Thursday, July 24

#Cre8time Adventures with a Bird and Mod Podge... by Brenda Burfeind

Hello crafters! Brenda here again to show you what happens
when you experiment while playing with a few products... 

I started out with some Creative Paperclay® and a wood tile. 

Cutting around the wooden tile, I carfefully cut the Creative Paperclay® into a tile shape. Although it's an air dry clay, I baked it for about half and hour – turning it every 7 minutes of so to get a nice even bake. I use a small toaster oven to bake all my clay and never use it for anything else. 

I still had a little bit of this gorgeous Decopatch paper left over from my April Frog Dog Studio Kit and decided to "muddy" it up a bit using some alcohol inks. 

I also used some Alumilte Silver Metallic Powder and
Alumidust in Orange and created a spray mist.

Here is what the tile looks like after Mod-Podging the paper to it. 

You can still see some of the original paper, but I did want just a hint of the details. Once I got the color I wanted I Mod-Podged the paper to the tile and sanded around the edges. Then I took my orange ink pad and ran that around the edges to give it almost a burnt look.

Now, I mixed up the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and painted it over my tile. Then I mixed a bit of the Alumilite Blue Dye into the remaining clear cast resin and puddled it around the top of my tile and "blew" it with my heat gun. It gave it some interesting detail. I sprinkled some orange glitter in the blue area just for bling. 

I used up the rest of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin with the Alumilite Blue Dye to cast my bird of paradise {also from the April Frog Dog Studio kit}, that I created a mold of using my Amazing Mold Putty. Actually, if you missed that post, you can see it here.

After she was set up, I demolded her and glued her to my tile.

I added a pop tab to the back of my tile as my hanger and now I have a very unique tile to hand in my bathroom just because that color palette will work there very well. 

I just love experimenting; sometimes it's a fail, but most mostly I have success. Now I love my tile and the uniqueness it holds. I doubt I'll ever be able to recreate this, but it was fun making it. Thank you for stopping by today and I hope I've inspired you to do some experimenting.

 I hope you will join me over at my blog and until next time, happy experimenting!

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