Tuesday, July 30

Jewelry and Amazing Crafting Products, a Perfect Combination... by Maria Soto

Hi there, it's Maria to share some jewelry pieces I created using Amazing Crafting Products. One of my passions in crafting is jewelry making, I have been doing this for 13 years now. I love making my own designs and love to try all different types of materials, I especially love making my own beads, and now, I can make my own charms too.

I have this rose ring I made out of Pardo clay. I like big rings, so I made a pretty big rose that I hand painted and proudly wear it a lot, but it is a bit too heavy for me. As with all my other jewelry I strive to make pieces that are light and easy to wear – and as much as I love this ring, I can't wear it all day long. I found it a bit upsetting. Well thanks to Amazing Crafting Products, I was able to mold my ring and not only make another ring, but use this rose in other accessories too!

The pink rose ring is the original I made using Pardo clay, in the center is the other ring I made using the Amazing Clear Cast Resin, and on the right is a key chain also made the same way, except I added the Alumilite Red Dye.

These are the Amazing Crafting Products used to make my molds and casts, the pink rose ring was used to make two new roses, and the button was used to make a pendant.

I took two of my flower rings, one made out of beads and the pink is the one I made out of clay, the rest were purchased items, that I used to make more molds for future use. 

Here are the roses I ended up making, I used the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to make both, now one I added the Alumilite Pearlescent Metallic Powder to the the resin and then poured into the mold, the other I poured the Alumilite Red Dye into the rose after the clear cast resin was poured. I didn't want the rose to be all red, I just wanted some of the color to show in the center of the rose and still see through the rest of the flower.

Here I decided to use the red rose to make a key chain for my daughter. I used some of the Alumilite Copper Metallic Powder to color a piece of white paper that I cut by hand and the word Love were added by using Plaid's Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to adhere the papers prior to adding the Amazing Clear Cast Resin over the top.

Here is the final key chain, I added some white and red beads to the piece, poured the Amazing Clear Cast Resin on the entire piece and then I placed the rose I made. This is complete and is all ready for the chain, and to be added to a journal I made for my daughter. 

This is a pendant I made the same way as the rose, I added the yellow die to the resin prior to pouring in the mold, then I added a bit of the red die , I should say I used the iridescent powder on all pieces, I love the sparkle look it gives to the Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

I have to admit that you can become addicted to making molds, once I started with these, I began to look around to see what else I could use to make more molds. I love making one of a kind items, you can see how different you can make each piece, so it is still one of a kind. The clear rose I made is now a ring, it is so light, that I can now wear it all day long.

If you have not tried these products,
I suggest you do, it makes crafting more fun!!!

To see more of my creations, please visit my blog "What is Creativity?". ~ Maria

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