Thursday, October 31

Candles are Lit... the Halloween Dinner Table is SET! AMAZING Chicken Feet by Rachel Whetzel

Happy Halloween everyone! Rachel here today with a special Amazing Mold Rubber project... and the finishing touch to my Witch's Apothecary mantle and will be great for the Halloween feast too.

A while ago, I was mindlessly skimming images researching awesome artsy inspiration on Pinterest, and I came across a listing for a vintage set of candle sticks with a VERY interesting twist. They where bronzed CHICKEN'S FEET.

The candlesticks were sold, already, and I haven't been able to locate any others, so I decided to do what ANY creative woman would do. I decided to MAKE my own. I started out with an interesting candle stick that I found at the thrift store.

What you'll need: 

I knew from my last piece using Amazing Mold Rubber, that I needed to make my mold with as little extra space around my piece as possible, so I decided to use a Solo Cup for the sides again. 

I cut the cup's bottom and rim off, so that I could create a funnel easily, and made the funnel with just enough room for the top of the candlestick to fit through.

I put the larger end of the funnel at the bottom of the mold, and taped up the sides to keep the rubber from seeping out. I used Amazing Mold Putty to create the bottom of the mold, and to help with the seal of the bottom of the piece. Then I laid my candle stick in, and got it secured by using wire to hold it in place at the top of the mold. There was a hole all the way up the center of the candle stick (I removed the bottom. It unscrewed easily and made it easier to pour the Amazing Mold Rubber into the mold.) so I was able to settle the cup part of the stick into the mold rubber without worrying about air pockets. Once I got the cup settled, I mixed a second small batch of Amazing Mold Rubber and poured it into the mold. 

To make taking my molds out easier, I cut a slit down the side of my mold once it was set, and when I poured my Amazing Casting Resin, I held it closed with some rubber bands around the outside. 

Here are the finished resin pours! As you can see, I didn't mold the whole candle stick. I didn't need to, because I planned to make the rest of the piece with Creative Paperclay®

I hand sculpted the chicken's feet using the Etsy listing as my reference. When the feet were done, I connected them to the resin tops using more clay. Once they were dry, I painted them black, and added some metal patina to them. I think they turned out pretty awesome!! Because Creative Paperclay® and Amazing Casting Resin are not flame retardant, I don't plan to actually USE these, but they will make a really cool addition to my Witch's Apothecary mantle. 

What One of Kinds are YOU turning into
TWO of a kind using Amazing Crafting Products?

Please share your projects in the comments below! If you create something inspired by my idea, please leave a comment with a link here, so I can come and visit to see! I would love for you to visit me at my "house" too!! Thank you so much for reading!! ~ rachel


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Wednesday, October 30

Polymer Clay Molded to Perfection! AMAZING Desk Drawer Knob Redux by Niki Meiners

Hello everyone! Niki here today with a project using Amazing Mold Putty to dress up my desk drawers with some handmade knobs.

Desk drawer knobs get tons of use in my house. I am not a fan of clutter. If the clutter is out of site I am happy. The kids desk in our play room is used and abused by our kids and their friends. A few weeks ago, a knob fell off and could not be fixed. I tried to find a replacement for it and I even called the manufacturer. No luck. I tried a few from the hardware store and there was a ring around the hole that they would not fit over.

Being the crafty lass, I knew I could make a replacement... AND  I also knew I wanted to give the desk a little something to make it "POP". My daughter wanted pink and purple flowers and my 10 year old son begged me not to. I came up with a motherly compromise, knob that had a flower imprint and in masculine colors. My son suggested black and silver. I think they are pretty neutral so I agreed. 

I found a button I liked. It was the right size and right pattern but not deep enough. I came up with a plan to use more Amazing Mold Putty than would be needed to make a mold of just the button. I rolled the putty into a short fat tube and pressed the button in the center and pressed down through the tube to make it a deep mold. This worked great.

To make the drawer knob...

I conditioned black Sculpey Premo clay. I rolled it into a ball and pressed it in the mold.

Then pressed a screw into the back of the clay about half way in.
To secure the screw, I made a little snake of clay and added it around the opening.


I baked the clay on 275º for about 40 minutes. Follow the manufacturers directions for how long to bake. After allowing the piece to cool, I painted on Metallic Silver DecoArt acrylic paint. The paint really made all the details pop.

Using the Amazing Mold Putty really captures all the tiny details. Now I have to make 4 more knobs and finish the desk.

