Wednesday, August 5

Squeeze in a Little Home Spun #Cre8time... AMAZING Inspiration by Aimée Wheaton

Keys ... we all have them. Most of the time we have a junk drawer with single keys that we have no idea where they came from or what they lock or unlock, here is a creative solution to that! Don't go spend your hard earned money on custom keys or pre-made designs because you can do your own with some simple products and Amazing Clear Cast Resin. I didn't have time to go get some new keys to decorate (leaving for a big trip in the morning) so I grabbed the biggest key I could find at my house and did a simple little painted design for it. What did I do? Glad you asked!

I wrapped the bottom of the key first and then I simply painted the pattern in acrylic right on top of the original key. You could glue down paper or whatever you wanted to do, I chose paint. I added a bit of glitter. So simple!

Painted here.

Add some glitter/mix some Amazing Clear Cast Resin {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation} and paint it on with a craft stick lightly and that's it!!

There are so many ideas for this simple project – when I have more time, I plan to make a bunch more.

Here are a few ideas for you to try on your own:
  • Personalized keys for each member of the family, this would definitely come in handy with older kids or teens especially after school.
  • Make a custom necklace ... "you have the key to my heart" or something like that.
  • Have different locks for the home you could label them so you know what goes to what.
The options are endless!!

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