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#Cre8time Magic... Making a Fairy Garden Birdhouse using Amazing Mold Rubber

Hello Amazing Crafters! Susan here for another Mold Rubber Monday. Today I am sharing another project using Amazing Mold Rubber... one that is a bit whimsical and magical – and perfect to adorn a fairy garden.

Amazing Mold Rubber comes in 2 parts – a Rubber Base and the Catalyst. I have prepared several items to mold so I am mixing up the entire container. I find it easier always mix the entire container and pour several items to mold simultaneously – then nothing goes to waste and cleanup is a breeze. Amazing Mold Rubber will completely fuse to itself, so if you run out mid-pour, you can let it cure and fill the rest with another batch later.

For today's project – I have an assortment of acorns and caps in varying sizes and some other findings to mold in Amazing Mold Rubber.

Using hot glue, I mounted the items into a metal tin lid. The larger caps I placed craft foam in the center then adered so I could mold all the way to the edge of each.

Then I added a cylinder of cardstock and taped to the tin lid to form the mold box walls. I will need to fully cover the items in Amazing Mold Rubber about a 1/4" over the height of the items.

I secured the paper wall of mold box to tin with scotch tape.


To mix the entire container of Amazing Mold Rubber is simple. Peel back the protective seal on the Rubber Base and then pour the entire bottle of Catalyst into the rubber base. Stir gently and completely until there is no swirling and the catalyst is completely incorporated into the rubber base. The color will be a light bubble gum pink. I use a plastic knife from take out to stir – as the back edge is flat which can be used to scrape the edges completely when mixing.

When completely mixed, pour the Amazing Mold Rubber into the mold – gently letting the liquid silicone flow around and fill in around the objects.

I filled the mold box about 1/4" over the items with the AMR, leaving the longer stems a bit visable - but this is OK as they are fairly long and it won't affect the outcome when I cast in resin later on. I poured the remaining Amazing Mold Rubber into other prepared mold boxes. I set the molds aside to cure for a few hours. I generally pour molds in the AM before I head out to work and they are ready when I come home later in the day.

I tore away the paper edging and gently peeled the acorns, caps and other findings from the mold. Now I have many new items ready to customize and cast in Amazing Casting Resin.


Now the fun part... coloring and casting! With a paintbrush I applied a variety of Alumidust colors directly into the mold, then filled with a prepared batch of Amazing Casting Resin {CLICK HERE to view preparation}. In about 10 minutes, my acorn base and cap are cured and ready for embellishment.

I added a section of fiber around the cap and adhered to the acorn base. I drilled a small hole in the top and the base of the acorn to accept wire wrapped stem and coils to stand in a planter – held in place with a dot of adhesive. The finishing touch is a hole painted on with an enamel paint pen to bring this fairy garden birdhouse to life.

What items would you mold to create
items for your fairy garden?

If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog
sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here. ~ Susan

I hope you have a creative day - thanks for visiting!
See you tomorrow with more Amazing Crafting Products inspiration.

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  1. That is so cute. What a beautiful fairy garden they would make

  2. Love how you glued the items to the lid! Awesome tip! Awesome project! I think if I were to make a fairy garden,I would make a swing out of some twigs...every fairy needs a swing right.xox

  3. The alumidust works so well with the resin dor a shimmery and stunning result!


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