Tuesday, November 29

Making a Snowman Ornament - Part Two

Hello! Susan here again with the finishing of my Beach Snowman Ornament molded with Amazing Mold Putty then casted in Amazing Casting Resin. This is a custom ornament I am making for my Grandmother.

To see the first part of this project, please click here.

This is where I left off last week. Now it's time to decorate and embellish this cutey pie. Since I need to make twenty, I was trying out other media that will set up quickly and easy to embellish. I thought paper mache would be easy. Needless to say, I mixed up a batch of a paper maché product called Claycrete and pressed it into the mold. It is still wet in the mold after 7 days, so it looks like I'll be using the Amazing Casting Resin for mass production. I think it might just be simpler to make another snowman smaller and repeat the process, just in a smaller size. This guy is about 5" tall and required quite a lot of resin.

To share my painting experimentation: I went up to the vanity cabinet and rummaged through my collection of nail polish. This is a FREE source of wonderful pearly colors to paint shells with. So I emerged with four colors to color the shells with. It was a learning curve, as nail polish is enamel and can get goopy real quick. I had to remove some of the nail polish with nail polish remover and a paintbrush so that the detail wasn't lost. I was having fun & painting everywhere with the nail polish and found out later on, that craft sand is not opaque. So I had to go back and gesso over all of the nail polish on my snowman body. So NOTE TO SELF - only put nail polish or colored paint on areas to be accented.

Please see accompanying image number to go along with photo description.

Photo #1: Painting resin snowman shell details with nail polish. Photo #2: Details painted and black gems added for eyes in preparation for sand dusting. Photo #3: Mix of white craft sand and shimmery golden craft glitter in paper plate. Photo #4: Backtracking to fix problem. Paint over nail polish on body of snowman with white gesso since it shows through the sand/glitter mixture. Photo #5: I used a paintbrush to apply Sakura Crystal Lacquer to all white areas in an even coat, then dusted with sand/glitter mixture over paper plate. I repeated this process until entire snowman was covered. Photo #6: Close up of completed Beach Snowman...so adorable!

I finished off Mr. Beach with a piece of May Arts burlap ribbon.

I present you with a Perfect FLORIDA SNOWMAN!

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  1. Just wonderful! Terrific idea and great tutorial.

    Hugs XX

  2. turned out soooo cute... love the craft sand and glitter effect.


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