Wednesday, October 11

Swimming with #Cre8time Inspiration... by Kristie Taylor

Hello everyone! Kristie Taylor here to share some under-the-sea inspiration. Do you ever see something and just know that it has started an avalanche of ideas? It literally happens to me all the time!

Sometimes, I will be working on a project and one thing leads to another and another until my work surface is covered in several different projects all in various stages of drying... LOL!

Many years ago, I bought a refrigerator magnet of a seahorse. I love sea horses – I find them beautiful and mysterious. Anyways, the magnet lost its stickiness and luster a long time ago, so I put it in a box of mixed media supplies to be used again one day. I ran across him recently, and started a project using him as the center of attention, then halfway into the project, I had another idea... of course to create a mold! Now he could be the center of attention in several different projects.

That is part of the wonder of Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin – you can create a mold, and use an object more than once, in so many ways!

But in creating this one... it fired up my imagination to create something else. Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial of another AMAZING creation featuring this lovely resin casting of my retired starfish magnet.

What altered things will you create
using Amazing Casting Products??!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Kristie

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