Friday, April 6

"Steampunk EGGship" Made with Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin

Hello...and Happy Spring!!! Susan here to share another adventure with Amazing Mold Putty. Today's project I am sharing a special "STEAMPUNK" project using Amazing Crafting Products by Alumilite Corp.

I enjoy creating my own original artwork and today's project is quite special - a themed project that is borne out of the Steampunk genre with an Easter twist. This project began with this assortment of items and I let my imagination run wild.

Using this myriad of unrelated items I am going to create a whimsical "Steampunk EGGship". I made a mold of my original and several accent pieces in Amazing Mold Putty and then cast it in a colored mixture of Amazing Casting Resin colored with Alumilite black dye and Gold Metallic Powder. 

Now for the FUN to BEGIN! I got out my Amazing Mold Putty!

Please see accompanying image number to go along with written instruction/description.

Photo(s) #1: I began by adhering shell pieces to egg with hot glue to make nose and wings for my "Eggship". I filled in crevices where pieces met the egg with the glue and smoothed out glue using hot tip of glue gun. To smooth out the glue, I gently heated with a heat gun - being careful not to melt the plastic pieces. Photo #2: Completed "Eggship" base ready for molding in Amazing Mold Putty. To mix up Amazing Mold Putty, I followed the simple illustrated instructions on the packaging. If you want a more in depth how-to of mixing Amazing Mold Putty please click herePhoto #3: Eggship is fairly large and requires many small applications of prepared Amazing Mold Putty to cover object. Photo #4: Completely covered Eggship Base. I have left top open which will be the top open area of the ship. Photo #5: Item removed from cured Amazing Mold Putty mold showing the detail inside. Photo #6: Several other items cast in Amazing Mold Putty molds for the details of my Eggship. Photo #7: Preparing molds by brushing with Alumilite Gold Metallic Powder prior to pouring Amazing Casting Resin.

NOW FOR THE CASTING with the Quick Set Amazing Casting Resin:

Following the directions on package I measure out to equal parts of Part A and Part B to mix Amazing Casting Resin which sets up in approximately 10 minutes.

Please see accompanying image number to go along with written instruction/description.

Photo #8: I mixed thoroughly into Part "A" of Amazing Casting Resin, just one drop of Alumilite Black Dye to add coloring. The Alumilite dyes are so concentrated a little goes a long way.  Photo #9:  Then I added Alumilite Gold Metallic Powder to the Part A black mixture. You want to mix coloring into Part A. Then gently stir in Part B to Part A colored mixture and stir thoroughly. Then pour into molds. Photo #10: These are my molds with the poured resin as the curing process reaches the flash point where it changes from clear to an opaque hardened plastic. Since I added black dye and gold metallic powder, the color is a shimmery grey. As you can see there are many more molds pictured. When you mix resin have extra molds handy to use up extra leftover resin - you don't want this stuff to go to waste. Photo #11: Completed base Eggship removed from mold. The egg in the center to create hollow void had to be removed with pliers and was rendered a twisty mess [I promise only one golden egg was harmed in the making of this project}. This would have been avoided by applying petroleum jelly prior to placing egg in resin. At time of pouring, I totally forgot about this until I already had resin mixed. Photo #12: A happy accident resulting from not adding a release agent to gold egg - the coloring was totally removed from egg and left inside my cured resin Eggship. YAY!

The gold coloring of the Alumilite Gold Metallic Powder gives a luminous Gold exterior color to my  resin Eggship. Where the seams of the sections of mold met, there are cracks that have to be sanded. This is corrected by removing large areas with a metal file and then sand with emory board. For detailed areas I use my Basic Grey File Kit which has some fine grit tiny metal filing tools.

After filing and sanding - I touch up the exposed "grey resin" areas with burnt umber and antique gold acrylic paints. Then I begin assembly by glueing on casted resin chicken feet and a beanie propeller on nose. I was so happy with how this looked, I went for the "LESS is MORE" approach and decided to not use the gears and other metal embellishments that I cast. I adhered an assortment of chipboard gold embossed gears, metal brads, antique buttons and other findings painted gold to complete the decor. I could keep adding bits and pieces on to this forever. I glued items on with hot glue - quick and easy.

Presenting the "Steampunk Eggship".

Hope you like my Steampunk Chick! He's ready to zoom off to his next adventure! Perhaps a fleet of Steampunk Chick Explorers are on the horizon. I can make more pretty easy...because I have a mold of it! You just gotta love this stuff!!

I hope you enjoyed today's project. Did you hear??? There is a brand new group on the Amazing Mold Putty Design Team! I encourage you to stroll around through the many AMAZING projects from my fellow Amazing Mold Putty Design Team members. There are so many great tips and ideas!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment, select receive e-mail follow ups on comments and I will respond. If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here.

Happy Crafting : )


  1. Omg. This is beyond cute! I love everything about it plus that it is steam punk! You made quite the collectable. Great work!

  2. GREAT.... love how you made your mold... a ONE OF A KIND. FANTASTIC!!!

  3. Amazing tutorial, thank you !

  4. AWESOME!!!! Great tutorial now my daughter thinks I can make one - lol

  5. OMG too tweeting cool. Love this! TFS

  6. this is more amazing each time I look at it - Very COOL - I've shown all my house guests your birdster this weekend, we are all very impressed with your work.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial, Susan. I was so curious as to how you made it. Such creativity. I love the little eggship. It's so cute.


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