Saturday, October 29

Dracula takes a Quick #Cre8time Bite of Halloween by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here with another Amazing Casting Products tutorial! This year I am going with a vampire food theme for Halloween treats and needed to decorate cupcakes in a fast and fun way. While it would have been okay to just put plastic vampire fangs on each cupcake, I wanted to make the fangs an edible candy treat!


I cleaned two child sized vampire fangs, with soap and water to prepare them for molding. I placed them on a black dinner plate so I had a smooth and contrasting surface to work on.

I mixed up some Amazing Mold Putty{CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}, and molded it around the front portions of the vampire fangs. I was careful to press the Mold Putty up against the fangs to make sure I got a good molding of the fangs.

Once the Mold Putty was cured I removed the plastic fangs. To close up the grove created by the gum portion of the vampire fangs I mixed up and pressed tiny little wads of Mold Putty into the open portion of the mold as seen in the above photo. By doing this I would be able to place melted candy into the molds with no worry of the candy leaking out the back of the fang mold.

To keep the molds upright I placed a small teacup plate inside the large dinner plate and placed the molds snug inside the dinner plate and against the teacup plate. This will keep the molds in place while the candy is piped into the molds.

Following the manufacturer instructions, I carefully melted the Wilton Candy Melts in a sandwich bag in the microwave. Once the candy was melted I snipped the end off a corner of the sandwich baggie and pipped the candy into the molds. 

**A TIP** Make sure the candy is completely cooled before removing from the mold to make sure you don't break off a fang. A quick trip in the refrigerator is a sure way to help your candy along!

I made up a batch of Red Velvet cupcakes, applied blue-grey tinted icing, dribbled some Wilton Blood Red Glitter Gel Icing and carefully placed a set of candy fangs on each cupcake.

I had so much fun making the candy fangs, I made more than I needed for the cupcakes – the extra fangs made a fun addition to cranberry cocktails! 

What amazing Halloween
crafts can you create?

Visit my blog Art Resurrected for more craft tutorials!

Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

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Mold and Shape your #Cre8time... Make it Artsy Episode 103 -- Layering

Hello Amazing Crafters!! Have you heard about Make It Artsy?? It's a brand new TV show for makers and crafters – featuring tips, techniques and projects for makers, crafters and artists... AND... in this week's episode you can see Joe Rotella mold and cast embellishments using Amazing Casting Products.

It's time for a new episode of Make It Artsy!

CLICK HERE to view this week's episode
Series 100, Episode 103 - Layering
Peel back the layers to discover more artistic possibilities. Mixed media maker Roxanne Coble alters postcards with blobs, patterns and drips. Collage artist Rebekah Meier sews circles to make mandalas. Tool expert, Joe Rotella, molds and casts accessories and embellishments. Crafter Kathy Cano-Murillo has a tip for layering scraps to make a new surface.

Bookmark or PIN the Make It Artsy Website

Make It Artsy launched on September 29th on Public Television stations across the country! Look for it on your local PBS channel. If you can't find it on your local programming, you can view Series 100, Episode 103 – Layering online from October 28 - November 4.

Make It Artsy is a new series that celebrates that maker spirit in everyone. From mixed-media to metalsmithing, using tools from saws to sewing machines, today's most creative "makers" join host Julie Fei Fan Balzer to unleash a new look for crafting with a touch of industrial style.

Amazing Casting Products by Alumilite Corp. is proud to be one of these fabulous group of companies partnering with Make it Artsy. Stay tuned for episodes with projects featuring some of our AMAZING products! Don't worry... we'll be posting here when each new episode is available so you can tune in.

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Thursday, October 27

Make a #Cre8time Statement for Halloween... "WereWolf Moon" pendant by Lyn Gill

Hello everyone! Lyn Gill here again and I've got a fun project just in time for Halloween! So enjoy that party in style and be the talk of the town... with a handmade resin and polymer pendant.

First I started by grabbing my Amazing Mold Putty Moon mold (an oldie but a goodie) and Wolf head molds. I prepared a batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin with Alumilite Dye and filled the Moon mold; and while I waited for resin to cure I used polymer clay for the Wolf head.

When both cured, I used silver metal leaf under the moon to make it really shine, then added a bit of brown acrylic paint to give a little definition. For the wolf I used various metal paints and patinas, then glued in some glass rhinestones for the eyes. I used some glue on style bales to attach it and bring it all together... ready to wear!

"WereWolf Moon" 

What a great result! This was such a fun project, perfect for Halloween! As a jewelry artist I'm always trying to mix it up a bit and combining elements is a must – combining these two molds was a natural.

What Halloween projects did you make?

Well, thank you all so much for stopping by today...
Till Next Time! Lyn

You can also find my work on my own blog LynzCraftz
or on YouTube LynzCraftz , or my Facebook page LynzCraftz.

