Tuesday, August 25

Have an AMAZING Game Night! #DIY Sequence Game Board by Bridget Cordero

I'm destined to be a winner if only at this game. Hi everyone, this game board I have created has been so much fun in our household for a couple years now. Whether you play 2 players or teams your sure to have lots of game nights. It's easy to make, with only a few supplies and Amazing Clear Cast Resin for use as a protective layer as a sealing top coat.


First you will need a deck of cards, scissors or a square punch (I am using my Creative Memories punch) or some kind of cutter to cut the corners of the cards. I cut off both corners of the playing cards. Fortunately, I had a piece of hard board from an old entertainment (it is the piece that goes on the back of the stand so it is very thin perfect for a game board). I knew one day I would use this board. But you can purchase hardboard from a lumber store. I prefer hardboard because it does not warp. In the picture on the right I am preparing the board with some black acrylic paint. You can paint your background any color or just leave it the natural wood color. 

Once the board is dried you want to arrange your corner pieces and glue them down. Making sure you glue from corner to corner of each card piece. 


Once all the pieces are in place and the glue is dried, mix up your Amazing Clear Cast Resin and pour it on the board evenly {CLICK HERE for mixing/preparation}. The first time around I did not tape the sides so I had a lot of spillage over the edge. The picture to the right shows how I used metal tape around the edges to add a second coat.

Once cured you are ready to play! Grab two decks of cards and shuffle, along with some poker chips in two different colors. Deal 7 cards to each player and try to build 5 in a row. Two lines wins the game. 

For more details and to learn how to play the game,
please CLICK HERE to watch the video. Enjoy! :)

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