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Put Your Finger on Some AMAZING Upcycled Art!!! Spooky Apothecary Jar Tutorial by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here with another Amazing Crafting Products tutorial! I just love altered art bottles and jars. It is so much fun to start with something simple and make a wonderful decor item. With Halloween just a short time away, I thought any self-respecting spooky apothecary, mad scientist or enchanter wouldn't do without a creepy jars of zombie fingers!

  • Amazing Mold Putty
  • Amazing Casting Resin
  • Amazing Clear Cast Resin
  • Alumilite Dyes in Black, Brown, Blue and Flo Green {Flo = Fluorescent}
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Craft Paint in Beetle Black, Summer Linen, Chestnut Brown, and Habanero 
  • Old jam or olive jars, cleaned and dry
  • Denim scrap fabric
  • Raffia
  • Small canvas scraps
  • Black ink pen
  • Black permanent ink pad, Tea leaves, used and dried Cosmetic sponges
  • Paint brush

I started off molding my own thumb and first finger using Amazing Mold Putty. I made up a small amount first to cover the front of my fingers snug and then squished on a second piece to mold the pad of my fingers. While the mold was setting I couldn't move my fingers but it set up rather quick and came off easy. I also made molds of my husbands thumbs so I would have a variety of fingers to cast.

Because these were odd shaped molds I put 3 at a time in plastic cups to keep them upright while I poured the Amazing Casting Resin into the molds and let them cure.

Because of the odd shape of the molds, I had to carefully squeeze the casted resin out of the molds. I found out doing this when the resin had set up but was still warm was the best time to try to remove them. Once out of the mold I removed any sharp edges with a emery board and a craft knife.

I was able to make 3 to 4 castings out of each mold before I noticed some tearing and stress on the molds because of how I was removing the castings. In the future I think I will place a small dowel or bone shape in the middle of the resin while it sets up in each finger mold to make it easier to pull them out. I used the Alumilite Dyes; Fluorescent (Flo) Green for the green, and a mix of Black, Blue and Green for the gray fingers.

Using a cosmetic I applied the Habanero Multi-Surface Craft Paint to the fingers in light smudges, making sure to get the ends of the nails and the end joints. By applying the red paint now it will come off old and more rotted with the other paint layered over it.

Again using a cosmetic sponge, I applied the Chestnut Brown
Multi-Surface Craft Paint to the fingers in light smudges.

I mixed the Beetle Black Multi-Surface Craft Paint with some water to make a color wash and applied it with a paint brush, being careful to get the nails, creases and cracks in the fingers. I used a paper towel to remove the excess. I then used a sealer on all of the painted fingers.

I then poured Amazing Clear Cast Resin into the jars (filling the jars 1/8), tinting the resin with Alumilite Fluorescent (Flo) Green and Brown Dyes. I then sprinkled some dry tea leaves into the resin, giving the illusion of dirt. I carefully stirred the leaves in and rolled the resin around the insides of the jar to make it look like it was covered in muck.

Carefully I added the resin zombie fingers to the jars,
positioning them with a long coffee stirrer.

I then poured more Amazing Clear Cast Resin (not tinted with dyes), 
on top of the fingers to make sure they didn't move around. I then let this cure.

Once the resin was cured I put the lids of the jars back on
and tied on scraps of denim with raffia to give it an old time look.

I then trimmed the denim close to the jar and rubbed permanent ink
on the fabric to age it. I made tags for each jar and tied them on with the raffia.

There you have it!
Some spine tingling decor with a with an upcycled twist! :)

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create???

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Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy


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  1. I'll be keeping my hands PLANTED deep in my pockets from now until Halloween! These are so amazing Tracy! Individual fingers on a chain would be so SpOoky cool, too!

  2. I love, love this project - the perfect Halloween decoration you can give to that one person that LOVES Halloween, I know a couple that would love something like this as a gift.

  3. Definitely an AMAZING project! I'm in awe

  4. These would go PERFECTLY with my slugs!!

  5. Thank you all for your kind words! :) Susan I already have an order for a zombie finger necklace! Rachel I must see your slug project. :)

  6. Disturbingly realistic!!! EEEEK!! What a warped imagination you Great project. :)
    <3 J


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