Sunday, May 13

Amazing Mold Putty Napkin Rings

Never before have I had so much fun working with a single product than The Amazing Mold Putty!

However the path to getting this project posted has been very difficult indeed. I did these napkin rings well over a month laptop broke, with all of my photos and video of this project on it. Fast forward to this weekend. As I was putting together another video of this little video camera sizzled and fried out! So I tried my camera.....the batteries ran out before my video did. So I moved onto the computer camera and a direct load to youtube, ok so things got better....but wouldn't you know it, youtube didn't load the last four minutes of video....leaving out the most important part of the process. Now I know this project isn't meant to be....but here it is anyway!!
I hope you will enjoy it anyway.

- Amazing Mold Putty
- Clear Clasting Resin
-Terri Sproul 3D lacquer and mixers
- beads
- two mixing pots, a brush, paint tray and mixing stick

Step 1
Make your mold by combining equal parts of A and B, of the Amazing Mold Putty together into a ball.

 Combine these two puttys to form one solid putty as shown below.
Step 2
Lay out the mold putty into a strip equal in dimension to that of your embossing template, Roll out flat until about 1/4 " thick and  6" long. Press embossing folder into the mold putty. Remember to roll up the edges to keep your resin inside the mold.

Step 3
Mix equal parts of A & B of the Amazing Casting Resin, combine, stir and pour into your mold.

Step 4

Allow your mold to set up for about 10 minutes. Remove mold while still pliable from the yellow mold putty and form into a circle. If you are worried it won't stay in the circle shape, wrap a piece of cardboard around the resin and tape around the ring as shown below.

Step 5

Paint your napkin ring with 3D Crystal Lacuer and Terri Sproul Mixers. Let dry, clamp ring if required. Add the resin bird embellishment with the 3D lacquer.

I wish you could see the whole video, however that just wasn't in the cards this time around. I can't wait to get my old computer back from repair. But here is the napkin ring video I did get.

I hope you will give these products a try, as they are extremely easy to work with!

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