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#Cre8time for a Saturday Night Planner Pajama Party... by Guest Designer Liza Cobo

Want to know "how to"
make your own
Amazing Planner Clip Charm?

I admit it, I am a planner nerd. I have always love paper and pens and kept a planner/organizer when I was younger but didn't really get into the planner craze until a few months ago. My best friend opened my eyes and hinting by sending me planner related gifts so I was bit by the bug and bought my first planner. I love my Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner and I have found planner peace. 

When asked to do a tutorial using Amazing Casting Products, I thought it would be perfect to make myself a unique planner clip full of yummy charms. I chose the pink them as it is my favorite color. So join me as you look at these pictures as I teach you how to make your own. It is easy and all you need is a few tools and of course my favorite products, including Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin.

My first step was to mold the plastic bow
hair tie I had in my crafting stash.

I mixed equal amounts of the Amazing Mold Putty and formed a ball. Working fast – as the putty will set within 3 minutes (sometimes sooner depending on the temperature where you are). CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

I gently pushed down the bow inside the Amazing Mold Putty making sure the bottom was flat and top was even –  and that the putty covered the bow on all its sides and nooks and crannies. I let the bow hang out inside the putty for about 5 minutes and then took the bow out and let it cure for another 5 minutes. I just like to be extra sure that is cured before I pour my resin.

I got my measuring cups ready and non-plastic cup ready as well as my stirring stick. Notice on the small measuring cups you see a black line. I mark the measuring cups like this so I measure the correct amount of each of the 2 parts. This is a great tip to ensure you have equal amounts because if you don't it might not cure properly. I also had my alcohol inks ready. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation for Amazing Casting Resin.

Use Watermelon Ranger Alcohol ink to tint your Amazing Casting Resin a light pink by using one tiny drop. The more drops you add, the darker shade of pink/red you will achieve. I mixed the 2 parts together, then added my resin to the mold. I let it cure until is dry but while it's still a little flexible. Usually I just let it cure completely – however, since I wanted to use these bows as charms, I wanted to punch a small hole through them. 

I gathered my supplies of a wide link chain I had in my stash and a clip I purchased from Daiso and of course my needle nose pliers so I can open the chain links to insert my charms.

I opened the jump rings and started adding my favorite charms to them. I also added a tassel and some pretty trims. I wanted this planner clip charm to reflect my style... but you can make it your own – the possibilities of using Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin are endless. 

Here are some pictures of the finished product. And because I like giving more than receiving, I will be giving this to a friend as a gift for her planner and have already started a new one for myself! I hope I have inspired you to make one for yourself. Thank you for stopping by to read my post and thank you to Amazing Casting Products for letting me play with your products to make aome AMAZING projects.

Hugs, Liza
Guest Design Team Member

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Please comment below and give our AMAZING Guest Creative Liza Cobo some love. We'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to Liza for joining us and sharing her amazing creations as guest designer. Please visit her blog, "LizasPaperPassionto see more of her work. Follow Liza on her YouTube Channel at lizaspaperpassion | on Instagram at tateeg | on her Facebook Page lizaspaperpassion.

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  1. This is genius. One of those things that makes you scratch you head and ask wow, why didn't I think of that!!

  2. Liza, this is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for walking us through the 'how's of using this product. I always stop and look at it in the craft store but have been hesitant in purchasing it. Not anymore. You made me feel that this is something that I CAN do. I'm really motivated to try this. Thanks again.


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