casting from a previous project (found here) I made a custom primary.

Mold Box – First ½

Using foam board and hot glue I created a mold box to hold the primary and insert.

Rubber Pour Part 1

Mix equal parts of Amazing Mold Rubber and pour the first half of the mold. It’s always a good idea to vacuum the air bubbles out of the rubber if you have a vacuum chamber. Let the 1st ½ cure 24 + hr. 

Release the First ½ of the cured mold so the 2nd part won't adhere to the first.

Pour the 2nd ½ of the rubber mold.

Demold and Prepare for Casting

Remove the Primary object from the finished mold. Trim any excess flash in the mold. Sometimes it’s best to cast a part to see where clean up needs to be done if any.

Prepare for Casting

Using rubber bands secure the two Amazing Mold Rubber parts together. It’s always best to use back boards with rubber bands to avoid pinching the mold open.


Mix equal parts of Amazing Casting Resin and poured into the Amazing Mold Rubber mold.

Place the Amazing Mold Putty Insert into position and place in the vacuum chamber for 30 sec. Remove from the chamber and apply heat to the outside of the mold to ensure proper curing.

Remove the rubber bands and separate the rubber mold. Remove the new casting from the rubber mold and remove the putty insert from the casting. 

Insert the USB circuit into the casting and secure with a small ot of CA glue.


 I made a few different colors using Alumilite Dyes.

Overall the experiment with a 3-part mold using both Amazing Mold Rubber and Amazing Mold Putty together turned out pretty good. My car stereo can accept USB thumb drives and read the music files directly. To keep my music organized, I plan on using these custom USB thumb drives as reminders to what is stored on them. There will be a few more characters to show up soon so don’t forget to check back on the Amazing Mold Putty Blog for exciting projects, inspiration and tutorials. 

Lonnie Sexton

Wishing you a very Safe and Happy New Year!

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Saturday, December 28

Harry Potter INSPIRATION... AMAZING Fan Jewelry with Rachel Whetzel

If you are a true Potterhead (That's the word, you know. For a nutso Harry Potter geek like myself.) then there are two things you already know.

2. Always.

So this Christmas, I had a fellow Potterhead in my soon to be Daughter In Law... and I knew that I could make the perfect gift for her.

I used my favorite, the ever easy to use Scrabble tile, and because I am a sucker for details, I used a 'W' tile... and let the W show on the back. Then I glued some scrapbook paper on the front, after I had used one of my vintage typewriters to type 'Always' on it, and drawn the deathly hallows symbol too. Then I covered the whole thing in Amazing Clear Cast Resin, and used the resin to attach a bezel to the back for hanging. I loved the way it came out, and it had very special meaning for me and my new daughter to be.

Making her necklace a custom box to nest in was fun too! I knew I'd find a use for the wooden french cheese box I found at the thrift store!!

What personalized gifts have you been INSPIRED
to create using Amazing Crafting Products?

Please share your projects in the comments below! If you create something inspired by my idea, please leave a comment with a link here, so I can come and visit to see! I would love for you to visit me at my "house" too!! Thank you so much for reading!! ~rachel

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Friday, December 27

Punches... Meet Resin and Lace! AMAZING Lace Heart Pendant by Brenda Burfeind

Brenda here again to show you a quick tutorial making an Amazing Lace Heart Pendant. I know, I've been doing nothing but jewelry lately, but I just love making my own! With the Amazing Crafting Products there is no end in sight. LOL!

A couple of weeks ago I showed you how to make your own resin paper and how to turn ribbon into a bracelet. (Click on the links above to see how it's done); and then today I am going to show you how to turn that lace into a Lace Heart Pendant.

I started by making my lace stiff using the steps in the above links. I was able to punch the ribbon using a simple circle punch and by folding that circle in half, I then was able to cut out a heart shape (using ordinary scissors) a bit smaller than my heart mold that I made using the Amazing Mold Putty. The reason I made my lace stiff was so that when I placed it into my mold it would not curl up (and also so that I could punch or cut it without fraying). Thus killing two birds with one stone.