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Monday, October 24

Amazing #Cre8time Discoveries... Designer Crafts Connection takes on Amazing Casting Products

Hello Amazing Crafters!! You may have noticed that last week we shared loads of projects all on the same day. It was not in error – it was with creative intention... to help you discover amazing things to mold and to share how you can transform anything you can imagine into your creations.

What would you create with Amazing Clear Cast Resin and a 3lb. kit of Amazing Mold Putty??! Amazing Casting Products by Alumilite Corp. has sponsored the latest challenge over at Designer Crafts Connection. You want to hop on over to the Designer Crafts Connection blog to see all the Amazing Creations and your chance to win the products pictured here! 

You know you want to WIN these... 
HURRY – this giveaway ends Wednesday, Oct. 26th.

The Designer Crafts Connection members received Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Clear Cast Resin, which they were sent on a Great Mold Putty Scavenger Hunt – using found objects to create their own resin project pieces to be used in their Cre8time adventures.

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Thursday, October 20

#Cre8time Dimensional Magic... "Be FREE" Canvas by Kristie Taylor

Hello all you lovely mold makers – Kristie Taylor here, with my first project as part of the Amazing Casting Products Creative Team! I want to show you a colorful piece I created using many of Amazing Casting Products goodies!

I started out with a bunch of things that I wanted to mold, so I could  reuse to the shapes for other projects. That's the great thing about these "amazing" products – you can mold shapes that you like... and reuse them as many times as you like! You can create things to use in your own art, as well as stuff for your friends to use!

Sometimes when I'm watching TV, I just sit and make molds of all the things that I have collected. So that means I have amassed quite a collection! 

Here is a photo of my amazing box of resin casts...

And here is a peek at some of my molds:

Yeah, I guess you could say that I might have a small addiction... LOL!

But that's ok, I don't need any rehab for this addiction! I mean just look at this beautiful project that I created with the help of Amazing Casting Products and Stencil Girl Stencils!

So let me show you how it's done. 


I started by coloring my canvas with Ranger Distress Crayons. I blended the colors with a baby wipe then placed my stencil over the wet background and wiped away color with the same baby wipe.

Next to spread some Golden absorbent ground onto the background...

then dry this all with a heat tool.

Next, I placed a Mary Nasser stencil down 
and colored it in with a distress crayon... 

then used a baby wipe to blend the color in.

Then I sprayed on some homemade spray paint, spritzed 
with water then tilted the canvas to allow the paint to move.

Dry this all with a heat tool. Now I'm ready to add some dimension!

The process to create a mold with Amazing Mold Putty is pretty easy {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. 


You just mix equal parts of part "A" and part "B" until the color is a solid color. 

This piece is going to be so AMAZING!


Now we need to make a some resin castings using Amazing Casting Resin. Just mix equal parts "A" and "B", pour together and stir slowly until one consistent color then pour into your mold. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

Work fast... because once Amazing Casting Resin is mixed – it sets quickly.


It's pretty cool to watch the magic happen... it never gets old! :)


Now, we can start layering on our castings combined with some chipboard and found objects. Just keep playing with the arrangement until you find something you like. 


What you have the arrangement you like glue it all down with gel medium. Once that is dry, paint all of those parts with black gesso. Dry this layer with your heat tool.

Mix up some paint combinations that you like – I used iridescent medium mixed with several different blues, as well as some iridescent Golden acrylics.

Paint all of the parts, in streaks of colors, but keeping them blendable. I also used my fingertips and a high glitter paint by Viva Decor to hit the higher areas. This gives them a highlight and makes them stand out some.

Now we just need to make the centerpiece. I wanted the butterfly to stand out from the rest and be center stage. So, as soon as I took it out of the mold, while it was still soft, I bent it and held it there until it hardened a bit more and fully cured. This gives it more dimension.

I painted it with a coat of Gesso.

Then followed with fluorescent pink paint – and while the paint was still wet, I sprinkled on some extra fine glitter. I adhered the butterfly in the center :)

Now, I still felt like it needed a little more. So I decided to add some extra thick Embossing powder. 


I started by painting embossing medium where I wanted it to go, then sprinkle on the embossing powder, tap off the excess and heat it with a heat tool to melt it.

And that's it... we are all done!

Thanks so much for dropping by! ~ Kristie

To see more of my work, please visit my blog, "The Scrapinater", 
over on my YouTube Channel or on Instagram.

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Today we are hopping along with the artists of the Designer Crafts Connection who has taken on the challenge of creating with Amazing Casting Products.

For this challenge, Amazing Casting Products provided each of the Designer Craft Connection designers with Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Clear Cast Resin. You want to pop over to the beginning of the bloghop HERE where you can enter to win what you see in the photo above... an Amazing Clear Cast Resin and a 3lb. kit of Amazing Mold Putty {which is 1 1/2 lbs of each part of this magical goodness}. An artist's dream PRIZE!!!

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