Sunday, August 23

A #Cre8time tale of a Creepy Doll and the Papier Mache Mask... by Sandra Strait

Sandra Strait here today to tell you how I made this creepy doll from an innocent and rosy-cheeked little porcelain baby.

Supplies: Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin, Golden's Micaceous Iron Oxide Acrylic Paint, a tiny porcelain doll.

My mother used to clean and paint porcelain dolls, making little dresses for them. This one lost her feet and one of her hands -- so sad! -- and Mom was going to throw here away. Visions of Frozen Charlottes flashed through my head, and I said ... "I'll take care of that!"

I wasn't too sure how this was going to work. The doll has joints that would look odd if I took off the dress -- though I may try a mold without it one of these days. But for now, I wanted to see how well I could get the dress.

After rolling out the same amounts of putty part "A" and putty part "B", I mixed them together until everything turned yellow, and flattened out the ball so it was larger than the doll.

Then I just smooshed her face down into the putty. I could hear a little voice in my head screaming "Oh! Mr Bill!" (am I the only one old enough to get that reference?). 

I thought about casting the back of the doll as well, but I didn't really need it for what I had in mind, and I wanted to see how well the dress worked first, anyway.

For complete instructions on using Amazing Casting Resin, please visit the Amazing Casting Products website.

After I removed the doll from the cast (the doll incurred no injuries, but the dress did get stained yellow), I mixed up some Amazing Casting Resin and poured it into the mold. After about five minutes, I took it out, trimmed off any ragged edges and rubbed some of the acrylic paint over it to pick out the detail. The dress came out better than I thought it might.

I've done a review on a Decopatch Queen Papier Mache Mask (and there's a giveaway, too!) and the creepy doll was used as the headpiece for the crown – CLICK HERE to jump over. 

I'll be doin' Halloween and
Day of the Dead in style!

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