Saturday, June 29

Perpetual Signboard with Resin Charms...
by Carole Lassak

Good afternoon! Carole here today and I have a perpetual project to share with you. I have always enjoyed celebrating holidays and remembering special occasions. And, that is exactly what my signboard does.

I’m always on the look-out for small items to mold and cast, and they are perfect for the signboard embellishments. The source for these cast items ranges from found objects to jewelry to rubber stamps to odd pieces that friends have loaned. I used the standard methods for creating the molds using Amazing Mold Putty and pouring the resins for these charms. All of these were molded in Amazing Mold Putty and cast using Amazing Casting Resin, but the pieces were finished using different techniques.

Original was a piece of jewelry; it's finished with acrylic paint with a top coat of PPA Gloss; mounted on ATC
Original was a metal trinket; finished with Duo adhesive and gilding; mounted on chipboard
Original was an acrylic stamp; finished with Perfect Pigment Acrylic Paint; mounted on pattern paper
Original was a rubber stamp; finished with Duo adhesive and Mica D'Lights; mounted on craft metal
Original was a metal trinket; finished by dust mold with Alumilite Bronze Metallic Powder before pouring casting; mounted on shimmer cardstock
Original was a metal trinket; finished with Duo adhesive and gilding; mounted on mica tile
Original was a metal trinket; finished with Duo adhesive and gilding; mounted on cardstock
Original was a metal charm; finished with Duo adhesive and gilding; mounted on shimmer cardstock
Original was a metal trinket; finished with Perfect Pigment Acrylic Paint and top coat of PPA Gloss; mounted on cardstock

I said that this is a perpetual project because I can continue to mold and cast embellishment pieces for the signboard. I’m still looking for the perfect item to mold and cast for birthdays, anniversaries, and patriotic holidays.

Here's my signboard heralding our glorious summer season.

Here are the steps for creating the sign board:
  1. Decorate the background of 6" x 8" canvas board. I printed my background on Craft Attitude film and adhered to the canvas board following manufacturer’s directions.
  2. Using a Crop-a-dile punch 4 holes each ½" from the side. Two holes 1 ½" from top and two holes 1 ¾" from bottom.
  3. Using brads, attach coiled wire in top holes.
  4. With an aggressive adhesive, attach pinch clothespin to center top of the signboard.
  5. Cut coordinating cardstock 2" x 6" for greeting banners. Pierce holes, centered, at each end of banner ½" from each edge. Attach to sign board with brads. I have banners and brads to go with each of my resin embellishment, and they're changed to match the holiday or occasion. The banner titles were cut using my Zing electronic cutter.
  6. Individually, mount each resin casting to a backing material. I’ve used mica, cardstock, ATCs, chipboard, and metal. 
What other occasions and holidays
do you celebrate?

What would you mold and cast
to commemorate them?

You can see more INSPIRATION using Amazing Crafting Products by Alumilite Corporation on my Create & Craft blog.


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Friday, June 28

You're Invited to Afternoon Tea...
AMAZING inspiration by Rachel Whetzel

Hello, AMAZING lovers!! Rachel Whetzel, here again to show you what my latest inspiration is! I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan... A large portion of the dolls I have made have had an Alice theme, and I'm always dreaming up new ideas for more projects in Wonderland theme. My latest had a bit to do with TEA.

Amazing Clear Cast Resin TEA 

Most people have thought of using Amazing Clear Cast Resin to create faux water in artificial flower arrangements, but I decided to try using it, and Alumilite Brown Dye to create tea in a teacup! The result was a perfect base for setting the Mad Hatter's top hat in. 

I really love the way that the tea came out! Now I'm trying to decide if I want to go with a Steampunk theme on the Hatter's hat, or if I want to go full on Alice in Wonderland with the decor... 

What food or drink have YOU used
Amazing Crafting Products to recreate? 

Please share your projects in the comments below! If you create something inspired by my idea, please leave a comment with a link here, so I can come and visit to see! I would love for you to visit me at my "house" too!! Thank you so much for reading!! ~ rachel


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Thursday, June 27

New Uses for Old Rubber Stamps...
by Marilyn Weyman

Hi all! Marilyn Weyman here for Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin from Alumilite Corporation. Today, I've got a project that might have you looking at all of those rubber stamps with new eyes. I've turned one of my rubber stamps into a pendant and you can do it too by following this simple method.

