Tuesday, June 18

AMAZING One-of-a-Kind Altered Phone Case...
by Guest Designer Jess B.

I've seen many versions of people who bling out their phone cases – and suggesting all types of adhesives to tack down their rhinestones and embellishments. 

What better way to make sure they stick but with Amazing Clear Cast Resin???

I bought the phone case from Marshall's for $4.99.

I prepped the phone case by using rubbing alcohol to remove all debris.

As it dried I started creating a heart embellishment using a Amazing Casting ResinRed Alumilite Dye, a heart-shaped cookie cutter and clear box tape.

I prepared and mixed Amazing Casting Resin
according to the easy-to-follow instructions.

Then I added about 3 drops of Red Alumilite Dye to part "A" of the resin; stirred completely; then combined with part "B". After stirring both parts together, I poured the resin into the heart cookie cutter. For full instructions on mixing Amazing Casting Resin, please CLICK HERE.

The resin heart cures in about 15 minutes...

Love the red vibrancy !

Now to add some bling. I used Ranger's Glossy Accents
to adhere all the embellishments in place.

My daughter lost one of her earrings. So I just clipped off the post
and added it to the center of the heart... and BAM! Total cuteness!!!

I let it sit for a little while for all the adhesive to dry completely. Then I added blue painters tape around edge of the phone cover to protect the edges and to make a retaining wall for for the Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

I mixed up a batch of for the Amazing Clear Cast Resin following the instructions; stirring completely and giving the resin a few minutes to rest and let bubbles dissipate. Please CLICK HERE to view how-to on mixing and preparing Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

I poured the Amazing Clear Cast Resin, covered and let it cure for 24 hours. 

I also added glitter on the sides of the case for that extra glitz.

After all was done - I was so excited to snap on my new case... then come to realize it wasn't my size. Ugh! Another day in the life of Jess B. – LOL! It will make a great gift!

So go ahead... have fun and create
your own one-of-a-kind phone case!

To see more of my work, please CLICK HERE to visit my blog "thatzuneek".

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  1. Wow! You'll be turning heads when you use your fancy new phone in public!

  2. This is AMAZING! LOVE this! I think my 24 year old niece will also love one of these! Might have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, this is really amazing! so creative!

  4. Love It. I've Been Wanting To Do This Also. Great Inspiration. whoever you give it to will love it also.


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