Friday, February 16

How #Cre8time Charming... on any Surface be sure to Make It Artsy

Hello Amazing Makers!! Today we are sharing the latest episode of Make It Artsy where you will see two, yes TWO AMAZING Creatives... Lynne Suprock and Cat Kerr with ideas on making jeweled creations with Amazing Casting Products.

You don't want to miss this
episode of Make It Artsy?!

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The surface reflects your artistic flair. Lynne Suprock transforms shot gun shells into trendy jewelry. Debbi Simon adds heat to encaustic wax to create special effects. Cat Kerr creates a beautiful pendant with cool resin techniques and Mary Hettsmansperger adds color to copper.

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Make It Artsy launched September 29, 2016 on Public Television stations across the country! Look for it on your local PBS channel – new episodes from series 300 are now airing. If you can't find it on your local programming, you can view this episode online by clicking this link Series 200, Episode 307 - On The Surface.

Make It Artsy is a show dedicated to the crafter, maker and artist! A series celebrates that maker spirit and enthusiasm that extends to every part of life. It’s more than crafting, more than art or scrapbooking; this is an all-encompassing show for any one that loves to make “things”. From mixed-media to metalsmithing, using tools from saws to sewing machines, and materials from paper to wood; today’s most creative “makers” join host Julie Fei Fan Balzer and unleash a new look for crafting with a touch of industrial style.

Amazing Casting Products by Alumilite Corp. is proud to be one of these fabulous group of companies partnering with Make it Artsy. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes with projects featuring more of our amazing friends using Alumilite's AMAZING products

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Wednesday, February 14

Like Honey to a #Cre8time Bee... DIY Valentine's Crown by Lyn Gill

Hi everyone! Lyn here again and this time I've got a really cute project to share using Amazing Casting Products just in time for Valentine's Day! 

It started out with this 5" x 6" crown shaped chipboard
"canvas" for lack of a better term.

Now first I started off with this vintage Chalkware Salt Shaker that I picked up at a thrift store a few years ago – cute isn't he? Well I needed him to be flat on the back and light enough to use on the project... so out came the Amazing Mold Putty

I quickly molded him making sure the Amazing Mold Putty covered him at least half way up the sides, then layed him down on the table to flatten the back of the putty so I could pour him "level" when filling with resin. 

Once cured, I removed the salt shaker from the mold and then mixed some Amazing Casting Resin and also made a couple of bees using another mold from a previous project. These resin castings are ready to use in about 10 minutes.

Using a honeycomb stencil and some modeling paste, I added some texture to the background. Then I decided on the placement of the handmade elements for my design.

I glued down the elements then added some graphite texture paste around them and around the edges and let it all dry.

Then I covered the entire piece with some Gesso
to give a uniform surface to paint on.

Now the fun begins! I painted the entire piece with some yellow acrylic paint, followed by some orange acrylic paint, and then spritzed the entire piece with some water and let it run down the "canvas". I finished it off with a little spray with some pearl shimmer and some Silver Spark Metallic Luster.

Now for the finishing touch! I mixed up some Amazing Clear Cast Resin with a bit of Alumilite Dye (yellow with the tiniest touch of orange), and let it set in the mixing cup for roughly an hour to thicken up – I needed it to to be thick and not runny for this step. 

I placed "drips" of this "honey" in some strategic places and the tilted the "canvas" at an angle so the "honey" would "drip". You need the resin to be thick in order for it not to run off your piece and not level out.

Cute isn't it?! I think so...

what will you make for your Valentine?

Hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day!
Till Next Time! Lyn

You can find more of my work on my blog LynzCraftz
or on YouTube LynzCraftz, or my Facebook page LynzCraftz.

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Tuesday, February 13

#Cre8time with a Little Heart... DIY Resin Hearts by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here with a fun tutorial using Amazing Casting Products! Sometimes I find myself making art at the spur of the moment, with a shape or color being my inspiration. This tutorial was a result of wanting a bright and cheerful Valentine's Day decoration for display in the Amazing Casting Products booth at Creativation.

If you were able to attend Creativation in Phoenix (January 20-22, 2018) and happened to drop by the Alumilite/Amazing Casting Products Booth #2214, you would have seen a wonderful selection of art from our Creative Team. You might have seen on display a bowl full of decorative resin hearts I had created. 

There was such a positive response to these quick and easy hearts – people loved picking them up and looking at the play of light. So I decided to share how quick and easy it is to make them!


The hearts in this project were made using this ice cube tray I bought from IKEA. The cube shapes are very smooth, small, and perfect shape to pour resin. This particular ice cube tray is make from a synthetic rubber, so it did not need a mold release. 

