Thursday, July 31

It's a Tag! It's a Tangle! It's an AMAZING Mold Putty Piece by Sandra Strait

Hi, this is Sandra. I was invited to be a the guest designer at the Anything But a Card Challenges blog for their upcoming August challenge {which officially launches Sunday, August 3rd at 9am EST}, and I'm here to share the project I created. This is a little sneak peek!

It's a Tag! It's a Tangle! It's an Amazing Mold Putty Piece!
Yes! It's all those things and more!

The theme for the Anything But a Card Challenges August Challenge will be "REPEATING Motifs" a.k.a. PATTERNS.

For my challenge piece, I glued string to a manila tag, using the Zentangle® pattern Hibred. Of course, this is also a pattern of great antiquity that you may have seen decorating walls or used in quilting or gourd painting. But the Zentangle pattern breaks it down into nice, easy steps so anyone can draw it. The steps worked well for my tag. Instead of drawing a line, I just glued down a piece of string.

Once I had my tag complete, I created a mold with Amazing Mold Putty {please CLICK HERE for mixing/preparation}.

The casting was a bit of an experiment. I poured Amazing Casting Resin into the deepest parts first {please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.

Then I laid down three kinds of paper scraps
(repeating each type, so they became a pattern as well).

Then I poured a second batch of Amazing Casting Resin, and used a popsicle stick to keep the paper as flat as possible. Of course, some of the resin leaked around the paper, but that means every time I do this, I'll get a unique piece of art.

I pulled my piece from the mold as soon as the Amazing Casting Resin was solid so I could trim off bits that stuck out. I could also easily add a few more holes to increase the 'lace' look.

At this point, the tag made me think of Christmas Trees. I thought of painting it that way, but the theme for this challenge is "Repeating Motifs" and I wanted to bring the pattern out a little more.

So I tinted the lines of the Hibred pattern, and called it a day.

The piece is kinda neat. When it's lying on a desk or paper, it looks frosty and lacy. When you hold it up to the light, it turns luminescent, and the embedded paper casts interesting shadows and colors. I still have the original tag, which I had glued to foam core, so I can use it as stamp and for gelli plate printing. What AMAZING possibilities!

I urge you to visit the Anything But a Card Challenges blog. The August challenge will be up soon... and since you already know the theme – you can start your project now. Please do not share it before the new challenge starts {challenge officially begins this upcoming Sunday, August 3rd at 9am EST}! Remember, it can be ANYTHING -- but a card!

For more of my work in Amazing Mold Putty, zentangle-inspired art, and daily links to tangles, tutorials, and giveaways please visit my "Life Imitates Doodles" blog.
What have you made during
your Cre8time lately???

Join us each Monday for Mold Rubber Mondays – where we will share projects and inspiration using this fabulous product available at Amazing Crafting Products!

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Wednesday, July 30

AMAZING #Cre8time TIPS... Secret to Getting Resin OFF Your Work Space by Tanya Ruffin

First off when using resin you should ALWAYS have your work space covered with a Teflon sheet {aka non-stick craft mat}. I have a large sheet that I ordered from Amazon to cover the bottom of an oven. Who says you have to buy the one that say CRAFT?

It never fails, in the middle of a resin project you get a spill on your Teflon sheet. Yes, when it dries it will peel right up... but what if you are using Amazing Clear Cast Resin and it takes 24 hours to set? I can't just avoid that section of my work space....

So you are using your Amazing Clear Cast Resin
or Amazing Casting Resin and Oops... a spill...

Tada!! Enter BABY OIL!

Simply squirt an ample amount on a paper towel and wipe it off.

If it is a huge spill, you may want to squirt some directly on the resin spill and let set about 5-10 minutes. This works for Part "A" and Part "B" individually, or after they are mixed. If you have some harder to clean areas or it is a glob, you can use your craft knife to scrape it up.

This is about 10 minutes later, it is completely free of an uncured resin spill.

It also works well on your hands!

