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Mini Shoes made for Walking with the help of Amazing Mold Rubber by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here with a project using Amazing Mold Rubber. I have collected miniatures since a young age and love finding new ways to create new custom pieces. One of my favorite miniature crafts to do is to customize toys of all sizes and shapes. Accessories and (as in this case) shoes can be a perfect element to any custom piece.

I wanted to use polymer clay to create the shoes for doll costumes but I didn't want to have to deal with a complete doll while sculpting the shoes, that could possibly get ruined by the uncured polymer clay. So my idea was to mold the doll feet with Amazing Mold Rubber, then pour Amazing Casting Resin casts of the feet to use while creating the shoes in polymer clay. 

I started off by picking three different sized dolls to make molds of their feet. I covered their upper bodies with clear plastic wrap to protect them from any spills. Using a medium deli cup I placed the wrapped dolls in a circle with their feet in the cup, held in place by small stands. The stands prevent the dolls from shifting while the Mold Rubber cures. Carefully following the instructions I mixed up the Amazing Mold Rubber and slowly poured it into the deli cup, making sure to get around the doll legs. 

As you can see from this photo the mold holes for the feet are small and go several inches down into the Amazing Mold Rubber. I needed a way to easily take out the resin pieces while not damaging the mold.

I created wire hooks with old paper clips as my handles to place in the resin, making them easier to remove. I left one loop on top and made a tight loop on the bottom to be placed in the mold.

I mixed up a batch of Amazing Casting Resin mixed with some Alumilite Violet Dye (the dye helps highlight details you would otherwise miss when making the shoes) and poured the resin into the mold. I placed the tight loop end of the paper clips into the resin before the it cured. Once the resin was fully cured I could use the embedded paperclip as a hook to help pull out the resin feet. 

I made as many feet casts as I needed but once I no longer needed the mold I cut up the mold with a pair of sharp scissors into little slivers and chunks. I place these in a jar to use in future molds as filler. You can do the same for any cured drips or spills of Amazing Mold Rubber.

Now to start on the shoes! I rolled out polymer clay stacking it up several layers and cut the stacks a bit bigger than each resin foot. Using the heel of each foot as measurement I knew how high to stack the clay. 

Once I got the stacks of clay to the desired height, I carefully pressed
each foot into the clay and started to trim the excess. 

Once I trimmed enough polymer clay to put the stacks upright I placed each resin foot on the clay and pressed lightly down making an impression and giving me a guide to trim the clay into the shape of wedge shoes.

Once the shoes were completely trimmed I smoothed out the clay
and baked them as per manufacturer's instructions.

After I baked the polymer clay, I lightly sanded and trimmed
the edges of the pieces with a craft knife and an emery board.

I rinsed off all the dust, used acrylic paint to decorate the clay
shoes and sealed them using Liquitex Gloss Varnish.

I added ribbon and stickers to finish the look. Now I have cute and trendy miniature shoes for my custom doll work! Taking it a step further you could even make molds of your finished shoes to recreate them for other craft projects!

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create???

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Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

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  1. Tracy... these are so AMAZING and fashionable - RUNWAY ready. I'm envisioning the Pee-Wee Herman platforms to dance with these hot DOLLS :)

  2. This is a great idea! You are brilliant!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. just love these shoes - great idea to cast the feet for a perfect fit!!!

  5. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! :D


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