**A TIP** If you are not sure what your ice cube tray is made from, test by applying a small amount of resin the the backside of the mold and let it cure completely. If it peels off easily when cured, you don't need a mold release... though if it sticks, then I recommend using Alumilite's UMR as a mold release.

To create the different color hearts I made several different color recipes. First we have Alumilite Violet Dye with Amazing Clear Cast Resin and glitter (on left); and a variation of this is including the addition of Pearl Alumidust (on right).

I repeated this process this time adding Alumilite Red Dye to the Amazing Clear Cast Resin, then glitter, and again the variation of this (seen on right) with the addition of Pearl Alumidust.

Getting a bright glittery or shimmery white is just as easy with Amazing Clear Cast Resin. Alumilite White Dye is opaque and not clear/transluscent like the other dyes – so to get a bit more of a pop of color and shimmer I added glitter and Pearl Alumidust. On the left I used Interference Red Alumidust which gives the resin a brighter, slightly pink shimmer; and the variation on the right uses Pearl Alumidust, which resulted in a softer white and less intense shimmer.

To fill this entire ice cube tray with resin hearts, I mixed up 4 fluid ounces of Amazing Clear Cast Resin – making sure to slowly stir to reduce air bubbles and let it sit for 5 minutes (CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation). I used just *ONE* drop of Alumilite dye for that much resin to get the vivid red you see in the photo. I added some micro fine glitter and slowly stirred.

REMEMBER... Alumilite Dye is super concentrated and a little goes a long way!

Carefully, I poured the tinted Amazing Clear Cast Resin into the ice cube mold. Bubbles that formed in the pouring process that don't pop on their own can be removed with a simple pass of a heat gun or can be popped using a toothpick. I let the resin cure fully before removing them from the mold.

I repeated filling and casting the ice cube mold several times until I had a bowl full of bright and cheerful hearts. Being that Amazing Clear Cast Resin is FDA compliant, you can put them in a vase with flowers with no worry of the resin causing issues with the flowers. 

Now don't think they are only decor... by drilling a hole into each heart you can create beads for jewelry or small charms for gifts!

What AMAZING Valentine
jewels will you create?

Visit my blog Art Resurrected for more craft tutorials!

Happy Valentine's Day! Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

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A Slice of #Cre8time Love... by Michele Kosciolek

Michele here with a quickie in honor of "LOVE"... a small wall hanging and showing love isn't only for Valentines Day.

I found a perfect little slice of wood, it spoke to me and I had to create with it!!

I stamped with some Viva Las VegaStamps! images and colored directly onto my slice of wood. I also hand stamped the word love and rubbed a bit of Archival Ink in the impression.

I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin to create a protective layer over my stamping and to make it seem like it was a painting under a piece of glass.

The Amazing Clear Cast Resin brought out the beautiful details of the wood – look at that heathering in the bark... WOW!

What seasonal decor
are you making
in the name of LOVE?

Thanks for sharing part of you day with us!!!
Until next time... get creating!! Michele

For more projects and inspiration please visit my blog "Stuff by Belle"
or follow on Facebook:

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Monday, February 12

#Cre8time Underwater Treasures... AMAZING Inspiration from Lyn Gill

Hi everyone! Lyn here again... this time with some Underwater Inspiration. I'm so ready for warmer weather and I KNOW you are too – so I created this fun piece to inspire you.

Can you believe this is created from a recycle processed cheese box?! LOL... I just love to recycle cardboard boxes! The first thing I did was to cover the box completely with brown craft paper {which I also recycled from other packaging}. I glued it down with some matte medium and then let it dry for about an hour.

With some texture paste and a couple of stencils, I added some texture to the background. I'm kind of crazy for texture... LOL! I set aside to dry again for about an hour.

I took one of those dollar bin frames from the craft store and a bunch of Amazing Casting Resin cast pieces from over pours (I have a lot of these in my stash), and glued them down with matte medium. When dried I covered the whole thing with black gesso... and again set aside to let dry.

Now comes the fun part... I painted the entire piece with some metallic acrylic paints in blues and greens, and then dry brushed on a bit of silver to bring up some of the details.

Underwater Treasure (front) 

Underwater Treasure (back) 

I am so in love with this piece {the photos really don't do it justice}! The colors and textures are so rich and positively dreamy. OK, well maybe I'm just dreaming of Summer... LOL!

What are you dreaming of using

Well that's all for now... Till Next Time! Lyn

As usual, you can find more of my work on my blog LynzCraftz
or on YouTube LynzCraftz, or my Facebook page LynzCraftz.

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