Wednesday, July 31

Generations Inspired by Resin... AMAZING Inspiration from Tracy Alden

I am often inspired by the past, be it culture, art or even nature. Though one of the biggest inspirations is my mother, Theresa Brehm, a graphic illustrator, jewelry maker, silver smith, seamstress and writer. Some of my earliest memories is of her telling me to look at how wonderful nature is, to see the flowers and remember how important it was to go out in the wild. Her artwork often expressed her love of nature and her resin work was no exception. She worked with resin over 35+ years ago, at that point in time the resin were dangerous, required massive amount of ventilation, gloves and special chemicals, often pieces would take days to cure. My mother none the less still worked with it carefully and created works of art that she sold at art shows and galleries.

As a family we would often wander around looking for small flowers to dry and shells to include in her work. My father would buy special frames, dyes, glitters and equipment for her to add to the cabochons. Being rock hounds they would even collect beautiful tiny stones to as embellishments. She even created ways to place opal shards too small for cutting into resin, creating lovely opal shard focal pieces.

For many years she created these treasures but family and other work required her to put it to the side. She had given me some of her molds in hopes that I might find a use for them.

Years later when I started to work with Amazing Crafting Products, my mother became very curious about the new resins. She found it hard to believe they would be so easy to use and suggested I use her molds to test out the resin. 

Inspired by her world and love of nature I created a Retro Home Decor tutorial using one of her molds. Because it was so easy to do - I wonder if I can get my mother interested in working with Amazing Crafting Products. What new treasures might she make? :)

What AMAZING arts and crafts will you create

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Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy


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  1. I remember working with those old resins--they really stank too!

    You both do beautiful work!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Sandra! :)


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