Friday, March 30

There are no "BAD" Eggs... Amazing Inspiration by Tracy Krueger

I'm baaaack! It's Tracy here and I'm going to share a couple of "bad" eggs... ideas that were in my mind, though didn't necessarily come to fruition. Believe me when I say, I will keep on trying these until they work out just how I want them – LOL!

My first egg was trying to get Amazing Casting Resin to look like a cracked egg. First I used Amazing Mold Rubber to mold a plastic egg. Then I mixed up equal parts of Amazing Casting Resin and gently poured it into the mold. As it was curing, I "rolled" the mold back and forth to get it to coat just the sides and bottom.

Even though it didn't quite turn out like I imagined – I wanted to decorate it somehow.  So I mixed up a couple of small batches of Amazing Clear Cast Resin colored them with blue and violet Alumilite Dye. I turned the faux cracked egg upside down and drizzled the resin over the egg.

After everything cured, it created an interesting piece.

My second and third try was to create a clear egg with swirls of color. I used the same egg mold that I created, mixed equal parts of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and poured it into the mold. I then mixed up a couple of smaller batches of Amazing Clear Cast again and colored them with blue and violet Alumilite Dye.

In one of the tries: I poured a little of the colored resin on the top and took a popsicle stick and gently swirled the color around (trying not to "mix" it up).

Since this didn't give me the effect I was going for... I gave it another try – this time I mixed up Amazing Clear Cast Resin, and only filled the mold 1/2 way. Then I added and swirled in the colored resin, then filled it up with more clear resin. It still didn't give me what I was looking for, but it is pretty.

I'll keep trying! Where there is a will, there is a way....

What kind of resin projects
are you working on?

Have fun creating! ~ Tracy

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Monday, March 26

#Cre8time Egg Decorating... AMAZING Easter Ornaments by Tracy Krueger

Hello, it's Tracy here! Being that Easter is right around the corner, I was trying to think of a quick and fun Egg decorating project. My kids are grown so we don't decorate real eggs anymore.

Then the simplest idea came to me! I have a mold that I had made out of a cut piece of brass (to make a Christmas ornament) and it has an Egg shape. I first mixed two equal parts of Amazing Casting Resin and poured it into my mold to give it a "egg base". I just love watching the Casting Resin cure... don't you :-)

After this base egg cured (I gave it about 15 minutes), I gathered three of my Alumilite Dyes that would be good for Easter – Blue, Purple and Yellow. I poured out very small equal portions of Amazing Casting Resin and squeezed out a tiny drop of each color into part "A" of the resin, then stirred color completely before adding part "B". CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

The first color I mixed up was the yellow, and poured
random lines on top of my white cured resin.

As the yellow was curing, I was thinking "there has to be a better way to have more control over the colored resin". Awhile back I bought a bunch of disposable pipettes, so after the yellow cured, I mixed up the blue dyed resin and used the pipette to draw where I wanted my colored resin to go. It worked beautifully! I just love how I got some green where the blue was over the yellow.

Now I just had purple left. I mixed it up and used another pipette to squeeze the purple where I wanted. As always I kept a spare mold around to pour the extra resin in.

Once I was done applying the three resin colors, I let the whole thing cure for a couple of hours to make sure everything was set totally.

I took it out of the mold and trimmed the back a little, then drilled a hole in the top. I grabbed my sari ribbons and cut a small piece of a greenish/blue colored one.

I really like how this turned out.
It has kind of a watercolor look about it.

Isn't it fun that you can mix up your Holidays and make decorations for both?! I had quite a few more ideas, but have had a hard time getting them to come to fruition. I'll be back soon to share a few of my bad EGGS. 

How are you decorating for Easter?

Have fun! ~ Tracy

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Friday, March 23

VIVA LA VIDA... #Cre8time Inspired by Frida Kahlo with Maria Soto

Hi there! Maria here with a project I've been wanting to share with everyone. I love the artist Frida Kahlo, and after looking up some of her many quotes, I was inspired to create with these in mind. 

I created this piece inpspired by a short but very strong phrase, "Viva la Vida" which means "Live Life". I feel that we need to embrace life, live to the fullest, try to overlook all the negativity we see around us and just scream these words out to remind ourselves that life matters, that we should do our best to make the most of it today, to leave the past behind us and live life now. 

During one of my many visits at Michaels, I purchased several wood pieces and these cute little frames already have a cute cut-outs on the corners. I noticed they also have a small frame that fits over them, so I also purchased several of those too.

I sketched an image of Frida, then took out my Walnut Hollow burning tool from and began to trace around the image.

I love burning images on wood. For this piece, I decided to add shading too. Whenever I draw or paint I have to add shading and details, though this is the first time I tried it on wood – and it will not be the last because I really loved how this turned out.

I used Plaid acrylic paints to add color to the piece, then I stamped the quote using black ink. As you can see the hair was left alone, as I didn't want to cover all the shading I had done. I used wood glue to put together the two pieces.

I used gold paint to paint the sides and the back of the finished frame.

Then I coiled some colored wire over a paintbrush, added some beads and wrapped it around the cut outs on the top corners. I also added beads to make her earring, and finished with some swarovski clear crystals. 

To finish off this piece I decided to add a layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. Not only would this resin give it a glass-like finish, but the colors would be brighter too.

I gathered these supplies in preparation: parchment paper, wipes, measuring cups, a mixing stick, and Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

Using Amazing Clear Cast Resin is pretty easy. First you measure out equal amounts of parts "A" and "B" {please CLICK HERE to view mixing instructions}. 


