Wednesday, October 18

SPOOKtacular #Cre8time Jewels... by Lyn Gill

Hi Lyn from LynzCraftz here today sharing a DIY project combining resin and polymer clay to create a skull ring for the Amazing Casting Products and Designer Crafts Connection "SPOOKtacular Jewels" bloghop. 

I first started with some Super Sculpey Polymer Clay and handformed a few "jewel" crystal shapes; baked them per instructions, and when cooled molded them using Amazing Mold Putty.

I prepared some Amazing Clear Cast Resin combined with Alumilite Violet Dye, and some glitter flakes, then poured the "Jewels". CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation. I set this aside to let them cure overnight.

I made a ring base and some little skulls out of more Super Sculpey, but before baking, I added one of the resin crystals to my design – don't worry items cast in Amazing Clear Cast Resin are heat tolerant at polymer clay baking temps of 275º F. 

When done shaping clay around the resin crystal, I baked the piece to cure/harden polymer. Then I painted the ring with acrylic paints, taking care not to get paint on the faux crystal.

I added some antiquing with acrylic paint to the little skulls.

Look at how the crystal looks with light shining from behind... pretty HUH?!

A true "SPOOKtacular" Jewel for your Halloween costume! 

What handmade jewels will accent
your Halloween costume this year?

Thanks for joining us for this fun blog hop with Amazing Casting Products and Designer Crafts Connection!!! Happy Halloween!

Till Next Time! Lyn

As usual, you can find more of my work on my blog LynzCraftz
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