Thursday, December 7

Trimming the #Cre8time Tree... by Michele Kosciolek

Hello fellow creatives! Michele here today and I am super exciting to be sharing with you today, my very first project as an Amazing Casting Products Creative Team member!!! Today I am sharing a quick Christmas ornament I made to use as a gift topper.

I started by creating a shape to mold using some various wood pieces.

Then I used Amazing Mold Putty to mold my wood piece. I sprayed a tiny bit of Mold Release Spray just to be sure the wood wouldn't stick. Follow the package directions for the amount of time to let the putty cure {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.

Look how great that piece molded!!!

Next I brushed bronze Alumilite Metallic Powder in the numbers and antlers.

I mixed some Amazing Clear Cast Resin according to the package directions and poured in the mold {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. It is always a good idea to have other molds handy in case you have any resin let so it doesn't go to waste!!!

A bit more package directions to follow for cure time and viola!!! Look how great it looks popped right out of the mold.

I used my Crop-o-Dile to punch a hole for a bit of sparkly ribbon to hang the ornament from... easy peasy!!

Oh my I just love holiday creating and boy oh boy these Amazing Casting Products make it so easy!!!

This will be perfect from package to tree.

And that metallic bronze is gorgeous!

Thanks so much for taking a peak at my first post!
I look forward to sharing so much more inspiration with you!!!

What kind of handmade
ornaments are you making?

Until next time... ~ Michele

For more projects and inspiration please visit my blog "Stuff by Belle"
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Monday, December 4

Three #Cre8time cheers for #CarveDecember... Amazing Inspiration by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Hello everyone! Susan here with an AMAZING idea using Amazing Mold Rubber. I have been waiting all year to test out this idea and to share for "Carve December 2017" – a month long celebration online dedicated to 31 days of hand carved stamps using #CarveDecember dreamt up by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer author of "Carve Stamp Play".

I ruined several of my mold putty molds back last December filling them with mold rubber with the intention of using them as stamps... I  FORGOT to use a MOLD RELEASE – so I have several wonky looking yellow/pink paper weights. Inspired from watching all the amazing creative hand-carved stamps, I put these rubber blobs aside and saved them for trials with stamp carving.

So CarveDecember is 4 days in and I am dying to carve something and today's test is on the backside of one of my molds! HERE we go!

All I need is a mold with a pristine flat backside or a slab poured from Amazing Mold Rubber, a Speedball stamp carving tool, a scrap of paper and an ink pad! For my first carve I used a small rectangle of the speedball carving rubber. It's a bit stiff and will require some practice to get the hang of detailed carving. I did this to see how carving the mold rubber compared to the traditional carving media.

The mold rubber is much softer and more pliable in comparison, and doesn't require as much pressure to carve into. I have loads of molds piled up with blank canvases for carving {or for fun monoprinting shapes}. This mold is about 2 1/2" in diameter. I have divided this into a quad and I have carved two designs so far – a wonky mosaic and a curved design sort of like a rainbow. 

What are you carving for Carve December?

Happy carving!!! Stay tuned... I will try carving
one out of Amazing Mold Putty in a few days!

Thanks for visiting. If you would like to see more of my creations,
please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here. ~ Susan

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Some Amazing News...

Hello Amazing Makers! It's a new month and we have some Amazing news to announce! Please give a warm welcome to some new additions to the Amazing Casting Products Creative Team. Each of these ladies are wonderful mixed media artists in their own rights and share our love for mold-making and casting.

Our Creative Team Leader Susan had the pleasure of spending meeting these ladies at an art retreat in Pennsylvania over the Labor Day weekend. It was a lot of fun to see what was found to mold/cast while antiquing – followed with a good old fashioned mold making marathon.

Please take some time to get to know these fabulous artists and show them some love. You can CLICK each of their names to visit their blogs/websites. We look forward to seeing what they create... prepare to be AMAZED and INSPIRED!!!

Born and raised in south east Michigan, I lived in Los Angeles for 15+ years but am back home for the last 10+ years.  I LOVE creating!  With paper, paint, resin...all of it! I am happiest when I am being creative! I am inspired by many things: architecture, nature, other artists and especially my nieces.  I look forward to inspiring others!!!

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Although creating is a passion of Tracy's, her full-time job is working in Merchandising for the Direct Selling company Thirty-One Gifts in their corporate office (in Merchandising for a National Direct Selling Company in their corporate office). 

She is a lifetime resident of Columbus, Ohio with her husband, two adult daughters, four dogs and two cats. She started with scrapbooking about 20 years ago which has morphed into mixed media, fabric, collage, painting and some assemblage. She is always up for learning new art processes and techniques. In her spare time when she isn't working or creating, she loves to go antiquing and go to the movies.  