Add part "A" to part "B" and mix the resin slowly. When completely mixed, let it sit for a few minutes for the bubbles to go away. Now the resin is ready to apply to the piece. I gently spread a thin layer of resin around using the mixing stick.

She looks AMAZING and love it!

I think I will do a collection of "Frida" inspired frames like this one.

The photos don't do this piece justice at all –
photographing the clear resin is not easy. 

I hope you like my piece – please feel free to leave a comment.

A simple quote inspired me to create this piece...
What inspires you to create?

Thanks for visiting! I invite you to stop over to my blog, "What is Creativity"
 at to see more of my creations. ~ Maria Soto

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Thursday, March 22

#MixedMedia Easter EGG-spiration... by Michele Kosciolek

Hello fellow creatives! Michele here – with Easter right around the corner I have a little EGG-spiration for you today!!

I've decoupaged some craft eggs with tissue paper stamped with Viva Las VegaStamps!, then sprayed with Distress Sprays. Now, I have had these eggs for quite some time and have wanted to decorate them for Easter for just as long... I am so glad I finally did and took things one AWESOME step further!

I gave these eggs a coating of Amazing Clear Cast Resin – OMG – that was just what it needed to make these eggs POP!

Here they are!!

I decided to turn these into hanging eggs.

This one is hanging on May Arts silk ribbon
with a couple of hand blown glass beads.

This one is hanging on copper wire with
a couple of handmade Tibetan glass beads.

I love how these eggs shine and already have
them hanging with my Easter decorations!

How are you decorating for Easter??

Thanks for sharing part of you day with us!!!
Until next time... get creating!! Michele

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Monday, March 19

#Cre8time Transformations... Mixed-Media Easter Eggs with Lyn Gill

Hi everyone! Lyn here again this time with some Amazing Inspiration... Patina and Rust Easter Eggs!

These altered eggs were so fun and easy – created with some foil duct tape, texture paste and acrylic paints over plastic Easter Eggs with some Amazing Casting Resin embellishments.

What will you create using
and some plastic Easter Eggs?

Well that all for this now on the Amazing Casting Products blog – CLICK HERE to see more springtime inspiration.
Till Next Time! Lyn

You can find more of my work on my blog LynzCraftz
or on YouTube LynzCraftz, or my Facebook page LynzCraftz.

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Tuesday, March 6

How does your #Cre8time Garden Grow... Amazing Inspiration from Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Hello Everyone... Susan here sharing some amazing inspiration... an upcycled mixed media project full of sunshine using Amazing Casting Products!

This project is a compilation of bits of this and that on my craft room table inspired by some castings of a house created from an embroidery kit frame molded using Amazing Mold Putty. I had one of these in a baggy with some scraps of papers, embellishments and ribbon – seems like a perfect time to do some Cre8time SPRING cleaning!

I monoprinted a pattern onto a leftover section of muslin fabric using my Amazing No-Gelatin Rubber Plate impressed with large bubble wrap into the white paint to make a nice muted sky background. To this I add some stamped foilage and stencil sprayed sunrays, then begin layering my assortment of ephemera, trim, gems and dimensional items.

I cut a section of painted patterned paper to fit behind my cast resin house. Inside a cast resin domino with sticky back gems for window {molded in Amazing Mold Rubber cast in Amazing Casting Resin}, a mini metal bicycle charm, green burlap trim, and pen doodling make this house a home... topped off with a green gingham bow! With the addition of a pearled flower as a "sun"... this sunny garden scene is complete!

I hope you enjoyed this mixed-media garden I've created
from an assortment of leftovers in my Cre8time stash. 

What kind of garden would you create? 

Thanks for visiting. If you would like to see more of my creations,
please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here. ~ Susan

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Monday, March 5

WOODen it be #Cre8time Lovely... 3 Resin and Wood Projects by Cat Kerr

Hello Amazing Makers! What WOOD you do with Amazing Clear Cast Resin in your Cre8time?! Today mixed-media artist Cat Kerr shares a few easy ways to use resin in your craft projects combined with a variety of wood and natural items.

Sit back and enjoy viewing this video from Cat Kerr featuring "3 Resin and Wood Projects". We hope you are inspired to add a POP of Amazing Clear Cast Resin to your creations!

If you are having trouble viewing video, please click HERE.

Thank you so much for watching!! If you love these resin techniques and would like to learn more... please check out Cat Kerr's "3 Resin and Wire Project Ideas" video by clicking HERE.

What are you creating today
with wood and resin?

To see more of Cat's work, we encourage you to take time to visit or her blog and see what other amazing things she is up to.

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Thursday, March 1

A new Season for Molding and Making... #NationalCraftMonth

Hello Amazing Makers! Did you know that March is National Crafts month and the perfect time to try something new. What are you currently working on in your Cre8time?

Spring is just around the corner {for many of us} which brings a whole new season of projects using Amazing Casting Products. Just imagine what you could create for Saint Patrick's Day or Easter! Jewelry, embellishments, home decor... or DIY chocolates and fondant cake toppers?!!

Have you met Amazing Mold Putty?!

If you have never tried this magical yellow goodness... meet your new BFF and soon to be go-to Cre8time favorite – Amazing Mold Putty!!

Amazing Mold Putty is easy-to-use and one of the most versatile moldmaking products from Amazing Casting Products. Not only is it FOOD SAFE, but you can bake the molds up to 375º F – making it wonderful for detailed polymer clay pushmolds, making custom shaped crayons, candles and more! 

What will you mold today?

Share your amazing molds and makes with us on social media
using hashtag #AmazingCastingProducts.

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