Friday, July 26

DON'T Be a PLAIN JANE... Make a Resin Decorated Compact Mirror with this AMAZING tutorial by
Michelle Frae Cummings

The other day I was browsing the $2 bins at my local craft store and found some great compact mirrors. While the design on the compacts was pretty... it was not enough for a Artist like me, know what I mean? :)

So I thought it would be fun to decorate them with resin.

Let me show you how.


First begin by coloring over the top of the mirror with your alcohol pen. Add 2-3 layers of colors because the adhesive with remove some of it as you set the dew drops.

Then apply a thin layer of glue and begin placing your dew drops, trying not to overlap the compacts edge. The glue will keep the dew drops from shifting during the resin process.

Wrap your duct tape completely around the outside of the compact as shown. Press firmly onto all undecorated edges, even the bottom. 

Once you are sure the tape is secure, then you can begin mixing the Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

You'll want to combine a small amount of equal parts "A" with "B" and slowly pour into the duct tape cavity. Use the stir stick provided to guide the resin into the small places. 

When you have filled your cavity, then can you add your embellishments.

Here, I added micro and seed beads. Let your resin cure at least 10 hours. You want it to be hard to touch but still in that soft stage for trimming off any jagged edges.

While you pull away the duct tape, you might find that some of the resin has leaked onto the sides or hinge of the compact. Don't worry, with the help of a paper piercer, you can remove the unwanted resin easily. 

Finish your compact by gilding the edges with a silver leafing pen.

Here is another compact I made. I glued down some of my favorite jewelry charms.

What objects would you adorn
to customize your compact mirror?

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