Until Next Time... ~ Tanya

Tanya Ruffin with Create Studios

Please visit my site to see more of my inspiring creations at

Tanya for Amazing Mold Putty

Create Studios Baton Rouge

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Tuesday, July 29

Featured Fan Day... Meet the AMAZING Amber Spiegel of SweetAmbs!!!

Greetings Amazing Crafters! Today we are so excited to celebrate another one of our AMAZINGly Creative Fans!!! Announcing Amber Spiegel – proud fan of Amazing Crafting Products who came to our attention from a share on our Facebook page!!!

Today's featured fan is bakes up
AMAZING and beautifully embellished
cookies... almost too pretty to eat!

We hope you enjoy the work of Amber Spiegel aka SweetAmbs!

Fondant Cameos with Amazing Mold Putty

"A fondant decoration is a simple way to dress up your cookies and cakes. I made my own mold using Amazing Mold Putty to make this black and white cameo; then applied to a cookie covered in royal icing {CLICK HERE to read more}."
You also see more of Amber's work on the SweetAmbs Website... or on the SweetAmbs Facebook page HERE. You will need a glass of milk to go with all of the AMAZING confections Amber creates and shares for the world to see.

What have you made with
Amazing Crafting Products?

This is your chance to have your work showcased here... whatever you have created using Amazing Crafting Products. We WANT to FEATURE YOU – our AMAZING Fans and showcase your creations using Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Mold Rubber, Amazing Casting Resin or Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

If you want to be one of our "Featured Fans" – please send us your BEST photo of a project made using Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Mold RubberAmazing Casting Resin or Amazing Clear Cast Resin to { amazingcrafting at yahoo dot com }:

Please include one AMAZING photo {and a detail if needed}, your info, blog link and a brief paragraph explanation – even give a shout out to where you buy your Amazing Crafting Products, too! Get your submissions in ASAP so you can be featured on our next Featured Fan Day!!! 

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Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day! :) Sb

Monday, July 28

Taking a #Cre8time Nature Walk with Tracy Alden for Mold Rubber Monday

Hello! Tracy here with another Amazing Crafting Products tutorial! Often when I take walks, I pick up interesting rocks, twigs and bark to bring home as inspiration for my artwork. The textures, colors and detail always keeps my mind whirling. On my most recent walk I picked up a random collection of wood bits. Their odd shapes and sizes had me thinking of an elaborate necklace fit for a woodland spirit. Being that these pieces were brittle and crumbling, I needed a way to capture the look I had in mind while making it stable enough to wear. This is where Amazing Crafting Products came to the creative rescue! 


I cleaned up and sanded my collection of random wood bits.
I was careful to remove any sharp edges and loose dirt.

I sealed all of the pieces with two coasts of Liquitex Gloss Varnish. This not only prevented the curing Amazing Mold Rubber from soaking into the wood but gave the wood a satin finish that the Mold Rubber captured.

I had deli sandwich container that I cut in half and used the bottom portion as mold box. I carefully arranged the wood pieces in the box but did NOT glue them in place. The pieces of wood were so irregular in shape it would be impossible to try to affix them to the mold box. Carefully following the instructions {CLICK HERE to view}, I mixed up the Amazing Mold Rubber and slowly poured a very thin layer of Mold Rubber around the wood pieces. This way the Mold rubber would act as glue to fix the wood pieces in place. I let that layer cure completely. 

**A quick Mold Rubber tip!** If you have a Swamp Cooler in your house, place the curing Mold Rubber under a vent. The humidity will help it cure faster!

With my second layer of Mold Rubber, I used some cut up pieces of already cured Mold Rubber as fill so I didn't have to use as much new Mold Rubber, as I did in this Blog Post. I let that layer cure completely – then poured a final third layer of Amazing Mold Rubber making sure to cover all of the wood pieces and let cure.

I carefully removed the mold from the deli container and flipped over the mold. You can see the wood pieces are very close to the surface, with only a thin layer of Amazing Mold Rubber between them.

