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Solar Yard Light Redux with Amazing Clear Cast Resin... by Lonnie Sexton

This post is inspired by LED yard lights and Amazing Clear Cast Resin. Yard lights can be found at any hardware store. The lights I found have an on board battery and solar panel. The solar panel keeps the battery charged in the day and turns On the LED light at night by means of a photovoltaic sensor. At night the LED runs off battery power. They are easy to disassemble and re-purpose. It’s also easy to change the LED to any color.

Solar LED yard light

The Target

This yard stake came with my house when I moved in. It's 1/2" thick glass and 4" dia. The plan is to replace the glass butterfly puck with a custom design Amazing Clear Cast Resin puck and add solar back lighting.   

Glass Puck Yard Décor.

Back lit with Solar yard light LED.


Cut Pieces of cell foam with new design.

5-min epoxy Coating.

I find a lot of inspiration from video games. All the greatest stories and adventures wrapped up in a world you control, over flowing with artistic volume. The symbol used on the custom Amazing Clear Cast Resin puck is from a popular Ubisoft video game series. Only those protecting the pieces of Eden or Knights Templar know its meaning... Don't you love mystery?

Green Putty Filler, Sanded, Mold Release applied.

The Alumilite Rubber to Rubber mold release is designed for stopping a newly poured batch of silicone rubber from adhering to a cured piece of silicone rubber. It also works for porous materials like cut cell foam.  

Amazing Mold Putty Finished Mold

Gold Metallic Powder brushed onto the face of mold.

I am new to using casting powders in molds. I thought this would be a good time to try one out as I plan on sanding the finished cast anyway. After the finish came out I was hesitant to sand it off, but I just decided to stick to the plan. Cash for Gold turned me down for trade in... darn!

Gold Surface in Amazing Clear Cast

Sanding Amazing Clear Cast Resin will make it "frosted" or foggy.

 Filled with Amazing Clear Cast Resin mixed with Alumilite blue dye.

The symbol represents an ideal that in itself is opposite from its purpose. Like the Yin-Yang everything has balance, everything has an exact opposite.

Blue Face, Partial fill 1/4" thick with Amazing Clear Cast Resin
mixed with Alumilite blue dye. 

Air bubbles settling from the Clear Cast Resin.

at 2 Hours of cure time.

The end result, polar twins...

LED Solar Assembly - The Adventure is not over....

The light only snapped together, so no tools were needed to remove the panel, battery and LED. The amber LED was replaced with a new brighter color. The new LED draws a little more power, but it's enough amp hours to stay lit all night in the summer. Drilled a relief hole in the top for the LED to rest in and secured with hot glue.

Circuit removed

Removing the factory amber LED

New LED installed

Relief hole for the LED to point into the casting

Solar light attached

Solar Assembly



I'm really satisfied with the outcome of this experimental project. I don't have much experience using Amazing Clear Cast Resin, but that is soon to change. Thanks for visiting!

Please come back and join us for more exciting projects, inspiration and tutorials.
~ Lonnie Sexton


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  1. Clear cast takes a bit more patience but is definitely worth it. Love your Solar Yard Light-you come up with the most AMAZING ideas!

  2. Fantastic redux. These will make amazing gifts... A whole set of custom yard lights - and a project I can do with the hubs, too [he loves taking electrical stuff apart}. Lonnie your creativity is out-of-this-WORLD!!!

  3. Thanks Ladies! :) I'm thinking about a Pumpkin face for halloween. Can do them for every holiday.

  4. LOVE this idea! Thanks for a great tutorial!


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