Sunday, May 6

White Rabbit's Pocket Watch

One of my favorite things about Alumilite products is their versatility for use with other products. As a doll maker, I see the versatility as a window of opportunity to create things that I might not have been able to for my dolls. Talk about customized!! One of those items, is Creative Paperclay®. I use Creative Paperclay® pretty heavily in my doll making, and recently, I started work on an Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit doll.
While I was making him, I knew I wanted to create a Pocket Watch for his "costume".  I started with a watch face I got at a thrift store. It was just the face, with the hands still attached, but no backing.
Using Creative Paperclay®, I began layering paperclay to the back of my watch face.
I let the first layer dry, and then added a second layer to bring around the edges of the watch.
Once those layers were dry, I used a fine grit sand paper to bring out the edges and lines that made the "frame" of my watch. Then I added a small eye screw to the top for future hanging of the watch.
Next, I painted the clay to be metallic.
After the metalic paint was dry, I aged it by adding some black paint over the top, and wiping it all off except for the crevice areas of the watch. Once I had the watch ready and clean, I mixed equal parts of Amazing Clear Cast and poured the liquid into the watch.
Of course, I'm a sucker for details, so I Googled "tea time" and found that it's usually between 2-5pm... and since the White Rabbit is LATE... I set the watch hands to just past 5:00 before I poured the resin in. Clear Cast resin takes longer to cure than the white casting resin by Amazing Mold Putty, so I set the watch on the windowsill to cure overnight.
Once it was cured, I hung the watch just out of Rabbit's pocket!!
Be sure to share any projects you make using ideas like this on the Amazing Mold Putty® Facebook Page!!
I'd also love it if you visit me at "my house"!!


  1. this is just incredible, so inspiring. I need paperclay. I wish we could play together, oh the fun we'd have!~!

  2. BTW - White RAbbit, is a delightful and creative piece, sure to be treasured by any child, but I'd love to have him in my collection any day! Well Done!

  3. Thank you both! Lee, I'd love to be able to play with you someday!! Creative play dates are the BEST.


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