Monday, August 17

#Cre8time for an Amazing Birthday... #DIY Puffin Doll by Sandra Strait

My husband has been bugging me to make a resin puffin for quite a while, so I decided it would make a good birthday present for him.

Supplies: Amazing Mold Rubber and Amazing Casting Resin, Delight™ air dry modeling compound, styrofoam egg, googly eyes, pipe cleaner, foam pad, acrylic paint, Aleene's Tacky Glue, mold spray release.

To start with, I molded the Delight™ around the styrofoam egg until I had a puffin-like object. I let it set for 3 days, so the compound could cure all the way through. Turns out that wasn't long enough, but more about that later.

I used duct tape to create a mold just slightly larger than the puffin.

I sprayed my puffin with mold release, stuck him in the duct tape mold, and poured in the Amazing Mold Rubber.

It took an entire tub of Amazing Mold Rubber, so I didn't need to measure amounts. I just poured the catalyst into the mold rubber tub and mixed until it was all pink. For complete instructions on mixing, please visit the Amazing Casting Products website.

The next day I tore off the duct tape.

What's this? Did my mold come out diseased? LOL! No. One tube wasn't quite enough to cover my puffin, so I cut up some of my old Amazing Mold Putty molds that I knew I wouldn't use again and used the pieces instead of mixing up more Amazing Mold Rubber.

To get my puffin free, I had to cut the mold rubber in half with scissors.

Remember, I said that I didn't let my Delight™ puffin sit long enough? Even though I used a mold release, I hadn't let my puffin cure long enough, and it was still soft and moist on the inside. I think next time, I'll let it sit about two weeks!

Fortunately, it was just a matter of scraping away the compound with a spoon, so it didn't ruin the mold, and only added 15 minutes or so of time to the project.

I used rubber bands to hold the two halves of the mold together and poured Amazing Casting Resin into it. Rather than mixing up a huge batch of resin, I mixed several small batches, letting each cure (about 3-5 minutes) before pouring in the next batch {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. This helped prevent bubbles.

After the last batch of Amazing Casting Resin cured, I removed the mold, and went over the resin piece with sandpaper to remove any rough edges.

The pipe cleaners were shaped into feet, and glued to pieces of foam that I had cut to feet shape. After the puffin was painted, I used Aleene's Tacky Glue to stick on the eyes and feet.

My husband always watches the morning news, before leaving for work. The morning of his birthday, I sat the puffin on top of his other gift and placed both on his chair where he'd find them.

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