Monday, August 10

Join me for #Cre8time Coffee and Fabulous FAUX Macarons... by Bridget Cordero

Hi everyone!! This project brought me such joy – who doesn't like a cup of coffee. Mmmm... I can smell it brewing. I found two of these teacups with saucers at a garage sale and I did what I love to do turn someone else's garbage into my little treasures using these "Amazing" products.

First I used polymer clay to make my macarons because I wanted to create a mold that I could use with resin over and over again. I created two balls of clay one a little larger then the other and cut each of them in half. This will give you 4 pieces, roll each into a ball and flatten the two larger balls. Do not flatten too much as these will be the top and bottom of the cookie. The remaining pieces you want to flatten really thin but not too large, when placed on the inside of the cookie it should overlap just a little.

I use Translucent Liquid Sculpey {TLS} to adhere these pieces on inside of the top and bottom. Then I use the toothbrush or a stylus to stipple the pieces that I just attached. This will give the macaron that rough edge look that you see on the sides. Roll another small piece of clay and flatten to make the frosting and place in the middle of the top and bottom using the TLS to adhere it. Then bake per manufacturers instructions on the package. 

Now I'm ready to mold my originals.

Once cooled, I painted each and mounted into mold boxes with hot glue. I then mixed up the Amazing Mold Rubber to create my molds {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Once my molds were ready I used Amazing Casting Resin to make a whole bunch of macarons which I painted with acrylic paints. The detail captured in the molds is amazing.

Making the faux coffee was so simple. I mixed up some of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and used Alumilite Brown Dye to darken it so now it looks like coffee. Once this cured in the cup, I mixed up just a little more exactly the same as before and poured it on top of the existing coffee in the cup then took just a very tiny bit of the Alumilite White Dye and swirled it around the top of the "faux" coffee to make it look like creamer. I also poured a little of this onto the spoon to create the look as if the coffee was stirred by this spoon. 

If you would like to see my process of this project,
please CLICK HERE to watch the video. Enjoy! :)

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  1. I'd spend all my time trying to drink this! Fabulous project!

  2. I love greencrafting... thanks for sharing such an amazing project Bridget! This would make a nice gift and keepsake using sentimental tea cups.


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