Thursday, March 22

#MixedMedia Easter EGG-spiration... by Michele Kosciolek

Hello fellow creatives! Michele here – with Easter right around the corner I have a little EGG-spiration for you today!!

I've decoupaged some craft eggs with tissue paper stamped with Viva Las VegaStamps!, then sprayed with Distress Sprays. Now, I have had these eggs for quite some time and have wanted to decorate them for Easter for just as long... I am so glad I finally did and took things one AWESOME step further!

I gave these eggs a coating of Amazing Clear Cast Resin – OMG – that was just what it needed to make these eggs POP!

Here they are!!

I decided to turn these into hanging eggs.

This one is hanging on May Arts silk ribbon
with a couple of hand blown glass beads.

This one is hanging on copper wire with
a couple of handmade Tibetan glass beads.

I love how these eggs shine and already have
them hanging with my Easter decorations!

How are you decorating for Easter??

Thanks for sharing part of you day with us!!!
Until next time... get creating!! Michele

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Tuesday, March 20

Molding #Cre8time Dreams... by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Hello everyone! Susan here to inspire you to experiment with one of my favorite things... Amazing Mold Putty! This magic yellow putty has changed my Cre8time life. This creation just makes me smile! Only about 4" x 5", but I'm so happy how a couple molded vintage pieces have come to life.

Amazing Mold Putty is hands down my favorite tool in my crafty stash. It's quite addictive and I find myself using it in most of my creations... cards, jewelry, food projects and dimensional whimsies – bringing things to life that are totally custom and uniquely me!

Where to begin... what do I mold??! Anything and E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!!  With a handful size of each part of this AMAZING yellow stuff I made these 13 molds in minutes {CLICK HERE to view how quick and easy this is}!!! I pressed Amazing Mold Putty onto bottle bottoms, watch keys, broken jewelry, vintage buttons and a plastic toy flamingo. These items are now ready for my imagination to bring them to life in 3D. I can use these molds for anything from polymer clay to chocolate and everything in between!

This project was inspired by strips of words and phrases found in a paper art kit. I grab some monoprints {created with Gel Press® Printing Plate} and an assortment of supplies; some new things I've never used and some leftovers from other projects. I don't have a plan or what these things will evolve into... with the words as my inspiration, I let things take on a life of their own.

This interesting combination of words {'genuine boy', 'angel' and 'firefly'} inspired me to create an imaginary bug by combining some clear beetle and bug stamps with some interesting molded/cast pieces.


Using Amazing Mold Putty, I made a mold of a gold leaf pendant in my jewelry box to serve as wings that I pair with a cool vintage handle I purchased online that looks like a bug body to me. 

I prepared some Amazing Casting Resin mixed with some Alumilite Metallic Gold powder. Before pouring I also brushed the molds with the same gold and also Alumilite Silver Metallic powder. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation. When cured, the resin pieces look like real metal!

It's so AMAZING!!! This mini assemblage combines painty goodness, stamping and dimension combining a wooden canvas frame, a wooden spool, some bits and baubles with my hand cast resin pieces. I gave the resin pieces a rubbing with some layers of black pigment pen brushed into crevices to bring out the details, then some dark pewter and silver Rub 'n Buff®.

I finished off the corners with some altered metal spider charms, my word phrase assembled, and em capped altered wooden spool.

My Cre8time has captured a rare specimen... the 'genuine angel firefly'!

I hope you are inspired to try moldmaking
and bring your Cre8time dreams to life!

What imaginary creatures 
would you create? 

Thanks for visiting. If you would like to see more of my creations,
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Monday, March 19

#Cre8time Transformations... Mixed-Media Easter Eggs with Lyn Gill

Hi everyone! Lyn here again this time with some Amazing Inspiration... Patina and Rust Easter Eggs!

These altered eggs were so fun and easy – created with some foil duct tape, texture paste and acrylic paints over plastic Easter Eggs with some Amazing Casting Resin embellishments.

What will you create using
and some plastic Easter Eggs?

Well that all for this now on the Amazing Casting Products blog – CLICK HERE to see more springtime inspiration.
Till Next Time! Lyn

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