What you need: 
  • An unmounted rubber stamp with a nice shape 
  • Petroleum Jelly 
  • Acrylic Mounting Block 
  • Amazing Mold Putty 
  • Amazing Casting Resin
  • Alumilite Red Dye 
  • Measuring Cups 
  • Mixing Cup 
  • Popsicle Stick 
  • Ribbon or Cord 18" or whatever you need for your project 
  • Scissors 
  • Drill (optional) 
  • Large Jump Ring (optional) 
  • Sanding Block/File 
  • Wipes 
  • Paint Brush 
  • Gold Acrylic Paint 
Make the Mold

Carefully trim around the stamp if it isn't already perfectly trimmed. I used a Clearly Impressed® stamp from the Rock and Roll collection by © Michelle Ward from Stampington & Company. Mount the stamp on the acrylic block. You should put a very thin layer of petroleum jelly on the stamp to protect it. Be sure to get the vaseline into any embossed areas but not to fill them or the Amazing Mold Putty won't be able to get in there properly. 

Mix the Amazing Mold Putty. I like to pull out a piece of each putty that is about the volume of the item I am molding. I roll each one into a ball separately so I can easily see if I have the same amount of each. I can easily add a bit or take some away until I do. 

Then I flatten them down and lay one on top of the other and flatten them together. Once they are flattened out, I fold each side into the middle and flatten again. Then I fold the top down and the bottom up and flatten again. I keep doing that, alternating the sides with the top and bottom, until I can no longer see swirls of dark yellow or white and the mass is a consistent medium yellow color. 

Working quickly (you have only 2 - 3 minutes to make the mold), I fold the top and bottom in again and then the two sides. Then I flatten the Amazing Mold Putty into a piece about the size and shape of my stamp and press it down onto the stamp, being careful to push it all the way down to the surface of the acrylic block and to have a bit of a wall all the way around the stamp. Note that to get a clear image, you must make sure that there are no fold lines on the part of the putty that will contact the item you are molding, whether it is a stamp or anything else. 

The advantage of working on the acrylic block is that, wet or dry, Amazing Mold Putty will only stick to itself, not the acrylic block, plastic, mylar, etc., and that you can turn the block over to very quickly see if the mold is up against the sides of the stamp firmly, that there are no air bubbles, and that the Amazing Mold Putty is pushed all the way into the embossings of the stamp. Let it sit for about ten minutes to set.

Once the mold is set, pull it off the stamp and examine it. If you need to beef up a side wall, you can do it quickly and easily by mixing just a small amount of Amazing Mold Putty and putting it exactly where it is needed, then allowing it to set.

Pouring the Amazing Casting Resin

  • When your mold is ready to use, get everything set up for mixing and pouring your resin.
  • Put on thin latex gloves for this part. 
  • I get everything out and have the mold right there where I can reach it easily. 
  • I like to put the measuring cups for my Amazing Casting Resin on top of the jars the Amazing Mold Putty comes in. That brings them up to eye level so I can see more easily that I have the right amount. I mark my levels on my cups and mark them A and B. (Use a fine-tipped permanent marker.)

I measure out the Amazing Casting Resin parts "A" and "B" side-by-side so I can compare and make sure that I have the correct amount in each cup. 

Then I put 3 drops of Alumilite Red Dye  into my mixing/pouring cup, pour in Part "A" and scrape the sides and bottom with my popsicle stick to get all of the resin in there. I do the same with Part "B" and start to stir, making sure that I scrape the bottom and sides frequently to get every bit thoroughly incorporated. Once I can see no more swirls, I generally can feel the contents of the cup heating up. Once you feel the heat, you must pour the Amazing Casting Resin into your mold quickly before it sets in the pouring cup. (Ask me how I know this!) 

Be sure to pour the resin in up to the top of the mold. I try to always have an extra mold next to the one I am using so that if I have any left over Amazing Casting Resin, I can just pour the leftovers in the second mold. It doesn't matter if it doesn't fill up because you can always pour more in the next time you are casting. And it also doesn't matter what color it is because you can always paint it when it is full and unmolded. 

Wait for it to set.

Let the mold sit undisturbed for about 20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature. You can see the center of the resin start to turn white, even when you have used dye. 

Pop the shape out of the mold and check to make sure it is perfect or that you can file away any extra. In the case of the one I did, I just needed to file a little in the center of the heart. 

