Wednesday, July 16

#Cre8time Keeps You "Young at Heart"... Inspirational #MixedMedia from Aimée Wheaton!

Hi all! Aimée here today to share my first project with Amazing Crafting Products. I'm thrilled to be a new member on this AMAZING design team. I'm still learning the products and what works well together so my design is pretty basic. I've fallen back into my mixed media roots for this one and I hope it inspires you to create something fun!

I had a completely different idea in my head before this one popped up! While browsing a thrift shop I found this sweet glass heart container, I love browsing antique shops and stores for unique items to mold!! My new phrase is "OMG, I can mold that!!" The coolest part is that it was only $1.49! YAY!

I molded the top part of the glass because it seemed to have more details showing versus the bottom. The mold picked up even the mistakes in the glass. Amazing Mold Putty lives up to it's name! CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

Now that I have my mold created  I brushed on some Alumidust powders to give it a shimmery effect. I then mixed Amazing Casting Resin and let it sit and do it's thing {CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation}. When it was finished I demolded the heart and the colors weren't as vibrant as I had hoped it would be (sorry forgot to take a photo of it)... so I decided to paint it with some of my favorite acrylic colors instead.

I left some of the shimmery blues and purples showing through in some areas so it still has a bit of that original look I wanted. I love my little heart so far! I had a piece of thin MDF board that was used in another piece of art and I decided to use that as the background and paint something simple using the same colors I used in the heart.

On this background I placed where I wanted my heart to be and traced around it in the wet paint for placement. The black marks I created using some handmade stamps of mine and StazOn Jet Black ink.

The heart needed some contrast so I rubbed the ink pad onto the top and sides so it would bring out the edges and make it POP! Next up my drill press!!

I drilled 4 holes around the heart where I wanted the wires to go. This is 20 gauge copper wire. I took the wires out and put a dab of E6000® glue to keep the heart in place and then put the wires back in and twisted them in the back.

Next up – some sticker embellishments and ink.

I drilled more holes and added this fun embellishment, a painted piece of driftwood, more wire, chain and a handmade pendant by Jade Scott.

Here it is all together!

I hope I have inspired you with this creation! It combines a lot of different mixed media elements in one piece. I plan on making heart earrings from the same mold but much thinner! So much you can do with the right imagination! Hope you enjoyed it!

XOXO Aimée

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  1. Aimée - welcome to this team of Amazing Creatives. Your inspirational art with heART is wonderful. I look forward to where your imagination takes you next :)

  2. yes Welcome Aimee, great art piece - can't wait to see what else you come up with -

  3. Aimée, I just really love what you did with your first piece! Really excited to have you on the team!

  4. marvelous creative mixed media work Aimee! : )

  5. Great job on your first piece. you know I want this so badly...LOL


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