Wednesday, September 30

When #Cre8time Cardmaking goes Bird Crazy...
by Bridget Cordero

Hello everyone! I remember as a child playing with Shrinky Dinks®. I loved taking my colored pencils and coloring images and then baking them. It always amazed me how they shrunk. So I decided to mix two of my favorite products together and see what I come up with!

If you want to see how I made these Shrinky Dink birds embellishments using Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Bird Crazy stamps...

Please CLICK HERE to watch the video. Enjoy! :)

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Tuesday, September 29

Take a #Cre8time Stroll in my New Resin Cave...
by Aimée Wheaton

Hi all! Aimée here with a little bit of a different inspiration post for this month. Susan had asked me to create a video of my new "Resin Cave". I stole this closet from my daughter who wasn't utilizing it. It's totally perfect for something like this... enjoy the video!

If you are having problems viewing video, please click here.

My apologies for any shaking – I tried my best. It's hard to keep a steady hand and I had to improvise the lighting because it truly is a closet. Do you have a resin cave?

Let's see your workspaces!

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Till next time! Xoxo Aimée

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Monday, September 28

#Cre8time Spiders and Spells... #Halloween Decor by Brenda Burfeind

Good day friends! Brenda here from Creativity is a State of Mind and today I am excited to share an old but new post today for Mold Rubber Monday. Last year I created a glow-in-the-dark bracelet and this year I am using that same mold but in a whole new way. Well... sorta. I still made bracelets, but the bracelets are being used as something other than a bracelet. So let's get started:

If you missed last year's post on how I created the mold and then the bracelet you can view that post HERE! I really loved how my bracelet turned out and I still wear it on occasion.

So I started out with my Amazing Mold Rubber mold, the Alumilite Flo Orange Dye and the Amazing Clear Cast Resin. Please CLICK HERE to watch a video on mixing preparations.

Using the Amazing Clear Cast Resin takes a bit longer to cure depending on the temperature – for this project, each bangle took about 4 hours each to set up.

I then took my Dremel and polished them to get off
any overflow and to make them nice and round.

I then mixed up a tiny bit more of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and the Alumilte "Flo" Orange Dye and painted over the polishing as it did leave polish marks.

Then I set them on my non-stick teflon sheet and let them dry there.

After only about an hour they were completely dry and I was able to take my dremel and drill a tiny hole on either side of the bangle.

While I was creating my bangles I seemed to over mix my resin. Rather have too much than not enough, Right?? So I poured my excess mixture into a tile letter mold that I created here.

After I popped out my letters I then laid them onto a Jet Black
StazOn® Ink Pad and gently rubbed to reveal the letters.

This is what you get.

Using the StazOn® ink will make it permanent.

I am not sure what I will use these for yet... but I will!

But now let's get back to the tutorial.

Using fishing line, decorative beads and crimp beads I created this.

The bangles are very lightweight so I added some bells to the bottom to create a windchime. I also glued some spider rings I had in my stash on top of the bangles.


I love how they move in the breeze.

I hope I've inspired you to reuse a mold you've created for
something other than what it was initially created for.

What would you create from an existing mold?

Thanks for joining us on Mold Rubber Monday and hope to see you soon! ~ Brenda

Visit my blog, Creativity is a State of Mind to see some more of my creations.

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Friday, September 25

A Dia de los Muertos Celebration... by Maria Soto

Hi there, today I want to share some fun jewelry items I made to help celebrate the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). Dia de los Muertos originated in Mexico. On this day the dead are honored with festivals and lively celebrations, it is also celebrated on All Saints Day and All Souls Day – minor holidays in the Catholic calendar.

As I remember, it was believed that the dead would be insulted by mourning or sadness, this holiday celebrates the lives of the deceased with food, drink, parties and activities the dead enjoyed in life. I remember all the fun activities we did as kids living in Mexico, all the sugar skulls with names on them, special foods, and games.

I thought I would make some skulls, this is the most familiar symbol of Dia de los Muertos, but instead of making them out of sugar, I made them out of Amazing Casting Resin.

I went shopping for decorations at Party City and found this cute skull ring that lights up, it's going to be fun wearing it, then I thought it would make a nice mold using the Amazing Mold Putty and then it came to me, I needed to make some "claberas" (skulls) to give away for the Dia de los Muertos.


Using Amazing Mold Putty is so easy, all you need to do is take equal amounts of putty from part "A" and part "B", mix it until you have one solid yellow color, and it's ready for the item you want to mold. I pressed my skull ring into the putty to create a mold that I will use to make my resin skulls.

