Monday, July 15

Pick an Amazing Butterfly! AMAZING Inspiration from Marilyn Weyman Kegg

Hi, Marilyn here for Amazing Crafting Products, with a little bit of inspiration for you today.

Here's an idea for an AMAZING little project that will make a potted flowering plant a little more personal. Make a customized pick! It's a great idea to take with you when you visit someone in the hospital or as a hostess gift, or even as a surprise present for no reason. 

Choose an item that is personal to the recipient or that will appeal to them, such as the butterfly I've used here. You can find lots and lots of rubber stamps to use as the basis of your mold, or an item you find around the house. In this case, I chose a butterfly rubber stamp.

Get your craft on.

All you need is your chosen item or rubber stamp, a few Amazing Crafting Products: Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin. I also used a bamboo skewer (the kind that you'd use to make shish kabobs, get them in the grocery store or the dollar store), some glitter glue, a few glue dots, and acrylic paints, in this case metallic paints. The gold paint didn't have enough sparkle, so I added the gold glitter glue to the center of each dot. Then I outlined the whole butterfly with some jet black glitter glue. Finally, I added a final coat of Amazing Clear Cast Resin to give it some gloss.

This makes an ordinary potted plant a lot more personal, and is a quick and easy gift that is a lot less expensive than sending a plant or flowers!

Happy Crafting!

~ Marilyn Weyman Kegg for Amazing Crafting Products

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