Tuesday, September 15

#Cre8time Discoveries... Resin and Art go Hand in Hand by Maria Soto

Hi there – this is Maria and today I want to share how I use Amazing Clear Cast Resin with my art work. Last month I shared a post about how to make frames using Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin, and then simply gluing the artwork onto the frame {CLICK HERE if you missed it}. Well... I decided to go further and encase the artwork in resin too – this will protect the art work, and unlike glass, you don't have to worry about it breaking.

I have made a few more frames and after I painted these, I simply adhered the art work inside the frame as before, then with a make-up sponge, I applied a coat of Amazing Clear Cast Resin over the entire frame and the artwork. I set aside to cure over night add a hanger to the back and done.

I really like the glass like finish on the entire piece – I still have a few more frames to make to finish up the rest of my paintings.

After making a couple of frames this way, I thought why not use the resin to just encase the entire art paper. All these paintings were done with watercolors, and I love how the Amazing Clear Cast Resin really brings out the watercolor and it gives it such a different look.

Before layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin was added to my painting...

I took out one of my frame molds I made using the Amazing Mold Rubber, turned it over and used the back – it was a perfect size and work surface for the artwork I had on hand. I took one of my papers and all I did was brush a coat of Amazing Clear Cast Resin on the front using a make-up sponge. This was my first time using this to apply resin and it worked really good. I'm going to have to stop at the dollar store and get another big bag of this sponges... it's a cheap and easy way to brush the resin with. I can leave it this way or apply some resin on the back; attach a hanger on the back and done... or find a picture frame big enough and frame it without the need of glass.

After the resin was applied to the entire front of the art work!

I hope that I have inspired you to look at these amazing products and find different ways to use them – sure they are great for using with molds, but they really have so many uses that they really are Amazing Casting Products.

How would you put a finishing
touch on your creations?

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