I actually made three molds of this skull, since I was planning on making several, and I wanted to get them done fast. Making a bunch of resin skulls only took me about three hours – the Amazing Casting Resin cures in about 10 - 15 minutes depending on the temperature (CLICK HERE to see mixing instructions). I got lucky because we have pretty nice weather right now. However, painting and embellishing all these skulls took me all week... and I stayed up until 4am several days this week. I guess if I add up the hours I slept this week I would have to say I slept less than 8 hours, but I was having too much fun and I needed to get these done as fast as possible.

The skull to the left is resin, and the one on the right is painted with white acrylic paint. I added jump rings on the back of the skulls before the resin cured... which is better then gluing them on after.

Here you can see all the painting that took place. I thought about using markers, but I love painting – so I took some really thin brushes, lots of acrylic paints and painted each one, trying to make each one unique.

I had purchased some Halloween scarves at the dollar store and some twine at Michael's, which I cut to make some long cords to turn these resin skulls into long necklaces. I forgot to add a jump ring to one of the skulls so I made it into a pin.

These were so much fun to make! I will be making a lot more... some I will be selling at an art fair this weekend; and the rest I will be giving away at our Halloween party to my family and friends. These are several of the necklaces I made.

I added the words "amor" and "love" instead of adding a person's name – which is what you usually do to remember a special someone that passed away and for whom you celebrate on this special Day of the Dead.

Here you can see the mold, the original skull ring and the resin skull pin I made.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that I have inspired you to take these Amazing products and create your own Holiday gifts. Please share your creations with us.

How do you decorate for special holidays?

Thanks for visiting! I invite you to stop over to my blog, "What is Creativityat to see more of my creations. Maria Soto

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Wednesday, September 23

Set your #MixedMedia table for a #Cre8time Buffet... by Melissa Johnson

Good afternoon everyone! Today I am sharing one of my favorite projects to date – a set of custom mixed media plates!
Did you know that
Amazing Clear Cast Resin 
is food safe?

So it's perfect for creating some fun custom pieces! Just remember to hand wash these treasures, as they are not dishwasher safe.


To begin, I purchased some melamine plates from the Dollar Tree and covered them with two coats of gesso. Allow gesso to dry completely.

For the next step, I gathered my acrylic paints (any brand is fine, I mixed up Golden with cheaper craft paints) and began randomly finger-painting on the plates. Start with your warm colors first, and allow to dry. Then go in with your cool colors. This way they don't all blend together and turn muddy.

Continue to build the layers of paint until you are happy with the colors.


When everything is dry, go in with your black and white and begin drawing in designs and making marks with a fine brush. After you have your design painted in, take a foam brush and gently begin to work in a solid color around your design. I like to mix some lighter shades of the same color along with some white to create a variance in the color. You can also add some stenciling in at this point in a bold color like black. To give my plates a consistent look, I used the same stencil on all of the plates.

When your design is complete, mix up some of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and coat the plate. Please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation. Allow to dry overnight. I added two coats to mine for extra gloss and durability. You want to make sure every bit of the plate is covered.

And here are the finished plates! 

How will you create custom plates
with Amazing Clear Cast Resin?

For more of my mixed media projects, please visit my blog.
Make something that makes you happy :) ~ Melissa Johnson

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Tuesday, September 22

I'm Melting... I'm Melting!!! #DIY Wicked Witch Cookies by Tanya Ruffin

I am gearing up for Halloween craft classes at my studio in Baton Rouge and thought of something fun to do using a Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz doll! This involved making two molds – the first mold was made using Amazing Mold Putty and the second used Amazing Remelt!

Step one was mold the head of the witch with Amazing Mold Putty.

I then cast 4 heads with Amazing Casting Resin. They are dyed black because I am going to re-purpose the heads later in another project. Using a hot glue gun, I glued the heads to a small tray. Next, I microwaved the Remelt (follow the directions on the lid - CLICK HERE to view). Then I poured melted material over the resin heads making sure to completely cover. Now you wait... I placed mine in the freezer for a few minutes to quickly set up.

This is what my food safe mold looks like!!

Now melt your candy melts (following the
directions on the bag), and pour into the mold.

Slap this puppy in the freezer for a few minutes
to harden the candy and then pop out!

I spooned some melted candy on the cookies first to glue the heads in place. I thought that without painted eyes it was hard to tell this was the wicked witch front – so on two cookies I tilted her head sideways and placed in the microwave to "melt" it a little more.

The profile REALLY looks like her!!!

These were so much fun. I am going to have to make
a stash of green candy heads to save for Halloween!

They look very lovely on a Halloween platter!

Now to figure out what to make a realistic edible broom out of??

Craft Your Own Way! ~ Tanya

Please visit my site to see more of my inspiring creations at

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