Wednesday, July 10

The AMAZING Doctor Who and the Mushroom Planet... from Guest Designer Sandra Strait

You know you're a crafting geek when your project pairs dried food from the local Oriental market with the rubber stamp of a blue police box.

Oh yeah, Doctor Who fans. You know what I'm talking about!


I mixed the two parts of the Amazing Mold Putty and created molds from two kinds of mushrooms, some dried fungus, licorice root and ginseng stalks. For the mushrooms I made 2 part molds.

As a base for the project, I used a mold I had made earlier this year for a Dragonfly ATC

Rubber stamps will stick to Amazing Mold Putty if you don't use Mold Release so I painted on 3 coats to my Blue Police Box stamp before molding it.

I dusted the molds for the mushroom planet with Alumilite Metallic Powders and used Amazing Casting Resin, which cures white. Like the putty, it comes in two parts which must be mixed together. 

For the Blue Police boxes I added blue Alumilite Dye to Part "A" of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin. The clear cast resin requires more care to avoid bubbles and has longer curing times, but the procedure is basically the same, though the curing time is 24 hours.

Four police boxes were cast, though I only ended up using three of them around my container; so there is a police box showing no matter which way you turn the assembled piece.

I also cast a few clear resin mushrooms and fungus using the red and yellow Alumilite Dyes. There wasn't room for them, so don't be surprised when they pop up in another project.

I wanted a more natural and mottled look for my mushrooms, so I sanded them with fine sand paper until some of the white showed. I added spots to the fungus with Black and White Enamel Accents. I think they look a bit like fossilized mushrooms, so hopefully the Doctor isn't planning for fresh mushrooms to eat!

I decided to tear the lid off the container, feeling it would ruin the aesthetic. Then I glued the police boxes to the container and then the container to the ATC base (does that make this a chunky ATC?) I played around with the ways to add the mushrooms and fungus until they all seemed to fit, then I glued them on. 

And now I have a cool Doctor Who ensemble that I can use to hold small items. Or I may buy some tea lights and just use it for decoration.

"That's Brilliant!"

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