Monday, April 30

An Unusual Paperweight Made Using Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin!!

Sometime ago I picked up a liquid soap dispenser in a thrift store that was shaped like a lady’s shoe. I thought it looked awesome and had the idea that it would also look good as a paperweight! Now wouldn’t that be unusual and quirky perched on your desk at work?

And so the fun begins! First off I mixed equal amounts of Parts "A" and "B" of the Amazing Mold Putty. After kneading the putty until it was completely blended, I molded the putty around the shoe as far as it would go. I then repeated the process with more putty and finished molding the shoe.

Looks pretty bad at this point doesn’t it?

I then mixed up equal parts of the Amazing Casting Resin and added some Alumilite Blue Dye to it. Because the mold is slanted, it took several pours to get the mold completely filled.

Once the mold was set up I popped it out of the mold and here it is:


How cool is that???? The main reason for the blue is to give the project a colored background. I trimmed up the Amazing Casting Resin piece and then sprayed it with some Krylon Glitter Blast. Once that was dry I added a few embellishments and here’s the finished project:

The pictures don’t even begin to show just how glittery the Krylon glitter blast is. I was really pleasantly surprised at what an easy job it was to make the mold and pour the resin. I thought I would have resin everywhere because I had to do four small pours to fill the shoe but it was a breeze because the resin sets up so quickly. Here’s some other shots:


This paperweight would make a sweet gift for someone but I think I’ll keep this one and now I have a mold to make others! You need to try this stuff, because I know you’ll like it!

~ Barbara

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