Monday, August 31

#Cre8time Ring-a-Ding-Thing by Aimée Wheaton

Hello there!! This month I tried my hand again with Amazing Mold Rubber. This is my back up project because I messed up the mold box for the first one. I intend to redo it again possibly next month for you to see. This sweet little ring-a-ding-thing was made by molding a cute little glass leaf dish Susan bought me on a trek up to Orlando and a visit to Adjectives Market, a favorite of ours.

I don't have a cute ring dish and I thought of using the glass dish – but then again I have a toddler and an 8 year old who get into my things and thought it would be better to have something more durable. So glad I know how to use these AMAZING products!! Bring on the Amazing Mold Rubber. One of the reasons I love Mold Rubber is because it gives you great detail and will replicate the smoothest surface... especially using glass.

I forgot to take a before photo of me mixing the mold rubber and pouring it into the prepared mold box, but you can see how it's done HERE:

The original glass bowl on the left, and the bottom grooves didn't show up in the mold as I mounted that area in my mold box. I may mold it again on the opposite side and compare the two molds. You can see here how the mold is formed. The scalloped detail along the sides and edges were captured.

I decided I wanted to have a pop of purple so I added 5 drops of the Alumilite Violet Dye into Part "A" of Amazing Casting Resin and mixed well. It's such a gorgeous color.

Next I slowly poured Part "B" into this yellow cup,
mixed it all up and poured into the mold.

As always I make too much resin – so I used this extra mold
to pour the excess resin so I didn't waste it.

After I pulled the resin out I had this smooth purple container! I love it!! I'm going to keep this as is but thought of other ways to use it.

Mixed Media Frame: You could take a vintage photo and glue it in with some cute words, glitter and extra little trinkets then go back over it with some Amazing Clear Cast Resin to seal it up. Drill a hole and you have a custom little piece or ornament - hey that gives me an idea for Part B on this project, stay tuned!!
Seasonal Decor: Make little Fall place settings for Thanksgiving! Use a red/yellow/brown/ or orange dye and place a card on each one.

This is perfect for me!

Or to store little trinkets, buttons.

I hope you enjoyed this project!! I think I'll be making a few more!!
The options are endless!!

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Let's see what you can create with
Amazing Mold Rubber.

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