Using a craft knife I cut slits in the Amazing Mold Rubber to remove the wood pieces. After I have extracted all of the pieces I cut and trimmed the Mold Rubber back just a bit to leave room to pour resin easily into the molds.

I used a soft bristle brush to dust the inside of a molds with Alumilite Metallic Powders (Copper, Gold and Pearlescent). I then mixed up some Amazing Casting Resin, tinting the resin with Black Alumilite Dye and carefully poured it into the molds. Once cured I removed the resin casts from the mold. As you can see in this photo the Amazing Mold Rubber captured every little crack and twist to the wood pieces.

Using a small hand drill, I drilled holes and sanded any edges of the resin pieces, now making them into beads for the planned necklace.

I mixed black acrylic paint with some water to make a color wash and applied it with a paint brush to the resin pieces. I used a paper towel to remove the excess. I painted on some Liquitex Gloss Varnish and applied more metallic powders – Alumidust in Copper, Gold, Pearl, Rust, Red Plum and Orange. I sealed them with even more Liquitex Gloss Varnish to give it a nice shine.

Depending on how I drill holes through the resin pieces, I threaded them onto jewelry eyepins, jumprings or jewelry wire. With each piece having a different connecting element it created a free-form ascetic that accented the shapes of the resin pieces.

I connected the resin pieces together with more jumprings and gold tone chain. In this photo I opened up a jumpring with the flat nose pliers and put the jumpring through one of the leaf beads and a portion of chain attached to a resin link. I added more leaf beads, linked all of the resin pieces together and added a jewelry clasp at the end to finish off the necklace.

With found bits of branches, bark and wood I was able to create a one-of-a-kind necklace! I wonder what other wonderful found objects might be molded?

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create?

Please share them on the user GALLERY on the Amazing Mold Putty Website! 

Visit my blog Art Resurrected for more craft tutorials!
Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy
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Thursday, July 24

#Cre8time Adventures with a Bird and Mod Podge... by Brenda Burfeind

Hello crafters! Brenda here again to show you what happens
when you experiment while playing with a few products... 

I started out with some Creative Paperclay® and a wood tile. 

Cutting around the wooden tile, I carfefully cut the Creative Paperclay® into a tile shape. Although it's an air dry clay, I baked it for about half and hour – turning it every 7 minutes of so to get a nice even bake. I use a small toaster oven to bake all my clay and never use it for anything else. 

I still had a little bit of this gorgeous Decopatch paper left over from my April Frog Dog Studio Kit and decided to "muddy" it up a bit using some alcohol inks. 

I also used some Alumilte Silver Metallic Powder and
Alumidust in Orange and created a spray mist.

Here is what the tile looks like after Mod-Podging the paper to it. 

You can still see some of the original paper, but I did want just a hint of the details. Once I got the color I wanted I Mod-Podged the paper to the tile and sanded around the edges. Then I took my orange ink pad and ran that around the edges to give it almost a burnt look.

Now, I mixed up the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and painted it over my tile. Then I mixed a bit of the Alumilite Blue Dye into the remaining clear cast resin and puddled it around the top of my tile and "blew" it with my heat gun. It gave it some interesting detail. I sprinkled some orange glitter in the blue area just for bling. 

I used up the rest of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin with the Alumilite Blue Dye to cast my bird of paradise {also from the April Frog Dog Studio kit}, that I created a mold of using my Amazing Mold Putty. Actually, if you missed that post, you can see it here.

After she was set up, I demolded her and glued her to my tile.

I added a pop tab to the back of my tile as my hanger and now I have a very unique tile to hand in my bathroom just because that color palette will work there very well. 

I just love experimenting; sometimes it's a fail, but most mostly I have success. Now I love my tile and the uniqueness it holds. I doubt I'll ever be able to recreate this, but it was fun making it. Thank you for stopping by today and I hope I've inspired you to do some experimenting.

 I hope you will join me over at my blog and until next time, happy experimenting!