On Facebook: Tracy Albrechtson Krueger
On Instagram: @tgkrueger

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Please give a warm welcome to our new AMAZING Creatives! Don't forget to follow our blog via email, bloglovin' or via networked blogs in the sidebar at the right so you don't miss a single post. Have a fantastic day! :) Sb

Are you creative and love using

We are looking for creatives of all types, skill level and all areas of discipline! If you have the ability to take amazing photos of your projects sharing your love for Amazing Casting Products – you could be a "Guest Designer". This includes food arts, cosplay, jewelry, polymer clay, miniatures, dollmaking, mixed-media... or whatever unique spin you have on creating using Amazing Casting Products. Email inquires to amazingcrafting at yahoo dot com and we'd love to have you be featured as one of our "Guest Designers".

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Thursday, November 30

#Cre8time Transformations... Lizard Pin/Brooch REDUX by Lyn Gill

Hi everyone! Lyn here again with a fun Lizard Fall brooch/pin project for you that's full of sparkle. I originally created this pin years ago – back when Southwest design was all the rage... so the 80s...LOL! The last time I wore it the back leg broke off. 

Now it's only made of Shrink Plastic so it's not very thick, it's kinda curved, and very textured. I've glued the leg back, but it may break off again. I decided I need to make a mold of it – so out comes the Amazing Mold Putty! It's perfect for getting the detail and I can add some depth to the pin at the same time. 

After mixing up equal portions of the 2-part Amazing Mold Putty, I pressed it out on my glass desktop to a pretty thin layer (1/4" or so), then I "rocked" the pin back a forth so that the whole pin made contact with the putty. I did it this way because I wanted the mold to be level and flat. I let this cure (it only takes 10-20 minutes). CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

Now for the resin! Here I used Amazing Casting Resin with a drop of Alumilite Dye in Brown so the final colors would really pop (CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation). I always have molds on stand-by to fill with "left-over" resin when I mix more than needed. I set aside to cure (again 10-20 minutes depending on the weather).

It worked! The finished Amazing Casting Resin Lizard is still thin but thick enough to be rigid. So it shouldn't snap like the original did.

I glued a pin back to the back with a bit of E-6000® and let that cure for at least 30 minutes – but I let it set an hour just to be sure.

Now comes the FUN part! Using some Metallic Acrylic Paints, I "dry-brushed" the pieces starting with Gold, then Bronze and then Copper (you could use any colors). The paint dries really quick so in just a few minutes, you're ready for the next step... Rhinestones! Yep, Rhinestones!!! I have some of them in several sizes and colors. So I chose some Clear Aurora Boreallis – these reflect the colors perfectly (again, you could use any color). A bit of Black Acrylic Paint for the eyes and my fun, sparkly Fall rhinestone lizard brooch is done!

This would make a great gift for the Holidays!
So glad I didn't throw that little pin away when it broke... LOL.

What broken object could you mold
then cast in Amazing Casting Resin?

Well that's all for now... Till Next Time! Lyn

As usual, you can find more of my work on my blog LynzCraftz
or on YouTube LynzCraftz, or my Facebook page LynzCraftz.

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Monday, November 27

A Key to #Cre8time... DIY Key Holder by Brenda Burfeind

Good day all! Brenda here from Creativity is a State of Mind and today I'm hoping to inspire you to make your own skeleton key holder.

My inspiration comes from a key holder our son made when he was in middle school many, many years ago... and we've used it ever since. While this has worked for us for many years – it never hung straight depending on how many keys we had. I honestly don't even know what all these keys are for. Maybe I'll make something with all the extras – LOL! 

Last week my hubby said, "we should get a new one and give the old key holder to our son since he owns his own home now. I'll put a new hanger on the back before I give it to him (or maybe not)". But that's when inspiration started to form in my creative head!

At the time, I was actually in the middle of pouring some molds for another project. Whenever I am pouring molds, I usually mix more resin than I need, so I'll pull out some extra molds out to use up any remaining resin (you can see mixing instructions here). I started with these molds made from some vintage skeleton keys I own. You can view a YouTube video HERE to see how to create your own molds using Amazing Mold Putty

This batch of keys cast with Amazing Casting Resin and Alumilite Dyes are not exactly skeleton key colors, but...

with acrylic paint anything can be transformed!

I also used a little bit of the copper Alumidust just by simply putting my finger in the jar and rubbing it all over the keys. Voila!

I used E6000® to glue the faux resin skeleton keys in the shape of a "K" onto a reclaimed wood board painted with black acrylic paint. I used picture hangers as the hooks for the real keys and distressed them with some of the black acrylic paint mixed with a little bit of copper Alumidust

I sprayed a couple of coats of clear acrylic over the entire board to seal it and give the resin skeleton keys a little shine. This also helps the acrylic paint stay on the hooks. 

After that was dried my Silhouette Cameo came in handy to cut out the "eys" in a copper colored vinyl, then transferred them to the "K" made with my resin skeleton keys.

Now we have a new key holder and my son
can now enjoy the one he made in middle school.

I hope I've inspired you to make something useful
for your home and I hope to see you again soon!

Until next time, Happy Crafting! ~ Brenda

I invite you to stop over to my blog,
to see all that I've been making. 

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Thursday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving... and a little #Cre8time Surprise!

