Thursday, August 13

#Cre8time for #RESIN Painting... Mixed Media Abstract Art with Melissa Johnson

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share with you how I created these gorgeous, easy abstract mixed media pieces for my art gallery wall.

To begin, I collected a few pieces of vintage papers from my stash. These papers are pretty fragile, so you can't just go to work on them right away without some type of prep. I chose to cover my papers in clear, silicone caulk. I just put some caulk on the paper and then spread it around with an old credit card until it was completely covered.

When the caulk dries, it makes the paper very pliable. Almost plastic-y. You can do a lot with papers like this, sew them together, paint them, etc. It makes them very durable.

The next thing I did was mix up a batch of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin. For the first layer of the painting I added some of the Alumilite Dye in Red. I mixed that into some of the resin and began to slowly pour it all over the paper, moving the paper around to get the resin flowing.

I continued to add more layers of resin and dye on top. When they move together you can get some pretty neat effects! I also "helped" mine along a bit with my resin mixing stick and a palette knife.

And more layers of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Alumilite Dyes... (I used Red, Fluorescent "FLO"Orange, White, and Violet). I also dropped in a bit of Gold Alumidust.

Once I had the colors blended in a way I liked, I set the pages out to dry overnight. When they were done I bought a two opening frame from World Market and framed them with a mat. I really wanted to find a frame I could upcycle, but couldn't find anything good.
Here is the final finished product:

Make something that makes you happy :) ~ Melissa Johnson
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