Wednesday, September 23

Set your #MixedMedia table for a #Cre8time Buffet... by Melissa Johnson

Good afternoon everyone! Today I am sharing one of my favorite projects to date – a set of custom mixed media plates!
Did you know that
Amazing Clear Cast Resin 
is food safe?

So it's perfect for creating some fun custom pieces! Just remember to hand wash these treasures, as they are not dishwasher safe.


To begin, I purchased some melamine plates from the Dollar Tree and covered them with two coats of gesso. Allow gesso to dry completely.

For the next step, I gathered my acrylic paints (any brand is fine, I mixed up Golden with cheaper craft paints) and began randomly finger-painting on the plates. Start with your warm colors first, and allow to dry. Then go in with your cool colors. This way they don't all blend together and turn muddy.

Continue to build the layers of paint until you are happy with the colors.


When everything is dry, go in with your black and white and begin drawing in designs and making marks with a fine brush. After you have your design painted in, take a foam brush and gently begin to work in a solid color around your design. I like to mix some lighter shades of the same color along with some white to create a variance in the color. You can also add some stenciling in at this point in a bold color like black. To give my plates a consistent look, I used the same stencil on all of the plates.

When your design is complete, mix up some of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and coat the plate. Please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation. Allow to dry overnight. I added two coats to mine for extra gloss and durability. You want to make sure every bit of the plate is covered.

And here are the finished plates! 

How will you create custom plates
with Amazing Clear Cast Resin?

For more of my mixed media projects, please visit my blog.
Make something that makes you happy :) ~ Melissa Johnson

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