What furniture could you creatively update
using Amazing Mold Putty and polymer clay?

Thanks so much for dropping by! To see check out more of my creative work, please visit

Have a fabulous evening! ~ Niki

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Owls Howl Under the Halloween Moon!
AMAZING Tim Holtz' 12 Tags of 2013 for October...
by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Hello Amazing Crafters! Susan here today to share my variation of Tim Holtz' 12 Tags of 2013 for October. For those of you who are not into stamping or papercrafting, Tim Holtz is the master of all things "Distressed" and has a monthly challenge where he designs a tag using products and techniques and has a linkup where you can share your try at the monthly tag. So this month's tag was SCREAMING Amazing Crafting Products... so I have created all my embellishments for this tag using Amazing Mold PuttyAmazing Casting Resin and an assortment of Alumilite Dyes. You are in for a Halloween Treat!

Here is Tim's Tag example.

First I did the marbleized painted background technique - to get it out of the way
so I can have some real fun and break out my Amazing Mold Putty!

In Tim's tag example above, the glittered embellishments are created from chipboard die cut shapes. I don't personally have those dies, but I do have some other things in my crafty stash that I can use. One of the things that's great about this monthly challenge is that anything goes - use what "YOU HAVE" is the name of the game... it's all about learning new techniques and having fun.

I didn't have a moon - so I made one. I located a vintage man in the moon image from, printed it out, stuck it to some chipboard and cut it out. I mixed up a batch of Amazing Mold Putty and gently pressed my shape flat into it and I used the back end of a paintbrush to press it down further to make the mold a little more than 1/8" deep. Then I mixed up a batch of Amazing Casting Resin with one drop each of the new Alumilite Fluorescent Yellow and Orange Dyes to get a nice yellow orange cast resin moon. The moon in the photo above has been painted with a light layer of Ranger Spiced Marmalade Distress Paint.

About the owl - I already had those made from a Halloween Owl charm swap I participated in last month. Stay tuned for a post next month where I will share how I created my darling Purple owls!

Now on to the frame - the centerpiece of the tag!

I mixed up a batch really small batch of Amazing Casting Resin and Alumilite Black Dye and poured directly onto one of my Sizzix embossing folders. You know you have 'em... they AREN'T JUST FOR PAPER!!! Before I poured the resin, I prepared my embossing folder with a light rubbing of olive oil {it's what I had - was out of the spray} so that the resin will not stick in all the little detailed bits of the plastic. I waited until the resin started to thicken before pouring it directly onto the embossing folder, leading it around with my stir stick to fill all the details and a little overhang.

I let the resin cure for about 30 minutes before peeling back. ** A TIP ** the thinner a resin pour is - the longer it will take to completely harden. So in this particular application - this is GREAT! It's hard, but soft and somewhat pliable, though not stretchy, so you have some time to remove it from the mold - AND - cut and trim {OR EVEN form it over a shaped item} before it fully hardens.

After removed from mold. I laid it flat and blotted off the excess oil with a paper towel.


Then I began to trim with an old pair of EK Success Cutterbee detail scissors. This pour is no more than 1/8" thick in the detailed areas and these scissors cut through the resin beautifully while it's still soft. I continued all the way around defining the outer edge of the frame.

Then I trimmed out the center of the frame. Isn't it beautiful!? And the detail perfectly captured. I'll definitely be doing this again - I must have about 100 of these embossing folders... so much fun!!!

After trimming, I placed the frame back into the embossing folder and wrapped with a couple light duty rubber bands to let it complete hardening and to protect it from my clumsy ways. It was several days between when I started the resin to when I completed assembly and the frame was no longer flexible after a day or so.

So here's all of my base resin pieces before finishing.

Now on to adding a little GLITZ! Using Ranger Embossing Ink and a heat embossable glue powder, I adhered Black Soot Ranger Distress Glitter. I only rubbed the ink on the raised areas so the detail could still be seen. This looks so great!

Now for the moon. I repeated the same steps in applying the glue powder, but this time I did it in two applications. First I did overall then applied the Antique Linen Ranger Distress Glitter. Then I added more embossing ink and glue powder, heat set to make it tacky, then applied Spiced Marmalade to the outer edge. This makes a nice blend. I like how here and there the orange base peeks through on the edges.

