Tuesday, April 3

A little Snip.. A little stitch.. a whole new mold!

Hey folks!! DeeDee here!! I'm so honored to get to help AMP another 6 months! I love working with this product and this product loves working with me :) 

Today I want to share with you a mold that I altered to fit my needs better..

I was working on a Graphic45 exploding box and needed a miniature spoon.. at the time none of those souvenir shops were at hand so I had to figure something else out. What was instead at my immediate disposal was a measuring spoon.. which tend to run a little long so you can get way down into spice jars. 

So I took my Molding Putty... equal parts A and B (in appropriate sizes equivalent to the measuring spoon I was molding) and kneaded them together. 

I then molded the spoon! After the spoon was set I demolded and thought about how long it was.. I knew I needed it to be smaller.. but still smooth and obviously recognizable.

so I measured out a part of the mold to cut out. I tried to keep in mind where the spoon would reattach.. so that I could make it flow -- after I had "dissected" my mold and had 3 pieces.. I just threw out the middle portion. I grabbed a minute amount of A and B of the molding putty and worked them together until they were uniform in color.. then I pressed the putty against one side of the spoon mold where I had cut.. and I brought the other side of the spoon mold to meet it. It's much like using SLIP to reattach broken pieces of pottery!

I made sure to work the new putty into all the cracks... but to keep everything flowing evenly and smooth!

And here is how my mold looked!! I realize it's  not the smoothest on the OUTSIDE but it's the in that really counts!!

Then I grabbed my Quick Cast White Resin

I mixed equal parts of the quick cast again.. until it was CLEAR.. then I added minute drops of black dye -- stir until a consistent color.. then pour into mold!!

Out came a nice even black spoon which I glazed with a cheap metallic craft paint... and here is my finished exploding box tab!

so don't be afraid to alter an already "finished" mold!! - DeeDee


  1. thats perfect, I love the book, will you post more of that on your blog??

  2. What a cute idea!! I love that this stuff can be used on cards and pages.

  3. So cute DeeDee! Great way to alter the spoon.

    Hugs XX

  4. Love the idea of making molds of spoons... I have several that I have used in shadow boxes... once they are gone that is it!!! I need to start making molds of them!! THANKS!


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