Then I dry brushed a coating of very dry gold acrylic metallic paint onto the entire surface and rubbed it in with a clean wipe. Once the paint is into the embossed surface, you can dampen the wipe a bit and rub gently to remove the paint only from the very top surface. Work this part as much as you like until the look is pleasing. 

After that, you can paint more gold around the edge if you like. 

I mounted mine onto a ribbon with glue, ready to be worn around the neck, tied onto a present, or even mounted on a card. You might want to drill it and use a jump ring to add it to a ribbon or cord. If your stamp is small enough, this would be a great way to make charms for a bracelet.

I hope you found this tutorial interesting and that the tips help you in any project with Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin.

Happy Crafting!

~ Marilyn Weyman Kegg for Amazing Crafting Products


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Wednesday, June 26

AMAZING Made in The U.S.A Inspired Bowl...
by Michelle Frae Cummings

Hi Everyone! Michelle here to show you that if you took the layering technique from these bangles and incorporated it into this resin bowl tutorial, you could find yourself making a pretty neat Patriotic resin bowl to hold your favorite American trinkets!

For me, I love vintage keys.

Especially if they are "Made in The USA" - Just like Amazing Crafting Products!

Thank you so much for coming by to see my Inspiration. Please feel free to visit my blog for more idea's! ~ Michelle Frae Cummings


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Tuesday, June 25

Just a little SPLASH... a 12x12 by DeeDee Catron

Hi Everyone! DeeDee here today.... Do you remember back when Sandra used her scraps to inspire drawings for some characters??? Well I took a little inspiration from Sandra for today's post!

--click the photo to make it larger and see all the layering details!--

I've created a 12x12 layout using some May Arts ribbon, Viva Las VegaStamps! rubber stamps, Glimmer Mist, UmWowStudio Chipboard and Flair, aaaaaaaaaaaand... Amazing Casting Resin!

The inspiration from Sandra comes from using scraps and leftovers! After I poured a few molds I had a bit of resin left in my cup (It was already starting to cure, it's QUICK!) so much like when you pour batter into a hot pan for funnel cake, I poured the left over resin over my teflon coated kraft mat. 

I allowed it to sit for a while... 

... and once it was cured I could peel it off the kraft mat! 

I love them.. I've now got a pile of 3D scribbly embellishments for anything. You can see just like other embellishments, inks and mists will lay over the top of these. The resin is a super high gloss white.

I hope you'll visit me on my own blog then to see how well the resin can work with other embellishments and paper crafting goods to create a beautiful layout! ~ DeeDee


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Monday, June 24

AMAZING Emergency Gifts... Three-Horses Resin ATCs by Sandra Strait

I saw it coming.  I thought I'd planned for it. 

My mother turns 90 (will have, by the time this is posted) and to celebrate we're having a family reunion.  Relatives will be coming in from England and Australia, and even from the far, far reaches of Florida, U.S.A.!  We've done this before, and the tradition is to exchange small birthday gifts with everybody, no matter when their birthday falls.

So I've been working on gifts for quite a while.  I knew that someone unexpected would decide to show up at the last minute, and I made extra gifts. But. I didn't make enough, dad-rat it! A recent marriage and a new girlfriend with a child, left me short-handed.

Well, you may not think of Amazing Casting Resin as being quick and easy, but it is, and I was able to make up my shortfall in under an hour!

Supplies: Amazing Mold PuttyAmazing Casting ResinAlumilite Metallic Powders-Copper and Silver, ATC sized Illustration Board, Micro Marbles, Drywall Tape, Scissors, E6000 Adhesive

NOTE: For both written and video instructions showing how to create Amazing Mold Putty molds, and cast resin objects, please visit the Amazing Crafting Products library.

The Molds
Amazing Mold Putty comes in two parts, Part "A", which is a white putty, and Part "B", which is yellow putty. You mix equal amounts of both, until the whole thing is yellow, then press it flat and wrap it over the object to be cast.  The whole routine takes about 10-15 minutes.

I took an ATC-sized piece of illustration board and made an ATC card base mold with it.  Then I drew a funky horse on the board and covered it with drywall tape. I cut the horse out and used it for the second mold.