I added a little bit of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to the mold first and let it set up for a few minutes, making sure there where no air bubbles. I wanted the pendant to be see through so that the "lace can be seen from both sides and the clear cast is perfect for this pendant. Then laying the "lace heart" inside the mold and covering it with more Amazing Clear Cast Resin. 

Now the waiting time begins... it usually cures in about 24 hours, but you have to adjust your time because of temperature sometimes. 

After it has cured I added another tiny layer of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to make it shine and viola, another jewelry piece has been created.

I just love the look of "clear glass".

I hope you liked my pendant this time around. I just love experimenting and again, there is no limit of what you can do using these Amazing Crafting Products.

How would you use your "RESINed" lace?

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Thursday, December 26

Island of Misfit Molds... AMAZINGLY Creative REUSE by Tanya Ruffin

Have you ever create a mold that you thought would be awesome, but ended up not casting very well. It could be that the mold didn't form well or, as in my case, that the mold has so many intricate parts that it was almost impossible to demold it without breaking the resin.

I started with this:

I glued three together and made a mold. It has so many openings that it was just too hard to cast a perfect copy. Plus, it was tearing apart my mold. It would have been much better to use Amazing Mold Rubber

Well, I am not one to throw away a mold or admit defeat... so I thought of another way to use the mold.

This is a technique I used years ago with rubber stamps and it works great with Amazing Mold Putty molds, too!

  • Premade Mold - Amazing Mold Putty
  • Toilet Paper
  • Decoupage medium or glue
  • Small paint brush
  • Water

Tear a sheet or two of toilet paper. Using a wet brush, press the paper inside the mold. Repeat with several layers of paper. The deeper your mold, the more paper you will need. Be careful not to tear the paper, but sometimes it happens and just repair by placing another sheet on top.

You can dry the paper by waiting overnight... Ha Ha, yeah, I know... ok so get out an emboss gun and use it to dry. Make sure not to burn the paper.

After your paper is dry. Pop it out and put a coat of decoupage medium on top.

Use it on a scrapbook page, to decorate a gift bag or even frame. If you have a Qdoba restaurant nearby check it out- they have embossed paper like this framed on the walls!

What papers can use in your molds?

I used Rub 'n Buff® to bring out the details and glued to a plan gift bag. I like the rough edges, but you could trim it if you like. You can also use other thin papers like tissue paper...Think of all the cool tissue paper patterns and papers with confetti embedded!

This is a fun and easy way to decorate last year's gift bags!

What decorative paper castings will you make?

Please leave a comment below and share your papercasting
ideas using Amazing Crafting Products! :)

Please visit my site to see more of my inspiring creations.
Thanks for visiting! ~ Tanya Ruffin


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Tuesday, December 24

Congratulations!!! An AMAZING Christmas Wish has been Granted to One Crafty Elf...

Congratulations to the winner of our

Thank you so much to all who participated and shared this contest. There were a total of 365 entries each for a chance to win at all four of our Amazing Crafting Products!!! A winner was selected via Random.org and #316 was the winning entry. Our apologies for leaving you in suspense... our elves are a little devious and known to be sleeping on the job.

The winner will receive an Amazing Crafting Products prize package {pictured above} - containing one of each product: 2/3 lb. package of Amazing Mold Putty; Amazing Mold Rubber Kit; 16 oz. Amazing Casting Resin Kit; and 16 oz. Amazing Clear Cast Resin Kit.

According to the Rafflecopter data...
the entry at #316 belongs to Sheri Levitt!!!