Hello Amazing Makers! Today we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving... one that's filled with love and laughter with family and friends - and of course, wonderful eats! :)


We have a special coupon for you to shop on the website for Friday, November 24, 2017! Grab gifts for your favorite maker, stock up on your favorite Amazing Casting Products or treat yourself to some fun new mixed-media goodness...

Please use coupon code TAKE15OFF at checkout.
ALSO enjoy $7.50 flat rate shipping!

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Friday, November 10

#Cre8time Transformations... 5 Easy Resin Paper Project Ideas with Cat Kerr

Hello Amazing Makers! Are you up to your ears in your collection of papers? Join mixed-media artist Cat Kerr for some Cre8time play with Amazing Clear Cast Resin and PAPER.

Grab yourself a cuppa and sit back and enjoy these

If you are having trouble viewing video, please click HERE.

Thank you so much for watching!! If you love these resin techniques and would like to learn more... please check out Cat Kerr's "3 Resin and Wire Project Ideas" video by clicking HERE.

What would you create with resin
and your stash of paper?

To see more of Cat's work, we encourage you to take time to visit or her blog and see what other amazing things she is up to.

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Wednesday, October 25

#Cre8time Eyes are Slimy... SpOoKy Altered Jar by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Hello AMAZING Makers!! Halloween is right around the corner and my Cre8time broom is charged up and racing about! Today I'm thrilled to share this brand new SpOoKtacular Halloween project created with stuff I have around the house {crafty stuff included}.

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week! For me it's recycling day and I am always inspired as to what I may find in my recycling bin to use in my Cre8time adventures. Today I am altering a jar using Amazing Casting ProductsEtchall® Etching Creme and a few things from my crafty stash...

...transforming this salsa jar into a spooky jar containing "Eyes of Newt"!

I begin by soaking the label off of the bottle and using some rubbing alcohol to clear off any residual glue and stamped information on the glass and I am ready to get to work CREEPin' it up! 

But before I move ahead with etching glass – I mix up some Amazing Clear Cast Resin with some Fluorescent Green Dye and Phosphorescent Powder {the same batch from my poison apples}, then pour a little in the bottom of the jar and set aside overnight to cure.


Next I create the words on my computer to cut vinyl on my Cricut Expression Air. I have created a mask to etch "eye of newt" onto the glass Etchall® Etching Créme. The process is easy, though there is more prep work involved to make the etched magic... please CLICK HERE to pop over and see tutorial on just the etching.

The combination of the etched letters and the Green Glowing Resin look so SpOoKy... but I'm going to CREEP it up MORE!

Using Amazing Mold Putty I quickly created a mold of a piece of bleached bone that has a bit of a curve to it and an old broken faucet handle. I then cast 4 pieces of bone and one handle with Amazing Casting Resin to give me some pieces to embellish the lid of my recycled jar. This resin cures a lovely opaque white and in about 10-15 minutes I have resin pieces ready to alter.

With my resin pieces ready... I add a patina finish to the jar lid and resin pieces with Ranger Adirondack alcohol inks {gold and pitch black}, then rubbing the high points with a gold paste wax. In less than 10 minutes all of my white resin castings and metal recycled bits are all wearing the same grungy patina! FINGERS TOO – LOL!!

Now for the super SLIMY finishing touch... 

**BEWARE** The following is how I made my slimy "eyes of newt". I used a food product BUT THE WAY I HAVE DONE THIS makes it NOT SAFE TO EAT -- FOR DISPLAY ONLY. You are going to want to only prepare/use this when you're going to have this on display for a party {because it will mold... it gets real gross, pretty fast}. I soaked some Chia seeds in water. When Chia seeds are soaked in liquid they swell up sort of like a tapioca, but not so large and they have little black thingy in the middle that looks like an eye. I happened to have some in my pantry for use in smoothies! PERFECT! I added a bit of my fluorescent Green Alumilite resin die and Alumilite Phosphorescent powder with some rubbing alcohol to this to add additional spooky glow. I will say the combination of the water soaked seeds made it hard for the dye and powder to dissolve and sort of negated the glowy-ness. Next time I will just add some green food coloring. I may go back and add more glowing resin to the jar for next time.

To complete the top of the lid... I have combined the handmade cast resin pieces from some found objects, some wire, bead findings and a recycled mini perfume bottle {which also has a bit of glowing resin inside}. I used some wire to wrap the ends of each resin bone together with a wire wrapped bead between, then twisted wire snugly to secure around edge of jar lid. The top of the jar is layered with the recycled perfume bottle atop of the resin cast faucet handle. 

The completed jar is just so SpOoKy cool!!

The jar looks so amazing by itself, though I have a few other oddities to cluster with this gruesome collection of eyes. The faux slimy eyes will only last a day or two, so I will discard the "eyes" and rise out the jar... and the FOOD SAFE glowing green resin goodness in the bottom will remain – ready and waiting for next Halloween.

What items would you mold and cast
to embellish your Altered Art?

Thanks for visiting! If you would like to see more of my creations,
please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here. ~ Susan

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