Monday, April 16

Pewter Rose Ring

Hi Everyone, Michelle here with my first post for the Amazing Mold Putty blog!
I'm very excited and honored to be here!
For today's project, I wanted to recreate a pewter ring I used to wear in High School.
Many many years ago :)
  In the above photo, the original is on the left, and the new ring is on the right.

The first thing I did was gather equal amounts of the white and yellow  Amazing Mold Putty.
I used a square of wax paper on a paper plate as my work surface.
Then I swirled the  Amazing Mold Putty together and mixed it quickly with my fingers until it was a uniform color of yellow.  I rolled it into a ball and pressed my ring into the putty. This set in exactly 15 minutes.
Out popped my ring and I was left with a perfect impression of the rose.
If your mold is larger, Amazing Casting Resin will generally create it's own heat during the set process.
Because my mold was so small, I put it in the microwave for 1 minute on high to preheat it.
I mixed equal amounts of the Amazing Casting Resin into the measuring cups provided and them poured them together into a paper cup. (You want to use only paper for the cup because of the way the resin heats up and that you need the lip of the cup to crease into a perfect pour spout for your mold).
It takes about 30 seconds to mix the resin with a provided Popsicle stick and then you have exactly 1 minute to pour it into your mold. In the (above) photo you can see the just poured resin, the next photo is the same resin after 10 minutes.

 After the resin had set, I popped out my flower and painted it with a mixture of gun metal mica powder and 3D crystal lacquer. I used E6000 to adhere a ring blank to the back of the rose.

Ring modeled by my friend Kaneka, :)
 And now I have a duplicate and better fitting Rose ring! Pretty close to the original, don't you think?

Thanks for coming by and seeing my creation.  While you are here, please browse around and see the other Amazing Mold Putty design teams creations!


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