#316 • Sheri Levitt • Favorite Song "Hanukkah song" • 2013-12-23 10:10:59 EST

Congratulations!!! Please send an email with your mailing information to Susan via email: amazingcrafting at yahoo.com. Thanks again and stay tuned for another giveaway soon.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas Eve!!!  :) Sb

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Monday, December 23

Second Time is a CHARM! Amazing Mold Rubber Tips and Tricks by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here with a tips and tricks post using Amazing Crafting Products awesome Amazing Mold Rubber. I love testing out products and seeing what can be made but sometimes even the best plans can have interesting learning curves.

I have already shown you in the past you can make mold boxes to pour the Amazing Mold Rubber into out of coated cereal boxes (such as my snowflake mold box above). The Amazing Crafting Products Design Team has used plastic containers, lids, tape, and even foam to pour Amazing Mold Rubber into. All work beautifully and as long as the edges are sealed so no Amazing Mold Rubber will leak out of the mold.

Since the detail of the molding using Amazing Mold Rubber is stunning I wanted to try making more jewelry piece molds. I made three abstract pieces to create matching resin earrings and a bib necklace. Because of the odd shape of the originals I used a popcorn tin lid with foil and tape to fit around the original pieces. I glued the originals down to the tin, but here was my problem: I was in a hurry and I didn't check to see if the glue was dry completely before I poured the Amazing Mold Rubber!

Sadly this is how my mold came out. The little dents and swirls are wet glue that floated around in the Amazing Mold Rubber while it cured. One of the originals even floated to the top while it was curing, all because the glue was not dry. So lesson learned make sure to always let your adhesive dry completely before pouring the Amazing Mold Rubber to get a clean and high detailed mold!

Even though I had messed up with making the first mold there is no waste when using Amazing Mold Rubber! I cut up the mold with a pair of sharp scissors into little slivers and chunks. I place these in a jar to use in future molds. You can do the same for any cured drips or spills of Amazing Mold Rubber.

I glued my original carvings back to the bottom of the tin, waited for the glue to completely dry and poured a layer of Amazing Mold Rubber. I then carefully started to place the chunks and slivers from my other mold into the liquid Amazing Mold Rubber to add as filler. This can be done with any mold shape you want to create.

Sometimes when pouring the Amazing Mold Rubber I notice bubbles forming from the pouring process. This is nothing to worry about since the bubbles will gently float to the surface and pop. If you happen to notice any really large bubbles you can gently pop them with a tooth pick. Now some people have noticed the curing time for the Amazing Mold Rubber can vary. In low humidity environments it takes the silicone longer to cure. So since I live in a arid desert I put on a humidifier in the same room I am crafting in and the Amazing Mold Rubber cures quickly in just a few hours.

Here is the second pouring of my mold, clean, and clear of any dents and swirls! It might look somewhat like a deranged smiley face but I am more than happy with this high detail mold.

Another aspect of the cured Amazing Mold Rubber molds is that because it has such fine detail it is very easy to dust the molds with powders, glitters and fine inclusions for wonderful depth and shimmer. Here I am using a soft bristle brush to dust the inside of a mold with Alumilite Pearlescent Metallic Powder.

With this mold I poured a layer of resin and after it has cured for a few hours I can carefully rub on Alumilite Metallic Powders. Repeating this technique with multiple layers of resin you can create amazing effects.

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create???

Please share them on the NEW user GALLERY on the Amazing Mold Putty Website!

Visit my blog Art Resurrected for more craft tutorials!
Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Have you entered our

There is just shy of EIGHT (8) hours left to enter. You can enter until 11:59pm EST tonight when the contest ends for your chance at all four of our Amazing Crafting Products!!! This is what you have to do... please follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.... don't miss out on your chance for up to 6 entries to win.

One lucky elf will win an Amazing Crafting Products prize package {pictured above} - containing one of each product: 2/3 lb. package of Amazing Mold Putty; Amazing Mold Rubber Kit {which is now available in Hobby Lobby Stores}; 16 oz. Amazing Casting Resin Kit; and 16 oz. Amazing Clear Cast Resin Kit}. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!!  :) Sb
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