Friday, September 18

A #Cre8time Monster Mash... Haunted House Decor by Tanya Ruffin

Using a Halloween box, figurines from the Dollar Tree, Amazing Casting Products and some scrapbook paper I had on hand, I was able to create this awesome Haunted House box!


Dollar Tree Halloween Box and Halloween figurines.

Mold the figures with Amazing Mold PuttyAfter the mold has set, remove the originals. Mix some Alumilite Casting Resin, add Alumilite Black Dye and pour your molds.

In the meantime while they cure...

Glue scrapbook paper on the box. Make windows and shutters. I even made a chimney out of scrapbook paper. Since my figurines are so small, I made the house two stories. The best thing to do is place the box on the scrapbook paper and trace along the outside. I left a little extra space on each side to overlap the paper. I used contrasting papers for the windows and shutters. To make the singles, I cut 3 rows of shingles and haphazardly cut "V"s out for the shingles. I then alternated colors for the rows. The top piece was one sheet folded over the top to at the point.

These are the figurines with silver Rub n' Buff® added.
They are totally transformed – I love them!

Glue figurines to the house. They are flat-backed and the resin is lightweight.


I have the Bride of Frankenstein at the front door to greet guests!

The Grim Reaper is in the attic window!

This was a fun project. If you like this idea you could make the house into something for almost any season. I was thinking it could also be a Santa's workshop for Christmas, the Easter Bunny's house or a church for Easter... just buy the houses at Halloween because they aren't always available!

How do you create with Amazing Casting Products?

Craft Your Own Way! ~ Tanya

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