Sunday, November 20

AMAZING Double Pouring!! By DeeDee Catron

Hey all!! DeeDee here!! Still so excited to be part of this team -- my mates have been showing you some AMAZING PIECES!!!! I'm so thrilled to see such fab work coming from these gals! and so RAPIDLY, too!!

Today I wanna share how I achieve a dual colored piece via double pouring...

Here is the item I decided to recreate (along with it's mold)! Mix equal parts Amazing Mold Putty parts "A" and "B", then form over piece and allow to harden... it is actually two pieces glued together.. but that seems like an extra step to me.. pouring two pieces then gluing them together... why not pour twice and be done? Well with this resin...  DONE! :D

After my mold is created.. I start by mixing equal parts "A" and "B" of the Amazing Casting Resin that will dry WHITE. There are quite a few ways to color your resin.. and two of my favorites are Alcohol Inks and shaved pastel.. Today I'm sharing the alcohol ink... easy peasy.. just put in a single drop of my ink and stir until there are no more swirls and a nice uniform translucent liquid is achieved. 

Then I pour slowly into my mold.. making sure that my pink resin
doesn't run over the edge into my 2nd color area.

Allow to harden ... usually 10 minutes is plenty... then I mix another batch of the Amazing Casting Resin - again equal parts "A" and "B".  No need to color this time (though you surely could!) and pour on top of the hardened piece!

After it's dry, demold and VIOLA!!! Here is the original.. my mold and my finished dual color piece with NO gluing! 

One other tip... I always have a couple of extra molds laying close by to dump "left over" resin... and some of the effects have SUPER neat!!

Hope you'll venture into coloring your resin and trying double and maybe even TRIPLE pours!!!

Over 'n out! ~ DeeDee


  1. AWESOME! Love the double pour!!!

  2. I need to try a double pour :) Great job.

  3. Oh gosh I've got to try that! Your pieces just look beautiful and I love cameos. Great tutorial too.

    Hugs XX


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