Wednesday, July 3

Fondant Rope Molding with Amazing Mold Putty...
by Michelle Galpern

Believe it or not these pillows are made out of cake! I love making cakes that everyone thinks are a part of the party decorations! These cakes are hand carved and covered with edible fondant and adorned with more fondant accents created with Amazing Mold Putty silicone press molds for the decorations. I found a beautiful old piece of molding from an antique dealer to create the rope mold for this cake. 

The rope mold is one of my favorites and so versatile as a border. It especially works with a pillow shape and it will cover your seams just as if you were sewing. Roll out your fondant into long snakes and press firmly into the mold. You may have to powder the mold with corn starch or powdered sugar if it’s a hot and humid day for a better release. The wonderful thing about a rope mold is your ends line up seamlessly and you put one right after another. Just “glue” your rope onto your edges with royal icing. It dries quickly and firmly for the heavy piece. 

For the tassels I just roll out a fat snake and press the top into the rope mold to give some shape over the tassel. I cut and score fine lines with my dedicated food safe knife to create individual strings. Then I spread the ends to make it look like it has movement. I'll glue the tassels at the corners and the top rope to finish off the fabric effect.

The last step is to paint the rope with edible gold color mixed with vodka or clear vanilla. And there you have it!

What fun objects would you mold
to decorate your cake???

Until next time, Keep life sweet!   ~ Michelle Galpern


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