For my owl, this was colored with Alumilite Violet Dye. Using Diamond Glaze (a clear dimensional adhesive that sticks to a variety of items - resin included), I filled in the belly and tail with Seedless Preserves Ranger Distress Glitter. I also filled in around the eyes with a superfine white glitter from my stash.. To finish the owl I adhered some gems for eyes and a pearlized brad head {I broke the metal arms off} above the tail. The final touch is a tied twist of green raffia for a branch and adding some Viva Las VegaStamps! script, tree and numbers to the painted tag. Voila!

My AMAZING tag for October!

What will you make using your
stash of crafty goodness?

If you would like to see more of my creations,
please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here.
~ Susan :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

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Tuesday, October 29

Mulberry Paper Transformed... to AMAZING Mulberry Paper by Brenda Lee Burfeind

Brenda here with a quick inspirational post using Mulberry Paper. I used to make a lot of cards and I scrapbooked like crazy but just haven't had the time to do much of anything except play with my Amazing Crafting Products. I really needed to get a card done and while working on it the other day, I accidentally spilled some resin (don't ask why I had that on my table while working with paper) onto some scrapbooking paper and the effect was super cool. I love using Mulberry paper on my cards and scrapbook layouts, but "painting" a bit of Amazing Clear Cast Resin onto both sides of it gives it a whole new dimension.

Here are just a few examples of the difference using Amazing Clear Cast Resin and also adding some Alumlite Violet Dye to one piece:

It almost turned transparent. LOVE it!

I even tried it on a piece of Papertowel with the Alumlite Violet Dye.
Love how it stayed 3-D.

I then used my punch to cut some flowers to add to my card.

How would you use paper you've refinished

I hope you've enjoyed my inspiration post today. If you would like to see more of my creations, please hop over to Creativity is a State of Mind. Until next time, have a great day! ~ Brenda Lee Burfeind


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Monday, October 28

Mold Rubber Monday... Light up the Night with AMAZING Nightlight Skulls by Lonnie Sexton

Q: To Be? Or Not to Be? A: To Be!


  1. Create Primary Object 
  2. Bladder Mold 
  3. Mold Box 
  4. Back Fill Block 
  5. Remove Primary 
  6. Casting 
  7. LED’s 
When casting large projects with Amazing Mold Rubber, I like to use the layer & back fill method to save material. Coating the primary object in layers. Then using expandable foam to create a sturdy back fill block. I only used ¾ pound Amazing Mold Rubber to create the bladder mold. It would have required approximately 6 lbs to fill the entire mold box with Rubber.

The skull primary is created using Polymer Modeling Clay and a plastic toy.

Rubber Mold

The first Amazing Mold Rubber Layer (50 gr) applied right after mixing. Creates the first super thin detail layer.

Wait 4+ hours before applying the 2nd Amazing Mold Rubber layer. (50 gr)

Wait 4+ hours before applying the 3rd Amazing Mold Rubber layer. Pre-cure 45 minutes in mixing cup before applying. Filled in eye sockets and nose. (60 gr)

Wait 4+ hours before applying the 4th Amazing Mold Rubber layer. Pre-cure 45 minutes in mixing cup before applying. (70 gr)

Wait 4+ hours before applying the 5th Amazing Mold Rubber layer. Pre-cure 45 minutes in mixing cup before applying. (100 gr)

Wait 4+ hours before applying the 6th Amazing Mold Rubber layer. Pre-cure 30 minutes in mixing cup before applying. (60 gr). Repeat 3 more times. 

Let cure for 24+ hours. 

Cut away excess base board and rubber. Assemble the mold box.

Back Fill with Expandable Foam

Cut the excess foam off the bottom.

Remove the Primary object & Amazing Mold Rubber mold from the foam back support. I cut a small relief seam towards the back of the mold to allow easy removal. The foam support will hold the mold seam together while casting.

Clear Casting 

Mix equal parts "A" & "B" of Amazing Clear Cast Resin.
This mold requires 18 oz. (9 oz each part).

Fill the mold slowly. Let cure 24+ hours. Larger castings will cure slightly faster. on the outside, but always wait at least 24 before attempting to demold.

Remove from mold. 


I re-purposed an old LED Rose my daughter donated.
It has 3 LED’s with different modes and colors.

Below is a preview of the colors it cycles through
when mounted beneath the clear cast skull.

Now to come up with some sort of base. I intend to use it as a Halloween night light but this is the first of many skull projects based on different themes. 

What objects would you mold to light up
your world using Amazing Mold Rubber?

Please come back and join us for more exciting projects, inspiration and tutorials.


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