Amazing Casting Resin also has a Part "A" and Part "B", only in liquid form. You pour Part "A" into one measuring cup, pour an equal amount of Part "B" into another cup, and then pour them together and stir. The resin sets fairly quickly, so you stir a few seconds until all the swirls are gone and then pour the resin into the mold. After 5-10 minutes the piece turns white and can be removed from the mold.

It is still soft at this time and can easily be trimmed. If I need to sand, I usually wait a few hours until the resin gets harder.

This time, before pouring the resin, I poured Micro Marbles into both molds.

Once set, the white of the resin mutes the Micro Marbles colors. The finished pieces remind me of candy, like the taffy or pressed coconut bars I ate as a child.

I poured and popped out my horses as quickly as possible, using a different color of Micro Marbles for three of them. Then I switched to Alumilite Metallic Powders, making a copper and a silver horse. I didn't add any color for the last horse, just let it pick up left over color from the mold.

I took one of the three Micro Marbles horses and glued it to one of the ATCs with the E6000.  Then I glued another Micro Marble horse to the first one, and another to the second one.

I repeated the process with the metallic powder horses, using a different layout for them.

The person who will be getting these lives on Little Horse Creek road and trades ATCS, so I think she'll like them!

The next time I use Micro Marbles I'll try them with Amazing Clear Cast Resin and see if I can keep the brilliant color, though I do like these candy colors too!

For more of my work in Amazing Mold PuttyZentangle®-Inspired art, and daily links to tangles, tutorials, and giveaways please visit my "Life Imitates Doodles" blog.
~ Sandra Strait



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Sandra Strait... GUEST DESIGNER Spotlight

Today we feature Sandra - who continues to suprise me with each and every project she creates using Amazing Crafting Products... she EVEN uses her resin spills in creative and AMAZING ways. I have been a fan of Sandra for quite some time and her Zentangle®-Inspired illustrations, and today we hope you will get to know her a little better, too!

To see more imaginatively transformed resin spills please click here.

A little bit about Sandra...

I’m younger than my years would indicate and I’ll never have a second childhood because I refuse to leave the first one. That’s why I spend most of my life playing with art journals, and Zentangle®-Inspired Artwork. When real life insists on intruding I’m taking care of my soon-to-be-90-year old mother, and trying to keep my husband happy. I’m unemployed but the funny thing about that is that I’m working harder than I ever have before. I just don’t get paid…and I enjoy it ever-so-much more!
Now some fun questions for inquiring minds....

Some fun questions for the inquiring minds...

What did you want to be when you grew up?

As far back as I can remember, people told me I was going to be an artist. I just always assumed I would be. And maybe a writer. If, you count blog-writing, I’m both now.

Coke or Pepsi?

Most definitely COKE!

If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say?

Oh, that would change from day to day. Today, since I already said it, I’ll go with
“I’ll never have a second childhood because I refuse to leave the first one.”

What inspires you?

Inspires me in what way??? To be a hero? Very little. I don’t really believe in heroes, in the conventional sense. I believe everyone is a hero when they need to be. To do art? Everything. Shapes, lighting, texture. I’m always seeing things that I want to use in my work. 
To do housework? A big stick!!!!

What is the TOP thing to do on your "Bucket LIST"?

The only thing I have on my bucket list is to write a book. There’s nothing keeping me from it, but I just don’t do it. There’s something psychological going on there, LOL. 

If you could mold ANYTHING with Amazing Mold Putty, what would it be?

A printing plate for $10 bills? ‘Cause most people do $20s. Nah. It would be more work to print them than it was worth. If I could cast anything, it would be a life-size cast of a mastiff, in honor of my two late boys (mastiff boys). I know my husband would love that more than anything else in the world, so it would be a double pleasure.

What style of music gets your creative juices going?

I’m very eclectic in my musical tastes. For instance, some of my favorites are the version of Sympathy for the Devil by Jane's Addiction, La Lambada, Martha Triumphant (from Doctor Who), New Year’s Prayer, Waistband Dance, Hurt (Johnny Cash version), and anything from Porgy & Bess.

However, while music sometimes inspires me to draw, I have to turn the music off when I actually create. When I draw or write I find the piece has a rhythm that ebbs and flows. If the music doesn’t match the flow, it messes me up.

My hearing isn’t what it used to be, and one of my true sorrows is that I can’t enjoy music the way I used to.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this peek inside Sandra's world. You can see more of Sandra's AMAZING work at her blog, Life Imitates Doodles.


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