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It's a Tag! It's a Tangle! It's an AMAZING Mold Putty Piece by Sandra Strait

Hi, this is Sandra. I was invited to be a the guest designer at the Anything But a Card Challenges blog for their upcoming August challenge {which officially launches Sunday, August 3rd at 9am EST}, and I'm here to share the project I created. This is a little sneak peek!

It's a Tag! It's a Tangle! It's an Amazing Mold Putty Piece!
Yes! It's all those things and more!

The theme for the Anything But a Card Challenges August Challenge will be "REPEATING Motifs" a.k.a. PATTERNS.

For my challenge piece, I glued string to a manila tag, using the Zentangle® pattern Hibred. Of course, this is also a pattern of great antiquity that you may have seen decorating walls or used in quilting or gourd painting. But the Zentangle pattern breaks it down into nice, easy steps so anyone can draw it. The steps worked well for my tag. Instead of drawing a line, I just glued down a piece of string.

Once I had my tag complete, I created a mold with Amazing Mold Putty {please CLICK HERE for mixing/preparation}.

The casting was a bit of an experiment. I poured Amazing Casting Resin into the deepest parts first {please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.

Then I laid down three kinds of paper scraps
(repeating each type, so they became a pattern as well).

Then I poured a second batch of Amazing Casting Resin, and used a popsicle stick to keep the paper as flat as possible. Of course, some of the resin leaked around the paper, but that means every time I do this, I'll get a unique piece of art.

I pulled my piece from the mold as soon as the Amazing Casting Resin was solid so I could trim off bits that stuck out. I could also easily add a few more holes to increase the 'lace' look.

At this point, the tag made me think of Christmas Trees. I thought of painting it that way, but the theme for this challenge is "Repeating Motifs" and I wanted to bring the pattern out a little more.

So I tinted the lines of the Hibred pattern, and called it a day.

The piece is kinda neat. When it's lying on a desk or paper, it looks frosty and lacy. When you hold it up to the light, it turns luminescent, and the embedded paper casts interesting shadows and colors. I still have the original tag, which I had glued to foam core, so I can use it as stamp and for gelli plate printing. What AMAZING possibilities!

I urge you to visit the Anything But a Card Challenges blog. The August challenge will be up soon... and since you already know the theme – you can start your project now. Please do not share it before the new challenge starts {challenge officially begins this upcoming Sunday, August 3rd at 9am EST}! Remember, it can be ANYTHING -- but a card!

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What have you made during
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  1. Sandra! This was indeed Amazing. Love it!

  2. Super cool! I like how it turned out with the colors purple and tan. Looks like fun!

  3. Sandra... You always are surprising me and INSPIRING me to try new things! I love this technique and the amazing results. I will be trying this one straightaway :)

  4. another amazing project Sandra, love how it looks with the light reflecting on through!

  5. This is so clever of you to think of using string and a manila tag to make this amazing mold. I love it, Sandra!


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