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Wednesday, July 23

#Cre8time Painting with Pearls...
AMAZING Inspiration by Lynne Suprock

Lynne Suprock here again to share some inspiration... painting Amazing Crafting Products molds and castings with Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments {or Alumilite Metallic Powders and Alumidust}!

I must admit, I am not a painter. It is something that I want to do better – but have not had the opportunity to work at much to mark improvement. However, I do love painting my Amazing Mold Putty impressions with Pearl Ex because it gives instant gratification to this wannabe painter! It is as foolproof as using a coloring book, and coloring in the lines. Ahhh! Gorgeous success.

Here are some of my pieces that were easy to "color" and fill with resin and which make a pretty bracelet. A bit more color with metal paste was also added to make things pop! 

Happy Crafting! 

Please visit my blog "Simply Pretty Stuff" to see more of my creations. Lynne
CLICK HERE to view my upcoming workshop schedule where you can join me in person.
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Tuesday, July 22

Christmas #Cre8time and #MoldMaking in July!!! AMAZING Inspiration from Maria Soto

Hi there, this is Maria and today I bring you a post about crafting on the go. I like to craft when I get inspired – so I try to always carry a pocket size sketchbook, to doodle ideas that come to mind when I'm at work... or anywhere else. Sometimes I go a bit further and carry some crafty products with me, and Amazing Mold Putty is an easy product to use anywhere you go. 

I do like to recycle – sometimes not only using recycled items into my projects, but also for storage, too! For instance, when I open up a new stamp or stickers and they come in those little mylar bags... I keep them – just in case I need to store something else in them.

I've read some posts on Facebook about Christmas in July, and this has got me into the holiday spirit. I do have some holiday ornaments at work that I like to display during Christmas and Halloween – so I decided it was time to bring some Amazing Mold Putty with me to work. I have this cute Santa face I made many, many years ago out of polymer clay. I really liked how he came out – so I thought why not make a mold of him so later on I can start making some; and paint them all different to use them as family ornaments and give as gifts this Christmas.

So today's post is simple – just to show you how easy it is to carry small amounts of Amazing Mold Putty on the road with you... to make that one mold you just have to have when creativity strikes. 

I took two equal amounts of Amazing Mold Putty and placed them in this little recycled packing envelope. This just happened to have two separate sections which is perfect to carry the mold putty in. Once I got to the office and it was time for lunch, I brought out my little crafty package.

I took out the Amazing Mold Putty, and made balls out of the equal amounts of parts "A" and "B". Then I mixed the two parts completely until there is no visable swirls; making sure there is no white showing for it to work like it's supposed to. Once the putty was mixed, I took the polymer clay Santa head and pressed it into the Amazing Mold Putty. Please CLICK HERE to view mixing instructions.

I left to get my lunch. When I got back about 10 minutes later and I decided to just leave it alone and wait until my lunch was done. I knew it was all ready, and letting it sit longer would not cause any problems to the mold.

Once I finished my lunch, I removed my Santa head. There it was a perfect mold! Look at all the details captured by the mold putty... this is an amazing product, it really is. It really only took me about 5 minutes to mix the amazing mold putty; place the Santa head into the putty and wait about 10 more minutes for my mold was done. Now this is what I call fast crafting on the road! I don't get to go out much... but after this project I like to carry Amazing Mold Putty with me – because you just never know what you might find out there that might make a great mold.

Here is my mold all done... and it only took about 10 minutes.
Look at all the detail captured in the mold! 

Once we get a bit closer to Christmas, I will go ahead and make my new Santa ornaments to share with the family. So keep a look out for my post when these are done – I will share with you what I create with this fun mold.

I can't wait to get started making these
new Santa ornaments to give away! 

I hope I have inspired you to be ready for those moments when ideas come... and you won't have to wish you had your molding products with you – because you DO have them with you!

Please share what you make with Amazing Crafting ProductsWe are featuring our fan's photos right here on the Amazing Crafting Products Blog every Friday in July – so make sure to join us and have fun creating!!!!

Thanks for visiting! I invite you to stop over to my blog "What is Creativity"
at to see more of my creations. Maria Soto

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