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Bats in the #Cre8time Belfry... an AMAZING Remelt tutorial by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy with another home decor creation using Amazing Casting Products! I have really been getting into country style crafts and home decor. With Halloween coming up I had an idea to make a rustic and fun bat garland for my fireplace with some help from Amazing Remelt and a few bat cookie cutters!


I started by conditioning and rolling out the polymer clay to the thickest setting on a pasta machine devoted to polymer clay use only. I rolled out two layers of clay and using an acrylic roller pressed the two layers together. I pushed the two cookie cutters all the way through the clay sheet layers.

I then carefully removed the excess clay from the sides of the cut bat images. I used the Alumilite's 4 Piece Carver Set to carve out the wings and add some textural detail. I wanted to make the bats have a hand carved quality to them. I baked the clay as per the manufacturers instructions.

Once the clay pieces were fully cured I put clear packing tape on the tile the polymer clay pieces were still attached to. The tape would act as a quick mold box for the Amazing Remelt and by not removing the baked-on clay pieces from the tile I didn't need to glue them in place.

I then sprayed all of the pieces lightly with cooking spray to act as a mold release. I heated the Amazing Remelt in the microwave, in the container it comes in. I poured the heated Remelt into the taped tile with the polymer clay pieces from a 12 -15 inch distance – the distance gives the Remelt a chance to release more bubbles before cooling.

I let the Amazing Remelt cool until no longer tacky or warm. I carefully removed the tape, tile and the originals from the Remelt. A little of the Remelt was uneven and I removed the excess with sharp crafting scissors and saved it for another mold. There was a bit of excess cooking spray which I soaked up with a dry paper towel.

I conditioned the polymer clay, making sure the clay was soft and warm enough to be pushed into the molds. I pushed the clay into the molds tight, and used a acrylic roller to push the clay further into the molds, making sure the clay got into the tiny embossed details.

I then carefully placed the mold, with the polymer clay still inside, face down on a ceramic tile. I then peeled back the mold and the polymer clay piece was then stuck to the tile. I then refilled the mold with more polymer clay and repeated this process again so I had plenty of bats and then baked the polymer pieces.

I lightly sanded and trimmed the edges of the now baked polymer clay pieces with a craft knife. I carefully created a small hole in one wing of each bat so that later one I could thread a ribbon through the hole.

I then used cosmetic sponge to apply a gray acrylic paint wash to the tags and let dry.

Using an emery board, I sanded the raised surfaces of the bats. The embossed portions were now back to the original clay colors and increased the visibility of the carved details.

I attached flat backed acrylic gems with glue to the bats to give them eyes and I carefully threaded the bats onto the ribbon to create the garland, knotting each bat in place.

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create?

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Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

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