Friday, April 13

If Faberge can do it.....So can we!!

This is the start of my new adventure with the Amazing Mold Putty Team and I couldn't be more excited to share my first project with all of you.
Now many of you probably don't know this, but May is National Egg Month, there's a surprise, cause I really thought April would be the month to celebrate this! LOL
And when I think of eggs, the one EGG aficionado that comes to mind first and for obvious "blingy" reasons would be the HOUSE OF FABERGE.
Now if you are anything like me, you too aren't likely gonna be wearing anything from Faberge anytime know the old saying "fake it til you make it"?
Well today we are gonna "MAKE IT TIL WE MAKE IT"

Lets get busy creating our very own FAKERGE EGG!

First lets watch the video - it will amaze you just how easy this is!!

Now are you ready to create your own FAKERGE EGG??


- Amazing Casting Resin (parts A & B)
- four small mixing pots
- mixing stick
- one large and one small plastic egg
- one hinge
- rub-ons, paint, flowers, decoupage

Step 1 - place and tape the LARGE egg halves to each container, so that it sits square and balanced in the pot. You should have both halves of the large egg taped to the little pots.

Step 2 - Measure equal parts of the amazing casting resin, combine and mix until clear.

Step 3 - Pour half of the resin mixture into one half of the egg and pour the other half of the resin in the other half of the egg.
Step 4. Place the smaller blue eggs inside (right on top of the resin you just poured). And weight it down with some marbles or glass beads. Make sure there is about 1/4" of space between the yellow and the blue egg.

Step 5 - Let the resin set-up (mixture will turn white and hard after about 10-15 mins. Carefully squeeze the egg all around this will help release the mold.

Step 6 - Paint and embellish as desired, set hinge.

Without a doubt I will be making alot more of these beautiful eggs, as I would like to get alot more creative with my finished design, but I didn't think this was a bad first "crack" at it!
Happy National Egg Month!


  1. Great project!!!!! love your tutorial!!!

  2. Terrific project! Great talent! Love how you put it all together.

    Hugs XX


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